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Cerebral Rot New EP

good death metal the way i like to hear it.

Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess LP

good death metal the way I like to hear it.


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Cerebral Rot New EP

good death metal the way i like to hear it.

Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess LP

good death metal the way I like to hear it.

2 of the best going right now
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Hydra - Power. I bought the two Final Solution recent releases and didn't rate it at all, so I gave them to a friend. In the back of my head, my mind kept nagging me to try Hydra, so I bought the reissue of Power, to me that is a totally different beast. The sounds seem really focussed on torturing the listener to the max, when samples are used they are used beyond acceptable repetition and some tracks are made to strain your speakers and ears. Absoluteley loved this.


Black Leather Jesus "butcher" tape
BLJ on this tape are Richard Ramirez and Dwayne Cathey. Tape from 1996, both artists still active today. Once in a while I express some critical remarks about RR's fairly relaxed policy of putting things out. In other words, it is not all gold. But... and that is a big but: There are so many fucking brilliant Ramirez noise releases, he might have the biggest number of good noise releases anyone ever made?
Butcher seems pretty rare these days. Ltd 50, special package. BWCD label (uk). 60 minutes release starts fairly slow. One could say it has almost wibes of I keep My Stuff Inside LP or split LP with Alchemy of the 20th century. Lots of spoken fragments and speach patterns are mixed with occasional crashing harsh noises. It takes probably half or at least one third of a-side until ripping harsh noise blast becomes stable. It is simple, probably live-noise at spinalklast. Very satisfying. it is not *torture machinist*, but it is very good. Even when being full on harsh noise, there is something very unique here. Sounding unlike most of harsh noise does. At least these days. They trust on few very focused sound elements. Like that Ramirez fast paced delay pedal noise he did around these days.
Packaging by Phil Todd is certainly amusing. Back in the day, Todd was selling a lot of his collection and I managed to be there at his apartment, browsing boxes filled with obscure tapes to be grabbed....

Vhril ‎– Sabbati - tape.
I always had this first version, which according to discogs is "pre-release version", and there is different later cover for tape.
John Murphy, Ulex Xane are known names, whether other members are here, I don't know. Aliases were used. Both sides are good. It is 1992, but it sort of reeks the 80's hands-on approach. Barely any fancy effects. Some tracks have trademark John Murphy percussion. Some tracks have brutal drum machine beats. Especially on B-side you got really obscure and brutalist sonic alchemy which doesn't really remind of Streicher, but perhaps on tech level it is similarly concrete and fierce.
When thinking of the 80's ritual industrial, Murphy an Ulex Xane both were involved in multiple names that should be - or are already - in canon on the genre. This tape, probably one of the more forgotten jewels. Great items, and in my opinion also better graphics than on edition that came later same year.

KDF "Total World White Death Action 1,999" tape
All noise is underground. There are still levels to it. One of the total buried and forgotten ones, is KDF. I can't be sure was it paraller project to Kadef, but how I remember, it was before it. This tape is from 1995 when he put out many interesting utterly crude sounding and ultra limited tapes. He proceeded in next years to work as Kadef and Use Your Pain.
Tape has several tracks, ranging from zero-efx hand made "power electronics", somewhere nearby surgical stainless Steel.. to harsh noise blasting. B-side goes into such prototype cracle studies, that you feel as if it was some more recent THE RITA playing! At that time I wondered what the fuck is this... but now it seems like man was way ahead his time in noise brutalism. Diversity of tracks is a big plus. It is not just one thing, but from brutal crackles of HNW, it may suddenly move into dysty noisy drone and machine sound tape loops, almost like the 80's industrial noise tapes.
KDF stuff usually in handmade packaging and really tiny editions. If mr. Witanski could be found, I'd be interested to see if any possbility to reissue some of these jewels.

Ethnic Acid "Blow job" tape
Very early, if not first Ethnic Acid tape. This came all the way back in 1987, it was before I was involved in noise. I got it in the 90's. Back in the day, before internet where to get any info who is this and what else there could be?!
Eventually I recall reading some UK magazine with AX interview or something like that and suddenly noticing Anthony Di Franco talks about this teenage years project. Then talking with Mike Dando, he mentioned yes, it was Anthony and stuff was very good.
Tape has less guitar or bass than most Di Franco works. it's shortwave radio, various sounds and noises that create monilithic 30 minutes piece. I can see why artist would not feel it's his greatest works. I certainly would not consider my teenage years tapes as the best things I ever did. But another question would be who does this kind of stuff now? I can't see anybody really capturing that spirit. I think this particular tape is still among the very best of EA, perhaps due the fact that it is so restless sheer noise works! It may not be as unique and refined and focused as some other materials, but other qualities are top notch!
I wonder what happened to Ingo Techmeier who briefly operated label called V. His project Victor/Victim is absolutely great in low-tech fierce power electronics. When looking V discography, it seems all pure gold.

V/A "documents 2 - live compilation" tape
Pre-Force Majeure (fra) label compilation includes many early power & steel / loki related bands. Dagda Mor, Wolverine, Inade, Iron Will, MK U.L.T.R.A. (very nice Inade + Dagda Mor collaboration!). Brilliant stuff. Wolverine was project before Predominance. Iron Will is Dagda Mor. and so on. Quite small crew behind obscure projects. Historical euro industrial / power electronics. Great lay-out, great sound. Something that should be re-visited. I'd hope LOKI Foundation would reissue some of this early jewels!
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Andrew McIntosh

Circle of Shit's "Music for Fucking" is basically two lengthy pieces (the first one just under sixty minutes, the second a bit under half an hour), with eight other "tracks" that are basically total silence. I haven't bothered going through them to see if there's any hidden sound, I couldn't care. The real meat is the first two main pieces.

The title track is, from the sounds of it, acoustic sound sources that have been so intensely distorted that, over the period of the piece, the sound becomes so saturated it's basically wall noise. I'm not a big fan of wall noise, at least, the usual sort of one-sound-source ultra-crackle that too many people have farted out over the years (although, mercifully, it seems to have diminished into it's own little genre and can be safely left alone), but this piece, at least, is a total chaosriot of distortion with adequate layers. At the start there's a sample of Satie's piano works, and a few other samples buried in there somewhere, and I'm assuming most of the sounds come from metal bashing, but about ten minutes in the vigorous distortion just takes over the speakers and it becomes a mere monolith of univariate noise. Only the slightest modulation seems to take place over its course.

Whereas "More Music for Fucking" is more basically clashed metal and objects which are also heavily distorted but with the sources a bit more audible (with some intensity at times that swallows the sources and becomes almost pure white noise). I find this a more preferable track for that. But it's all raw, pure, meaningless Harsh Noise with little pretension. The silent tracks are just a bit of a wind-up wank, easily dismissed.
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Today arrived a time-capsule letter, Poltergeist II compilation on Dill Prod. in it. I know it is kinda 'sick' but the thrill i feel when opening such letters and hold 30YO tapes in my hands is bigger than when i actually play them ! Probably has to do with me wanna be archaeologist when i was kid. Info on Discogs is limited, the tape is a 88-89 model, guy told me late 80s - early 90s got it, so around then. Comes with booklet with art from the contributors. Some usual suspects, some i first time see / listen. The variety you expect from a comp from that era is here, though it is the quality of material -i exclude Marzidovsek, unless i missed the track-changes i think he has only a minute of a keyboard bridge to the next- and the nice flow that makes the listening experience amazing ! Not the average old VA tape for sure. Very hard to pick a fav. Ritus, No Unauthorized, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Kelday, Trigger B, Herzschlag, ... oh, the whole thing is great ! - Sound quality / dub superb too.

Poltergeist III waits for tomorrow.
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Desgranges ‎– Predatory Obsession tape
Nice gruesome cover. Very fitting to the music which is raw power electronics utilizing good old ways of junk, pedals, static etc, backed by rough vocalisations. Great debut overall. If you're into Cervical Smear, Scatmother, Flagellatio Orgasmus, Coma Detox and so on you will enjoy this.


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Desgranges ‎– Predatory Obsession tape
Nice gruesome cover. Very fitting to the music which is raw power electronics utilizing good old ways of junk, pedals, static etc, backed by rough vocalisations. Great debut overall. If you're into Cervical Smear, Scatmother, Flagellatio Orgasmus, Coma Detox and so on you will enjoy this.

Yes, one of the most promising projects from Russia.

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See bottom of this post for digest commentary.

Black Leather Jesus / Hiroshi Hasegawa ‎– Control Your Surroundings
It hardly seems fair. One of Hiroshi Hasegawa and only nine Black Leather Jesus. Poor BLJizzers, never stood a chance. Still, due respect. The effort, obviously, is there. With titles like Effective Gag, this is one hard and demanding consort that seriously means the business: Sean E. Matzus, Richard Ramirez, Austin Caustic, Tanner Garza, Kevin Novak, Nathan Golub, Carol Sandin Cooley, Domokos, Bruce Springsteen, and Zach Guttowsky, all in, out to show 'em whose boss.

Effective Gag keeps things relatively short and to the point, delivering, as promised, no breathing room whatsoever. Likely culled from a lengthier session, as though someone just spontaneously pressed the record button some ways into the thick of it, emphasis on thick. To appreciate the full effects I recommend cranking the stereo to the max just prior to hitting pla- JESUS GAGGING CHRIST! that scorches. And yes, scorches. Not all that thick, not for a good few minutes at least, whereby the gag is duly tightened. In the interim, a seemingly collaged play of speaking voices, fidgety feedback honks, erratic pizzicato stabs of rougher belching blurt. The belching blurt soon resolves into a more steadily heaving layer, thickening, tightening, effectively cutting off all circulation, shutting down an otherwise wide-ranging mass of raging dynamics, completely subsumed in the all-crushing thunder. It's...pretty good. No bullshit no air, the straight harsh the way the 'holes crave. But all this has nothing on-

Hard and Demanding, the easy winner, and longest offering on the disc- another plus. Here, thirty seconds of space to breathe in the wide-open room acoustics before the heavy duty flatline. Much more dynamic in range, much wider stereo scope, much easier to imagine the full leather'd nine-piece in action. And much, and not to put too fine a point on it, more CRUSHING. So yes, I suppose nine of the buggers are in there, somewhere, but the majority would at best be straining through the glorious, kaleidoscopic accumulation of fantastically dense, blown-out, texture. Unlike the tightly regulated Gag, the underlying texture evolves continuously through myriad shifts in shape and color, sixty-nine lubricious flavors of sphincte-ludinous strangulation. At six minutes a jump in pressure, escaping the confines of Crush Almighty to erect teetering bulks of monolithic grey-walls, surges and bursts slamming into the unyielding DENSE. No, no one is going anywhere, not without permission, prospective bleed-throughs summarily crushed in fat flattened flatulent folds of low-brow, browned-and-blown out, distorted-to-shit, filth.

Hiroshi Hasegawa cuts quite the clean contrast, probing piercing punishing the 'holes with the smoothest psychedelic searings this side of Uranus. Though, brute honest, after the brute crushing pressures of BLJ, the initial impact smacks as, well, weak. Still, if there is one thing Japan's resident Astro Man excels at, it is in controlling his surroundings. As the earholes slowly acclimate to overlapping layers of white-sheeted scathe, so the noisehead begins its inexorable ascent to the next Astral plane, sickeningly sultry saturations dripping in the strangely arid, enveloping, heat.

I've been fortunate enough to have born witness to the man the moog the myth, live and in the flesh, a good number of occasions. And every one an occasion to stare, slack-jawed, as Astro-san seizes control of his surroundings, total domination, slowly drawing the assembled faithful into infinite blisses of mesmerizing, borderline spiritual, rapture. And that's on an off-night. Variations For Fringe Area, nos 1 & 2, could have been culled from one such rapture, but seems to have been subjected to a good and thorough studio workover. There's quite a range of material in the mix, acoustic, synthetic, flung out far across the fringes, wafting wet and whispering through singed buzz-waves, building to rapturous peaks, cresting among the whitened overtones, crashing down to marginally dirtied, distorted, depths. So too an effective use of panning, complex interlace of layered streams cycling suggestively into and through one another, confused signals radiating distressed alarm calls.

All this confusion, collision and concatenation of dissonant dis-settlement nets an effect at some remove from the soothing-if-somewhat-scathing waves of shimmering psychedelia often otherwise occasioned. Sure, the never-escapable sense of heavy-handed control is there, but freed a bit, to spasticize among the undertones, to suggest the possibility, however fleeting, that the hinges are less secure in their moorings, to admit, say it, the possibility of noise, proper, which, I suppose, for the man of the moment, has never exactly been a fringe pursuit.

Digest spew
BEND THOSE TO YOUR WILL. I'd have to assume referring here to the more-than-willing-not-to-mention-really-quite-able noiseperv. Well. Talk about low hanging fruit. Still, some would have to be more than adept in the dept than others. Take your Hiroshi Hasegawas. These are the sorts of chaps what can take disparate dis-settlements of confused collision and contrast, acoustic, electronic, white-sheeted, brown-buzzed, and net the rapturous psychedelic searing saturations your harsh-holes so worshipfully crave. Take, too, your Black Leather Jesuses. All nine of them. Does the prospect of densely textured, kaleidoscopic, blow-out, as filtered through continuously evolving crush of un-tethered fury, ineffectually fapping against teetering bulk of monolithic grey-wall, appeal? How could it not? Controlled surroundings await.
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Folkstorm - Hurtmusic (CD, Old Europa Cafe): Got this recently in a trade, was curious to hear more of this project after I got Nihil Total in another trade. Industrial Noise or Power Electronics both fits, I think, good vocals. Not certain what Ms. Nordvargrs contribution is aside from titties in the booklet, in case that's the only contribution, I'm totally fine with that. Anyone knows what FF-skins are and why they should be killed?


Karate wolf publishing version of FINAL SOLUTION demo 1
I wonder if that hospital/chrome peeler reissue version was re-mastered? I have a feeling it was vastly more wall of brutality, while the original 1990 promo tape has this really nice "vintage pe sound" that is rarely reached these days. Thin, yet ripping and slashing electronics, piercing, randomly appearing feedbacks very much like Whitehouse in early days. Not like cool Ramleh/SJ type of feedback as constant element, but the piercing challenging feedbacks emerging on vocal track.
Had to dig up the new edition too, and this is for sure severely boosted up edition compared to original. Good, but very different! It would not be bad idea to have this material issued on CD. It is just quite short. 4 songs.

The Molunary Class "passional attitudes" tape
Brilliant early Ulex Xane project. It's kind of shocking that this 1985 tape is owned by... nobody in discogs? When usually everything is out there. It has red cardboard printed covers, sort of semi-professional. Delusional, odd, almost surreal industrial vibes. All tapes of this project are great experimental works. I have tried to ask Ulex for possibility of reissues, but no luck so far.

St. Stephens Criminal Hospital "Audial report november 1999" tape
Dead Rats
Very early works of Polish mastermind M.Zentara. From the time we got in touch for the first time. This is Dead Rats label 002. Gloomy, slightly noisy, kind of BDN'ish death industrial works. Not a classic, but good trip backwards couple decades ago for enthusiastic mind, with little or no gear to realize the ideas. His PE works that came soon, are better. So probably also dark ambient works. But like said, good tape for personal memories etc. I was talking with artist whether he actually did 100 of this. It was sort of like early 90's Grunt. When you see tape with ltd edition #___/150, you can be damn sure that many copies never existed. I used to have the original covers (maybe some still scattered around) and 93-95 era tapes was often dubbed like 35-70 copies or so... This was case of St. Stephens Criminal Hospital. Artists suspected maybe only 30+ or so were dubbed and sent out...
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I tend to get a lot of Ambient, Deconstructed Club and Sound Art related releases as review copies to check out for review consideration for my blog but thanks to this forum I got myself some more Noise and darker underground music releases as I'd love to discover more music in these fields and be able to contribute to this forum too. I've listened to several of the releases I got for Christmas and to review over the last months and I definitely loved these so far:

Jason Crumer: Ottoman Black (10th Anniversary Edition) (2018) (Tape) (No Rent)
This one of is the first of two of these releases that are quite well-known to people on Special Interests already but worthy to mention as they're great to revisit. In my case it was a great discovery, Jason created a great kinda suite out of Ottoman Black with the tracks also being laid out in "academic" manner as mentioned in the great extensive liner notes in the included booklet. On side A Jason builds his mysterious, quite depressing type of ambience by using some great sound collage / musique concrete types of sound manipulations in which it feels like he's describing a shady kind of neighbourhood in which fights and violence often occur through the sounds and noises he layers. It's interesting how Jason builds more of a gradual progression from the sound collage pieces to the relentless Harsh Noise that quickly follows, giving it that aforementioned storyline kinda vibe but also keeping the Noise both intense and captivating in terms of texture and progression. Plenty of stuff going on but the intensity and harshness is great too. Side B has a bit more straight up Noise to it which I liked but ultimately rounds of the tape with a pretty cool mixture of an atmospheric Drone piece with still some Noise interference in there. Great tape overall and good presentation with the liner notes giving some great extra info.

Burial Hex: The Hierophant (CD)
This one's a bit lighter in sound and more of a mix of Darkwave, Industrial and underground Metal styles which form Burial Hex's sonic palette on this album. Just like Jason Crumer I hadn't heard any of Burial Hex's works before but I instantly loved the great mixture of cinematic instrumental arrangements and field recordings with Clay Ruby's varied often growled vocal performances. This man's definitely got a great honest feeling to his music which is nicely imaginative and I felt the darkness while listening to these pieces falling over me, very good. Both the vocal and instrumental side the music on this album feel quite unique to me in how they feel both harsh and atmospheric at times, it's a really interesting juxtaposition between upbeat music and fragile growled vocals at times.

Kadaitcha: Tar (2019) (FLAC download)
I got this one as a review copy from Kadaitcha. In a way this album is a bit of a mixture between the two release I mentioned above in terms of sound, there's both Noise and more melodic elements to this music. Kadaitcha's sound consists of a mixture of synth Noise manipulations, Ritual type vocals, acoustic and electronic drums and electric guitar hazes. At 1 hour in total the album is quite a ride through these 7 tracks and the group often morphs from one phase to another per track to create some nice progressions and climaxes within the pieces. There's some great dirty synth sounds on many of these tracks and the way Kadaitcha sometimes moves from Noise to melody and back keeps the music fresh throughout. Very intense and enjoyable throughout in my opinion. 
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Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa ‎– Insect Apocalypse
Exactly what you'd expect. Hiroshi molests Dave. Dave and his insects. Insects, endless insects, insects till the end of the world- and it couldn't come too soon!

Insects, singing crying whining whizzing whirring hissing buzzing droning chirping chattering twittering. Insects, deep in the jungles, in the fields, smooth sultry ambiance of symphonic cicada serenades, untreated, unmixed, unlayered, sans normalization compression effects, nary addition nor manipulation. Later, of course, the heavy hand of Hasegawa, treating the chattering hordes to an Astro-nomical range of effects n filters, to effect something... familiar, yet alien. Organic, machine-like. Other applicable descriptors: microscopic, miniscule, monumental, mesmerizing, cycling through an infinity of variable speed and design, deeply absorbing bellows to the deepest thundering deluge, feverish spiraling shrieks to ecstatic searing fever-peak.

So, basically, Astro. Plus insects. Smooth undulating psych-waves cycling in arrhythmic swarms of intense, and sleekly sensuous, insectile, oscillation. Which is not, necessarily, to negate the essential collaborative genius in play. To judge from the liner notes, this is quite the culmination: of one collabo live session, one callabo studio session, one Hasegawa work-through and a final Phillips re-work. A lot of work, in other words. A lot of insects, but a lot of work. Say you industrial, say me industrious. Get yer fat carapace in there laddie.

And after all that hard work the question of nature versus nurture and the ultimate answer: who gives a flying fuck? Take the opener, Scrap Breeding. Are we in a factory, caught up in spirals of scrap-metal seethe, saw, singe? Or suffused in swarms of insectile jabber, whittle, whinge? Truly, this is massive, all-consuming, Vivenzational, arthropodisme dynamique. Music brute, call it, but brutality refined in massed symphonies of overworked turbines, engines, motors, wings, pincers, appendages, battering incessant, worked up into frenzies, raging seething searing, fever-dreams of blissed-out gesticula- <splat>

That'll learn the fucker.
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Shift/Koufar - August 1 1936 (tape, Unrest Productions): Since I'm not familiar with Koufar, I can only say that this sounded different from the Shift releases I own, even though it's been a while I listened to Shift. Sound seems mostly sharp and dealing with higher sounds, less reminiscent of the low-end bleakness of some other Shift releases that come to mind (Abandon f.e.). Good, rather structured Industrial/PE, I'd say.

Kadaver - Hypothermiasma (tape, Fall of Nature): Despite being familiar with Kadaver for years (first heard a part of a releas a friend of mine had about 10 years ago), this is the first of his releases I have (aside from the Manifestations on the Road to Death comp, I think I liked those tracks). I've only listened once so far, not with full attention, I'm afraid. Seemed like the tape was going in different directions and not much unity between tracks. Not sure what to think of it, must give it another spin.

The Vault - Transfiguration (CD, Fall of Nature): Discogs calls it Dark Ambient/Industrial/Power Electronics. Good description, I guess, mostly Dark Ambient, but with a dose of Industrial/PE elements in it. Got this for free in a trade (thanks!) and didn't know what to expect. This is actually very good.

Scatmother - Sadotantra (CD, Dunkelheit Produktionen): New album by Scatmother, seems like every new album expands the sound palette presented. Overal still mostly fierce and harsh of course. If I should give one comment it would be to do more vocal variation. There's one track that has a different vocal approach, which is good in itself, but also makes clear that the vocal delivery in other tracks is somewhat samey between the tracks. So I think some more use of different style vocals would be fitting to keep up with the developping noise.

Chaos Cascade - Son of the Void (LP, Dunkelheit Produktionen): A-side was first released on tape on Obsessive Fundamental Realism, quite typical CC stuff. B-side seems to go even more into Power Electronics territory, if the project goes further into that direction, I'm certainly looking forward to what's about to come.


Worth - Heroin Vampires 3" CD-R (Nefarious Activities)
Another year, another Worth release destined for the top 10 list.
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