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UN-KOMMUNITI "Live bingo / soundtracks" tape
Freedom In Vacuum
Great live material. It has the level of violence of Ramleh, yet also some more industrial feel to it. Soundtracks side is more experimental, but good nevertheless!

FELONY SEXUAL ASSAULT "Power To Humiliate" tape
In your face power electronics assault. I'd lump this close to 90's American stuff. It has simplicity of SSS, Slogun etc, yet noisiness is top level. It's not like 90's Bloodyminded, even if you can hear the simple oscillations of synth. Sound is harsh and noisy, not so associated to "synth PE", even if that is what it seems to be. There are buried vocals, feedback, some repeating spoken loops. Not a masterpiece on would need to instantly return, but blunt and violent sex noise always has charm.

ORCHESTRA OF SKIN & BONE "1984-1986" tape
It has been ages since I heard this. And now I remember why it has not been listened too much. Heavily loop based studio works on a-side, more rugged sounding and free flowing live material on b-side. Good name, all the necessities of ritualistic mid 80's tape scene industrial, but live material sounds as if it was done in states of rather clumsy intoxication and utmost repetitive patterns of a-side makes the point clear very quick.

YUZURU SYOGASE "1983-1985" tape
Freedom In A Vacuum
Very nice experimental electronics. It has sort of "industrial feeling" as opposed to arty experimental. Yet it has strong artistic merit to it. Great song titles like Eros Finale, Devil Paradis, etc..

KOMMANDO "2 - Electronic Fear" tape
We don't need distributors 02
Pre-Thorofon. Less song oriented. But at the same time, I may even like Kommando more than Throfon! Of course debut album is good, and put heavy electronics in quite new level of technical excellency at the time. But Kommando is more brutal, fierce and dark. Side long continous tormenting pieces. A-side "Fear", B-side "Clinical Death". I wonder how is the new stuff he has been making in recent years? This material comes from 1993/1994.
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Factory Farming - Lex Odium CS [Team Boro Tapes] : Have this tape some time but had forgotten it unplayed. Listened it today. It's very fine PE that getting better and better track after track. Raw, unpolished, with vocals from down under / far away. Some reminded me Alfarmania, in sound and vibe. I see in Discogs, project has returned after 16 years [!] and this is actually the first solo release. Worth checking !

Kakerlak - Pyrethroid Buzz CS [Trash Ritual] : What to say !? I knew what to expect but still this caught me unprepared. I-am-not-joking-i-will-fuck-you-and-you-gonna-love-it noise. Side A is a relentless assault while Side B is more varied, with industrial elements and parts, still expect no mercy !

Emerson Murray - Medea CS [Harsh Head Rituals] : I had listened a rip of his recent tape on Skeleton Dust and as far i can make justice from a rip, without being bad it left me wanting something more. This is not the case with Medea, after the tape ends the only more you want is more of this. Especially of the Side B, exceptional stuff ! Has a short industrial track kind of an intro followed by a masterpiece that enters you in a nightmarish place and you have the feeling it tells you a story, the story of Medea. It's not in-your-face noise, not too loud, not too quick, rather slow with refined noises and an attention to detail structure. Superb track, very good tape overall.
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MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "Soundtrack to black leather bondage" tape
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "Blue faced lust" tape
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "The Love of a saint (darkness)" tape

All self released old material. M/SR at worst, has the out-dated 80's drum machine industrial feel, yet at it's best, it kills! The noisier, the less musical, the better. Those who like minimalistic industrial rhythm songs of Sleep Chamber, Blackhouse, some Slave State, etc, will certainly find great tracks in most of M/SR tapes. Her debut LP on RRRecords included one side of new and other side "best tracks" from old tapes. There would be plenty more for scavengers to make good best-of collection. This project is certainly one that would benefit from collection rather than complete reissues.

SU KO RA "Saturday night dance date" tape
Self Abuse 15
I remember that back in the day, I wasn't much of Su Ko Ra fan. I was expecting loud and harsh noise from Japan, but this isn't it. Nowadays with much wider taste for experimental sound, I can appreciate this lo-fi field recordings / experimental tape manipulations. It sounds surprisingly close to current days Self Abuse things! Scar Crove etc. TONS of tape hiss, and below that you will find odd and minimal field recordings and sounds.

SEED MOUTH "Over the head of persons" tape
1991 Japanese tape release. Some tracks cross over to improvised music, where mr. Seed Mouth torments selected instruments. At best tracks it has ambient / industrial feel to it. Simple keyboard tones, guitar, electronics, and so on. Low technology, not focused on distortion and harshness, but quite distinctive sound sources. B-side is very good, a-side hit & miss.

FUMIO KOSAKAI "Earth Calling" tape
Ancient Records
mid 80's Kosakai debut solo tape. Curiously can be lumped very close to Seed Mouth material! Synth, bass, electronic devices, tape. Very hand made feel to experimental sound.

Raw and fierce industrial noise attack. It has very much the styggelse feel to it. Design and type of sound.  Came out 2008 as ltd 100 copies. I have no recollections if it was advertized who was behind project. It's far more noisier than many other Styggelse tapes, but similar rotten and vile bunker sound is present in this one.

KRIMINAALISET METSÄNHALTIJAT "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu" tape

Already 10 years old industrial noise tapes from Karjala -from Russian side of border. Broken Finnish language, some Finnish wartime songs, put together with rusty and sweaty banging of metal junk and primitive electronics and not-so-good shouted vocals. Basically distortion just removed all articulation and makes it less interesting monotonic roar. As tapes limited to merely 40 copies, certainly nice things to have and listen to, even if they barely would reach CD or LP album level.

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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on September 27, 2018, 04:18:56 PM
COCK TRIBE tape. I have no recollections if it was advertized who was behind project.

It was a friend of mine namned Marcus, he must have been around 20 at the time (as he is still fairly young, or is it me that´s getting old...). Anyway, he also did a gig that was cool and confusing. Other than that he mostly like to play drums in grindbands.


Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on September 27, 2018, 04:18:56 PM
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "Soundtrack to black leather bondage" tape
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "Blue faced lust" tape
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "The Love of a saint (darkness)" tape

Only just heard of this act via the Fucked By Noise blog today, downloaded some stuff to check out. Cool little coincidence to see this post, but yet another reason to give it a listen!

Other than that, this week has consisted of tapes (if just to cement my rep as "that guy" in my office) :

Peste Noire - Lorraine Rehearsal
Mostly throwaway demo tracks but one amazing rendition of Phalenes et Pestilence make this worth owning (I have it on vinyl too...)

Cauldhame - Saturnine
The first project I discovered through this forum. Absolutely amazing nuanced and atmospheric industrial/power electronics from the North of the UK on Unrest. Highly recommended.

Akitsa - La Grande Infamie
Standard Akitsa brilliance with perhaps more noise influence and a track that I suppose you could label as funeral doom. [/b]

Alberich - Precursor
The master of rhythmic industrial/heavy electronics. So stoked for the upcoming LP.

Cape Of Bats - Violent Occultism
The bastard son of GISM, Bauhaus, and Vlad Tepes.


Sissy Spacek-Trash Staging, New Forces
This record is short and awesome side A consists of a more traditional approach to Noisecore/Grindcore. Blistering fast and speaker shredding audio fuckery. Charlie is such a punishing drummer in whatever project he's hitting skins in but it just comes across as fucking maniacal on these last few Sissy recordings (The Noisecore style lends to his savagery in ways other extreme music wouldn't). Side B is what really shines on this record. Really crunchy and densely suffocating. This is nothing short of a thick, hissing tornado of pain. You really get a true dichotomy of sound from side to side. I definitely prefer this record to Ways of Confusion LP on NWN. Highly recommended. ****

Augure Concret-Cephalophore, Unrest Productions
What can be said about this tape? Criminally underrated is one way to describe it. I feel like this tape does a better job of the mastering the Grunt material I used to love where things Like "Myth of Blood" and "Castrate the Illusionist" failed to keep me interested. Anyways, this shit is off the fucking hook. Ugly metal abuse thrown over bleak ambient lines like adding gas to a fire. Fat ass bass synth lines with whistling, high frequencies shredding thru it all. The vocals are top notch, violent and aggressive. Some of the ambient drones remind me a lot of the way Alberich incorporates them into his Heavy Electronics/Industrial sound. Heavyweight Industrial PE and another reason to love Unrest.  **** 1/2


Damion Romero - Idle
Real time recording of a car engine idling for 20 mins.

GX Jupitter Larsen -  Big Time Crash Bang

12" Vinyl of two sides of loops of car crash sounds
Excellent and most wonderful in all aspects.

Isolrubin BK - Crash Injury Trauma
Always a great listen especially if you have gone a while since listening.
Some of the samlpes are from a kids/adult sports series of videos called And They Walked Away which is sport car crash videos. I used to love watching these as young fellow. I get similar feelings now watching car crash exploitation videos on youtube.


Psycho Ex Girlfriend - s/t , C47
Bacteria Field 2018

This is a rare purchase for me based on nearly no facts of the project at all. The categorical listing of "spoken word" on Discogs tipped the scale. I felt it needed an introduction as none can be found online that I know of, and the label offers none.

Side A. Twenty full minutes of exactly what you might think: answering machine messages from an (ex) girlfriend.  She's really stuck on Mark, who apparently never calls her back. The emotional manipulation displayed by her sobbing, mentally ill, self-deprecating messages is offered without any rebuttal, explanation or opposing perspective. Each call is introduced by the cold, robotic answering machine. "Saturday, February third, nine-oh-nine PM... Saturday, February third, nine-twelve PM," and on and on. Partway through I began to question if the time and dates hadn't been manipulated. Possibly not; I would need to list them and see if they really made any sense.  There are a slew in an hour, a day, a break of a few days. At only one point is there any intrusion to the straight recordings. It is ambiguous if the messages were actually recorded to micro cassette, and the machine had malfunctioned at that section.

At times I questioned what responsibility Mark has in this toxic relationship. At other times, this woman exposes her dependency so blatantly that I absolve Mark of any wrongdoing. I go back and forth in my head on culpability, never feeling secure in one perspective. Without further evidence, the listener's own take on these one-sided recordings is informed by personal history. Inevitably, past experiences surface and muddle personal analysis.

Side B. A few samples of phrases from the earlier messages are used in the beginning of this straightforward noise track. "These guys up there have a history," declares an authoritative sounding man. The entire side is a pretty continuous deluge with a throbbing, rhythmic element to the layers. This continues unabated for roughly two-thirds of the track before more overt manipulation begins. Elements are accentuated. Others are pushed back or eliminated. Right near the conclusion, a gorgeous passage of texture holds the fore. It has a punctuated clarity and visceral physicality. Exemplary. The highlight of side B.

This release had the risk of going either way, yet this woman's subtle unstated threats and (unconscious?) psychological attack is intriguing to dissect. The messages build a picture of mental illness and dire personal torment. I could see side A being used in a university psych course for therapists or the like. It might exemplify what a textbook could only explain in detached, clinical terms.


When you finish the first of three sober months (don't worry, just a visit on the wagon to check if I can still find the way, nothing chronic) you get stuff done. I finally got my thumb out and sat down with this collaboration. Mardrömd Dödsström is an unassuming little tape contained in a very assuming cardboard box full of inlay cards, stickers, rambling manifestos and biographical snippets about the acts involved. Considering which acts those are, the visuals are obviously pretty much spot on, and I've no problem keeping a straight face while describing them as menacing and sublime. The actual music, rabid post-mortem PE abuse, is apparently recorded in some moldy place underground, which makes perfect sense considering how it sounds. "We Came To Kill" and "Intern-Nationalist" are multilayered and even complex at times, but the basic principle of action behind both is filth summoning of a meditative, almost droning type. There is some violence to this - broken junk being broken even further in a naturally reverb producing environment, but the tortured electronic drones underlying it all make it so that words like "controlled", "held back" and "choked" are on your mind more often than not while listening. On side B "Friends in High Places" is almost entirely different - crushed and fucked up bass rumblings, vile feedback and howling screams going way beyond any average PE vocal style. Not sure about lyrics, but it sounds like someone is in pain. "For All Those Who Died / Endgüldigkeit Des Dunkels" slows things down to almost ambient levels (comparatively speaking) as bass notes, samples and wailing darkness weave a web around you. The closing track "Eldförgängelsens Apostater: In I Intigheten" ties a bow around it all with a rumbling, noisy piece of industrial/PE that allows me to imagine it has been deliberately placed there as a postscript to the preceding material. The PH/Alfarmania collaborations are always very good, but this time around they've really ticked all the boxes. If you're not in the mood for a second mortgage, you may want to use digital means to listen to this, but in any event it shouldn't be missed.
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Quote from: magnus on September 27, 2018, 07:47:31 PM
Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on September 27, 2018, 04:18:56 PM
COCK TRIBE tape. I have no recollections if it was advertized who was behind project.

It was a friend of mine namned Marcus, he must have been around 20 at the time (as he is still fairly young, or is it me that´s getting old...). Anyway, he also did a gig that was cool and confusing. Other than that he mostly like to play drums in grindbands.

Same Marcus who does People's Person now? If so, makes me even more eager to hear it, where the name "Cock Tribe" already had me pining. People's Person tape on Team Boro is a favorite.
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Quote from: WCN on September 30, 2018, 05:11:44 PM
Quote from: magnus on September 27, 2018, 07:47:31 PM
Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on September 27, 2018, 04:18:56 PM
COCK TRIBE tape. I have no recollections if it was advertized who was behind project.

It was a friend of mine namned Marcus, he must have been around 20 at the time (as he is still fairly young, or is it me that´s getting old...). Anyway, he also did a gig that was cool and confusing. Other than that he mostly like to play drums in grindbands.

Same Marcus who does People's Person now? If so, makes me even more eager to hear it, where the name "Cock Tribe" already had me pining. People's Person tape on Team Boro is a favorite.

No, it's not Marcus Rostedt/Peoples Person. The two projects aren't millions of miles away from eachother atmosphere wise though, I think.


Genocide Organ-:Remember:, Tesco
I figured I'd throw this shit on before work as some background tunes while I get ready for my day. I ended up fucking that off and instead actively listened to this classic, the only proper way to enjoy such a release. Kingpins of Industrial PE. The flow on this release is incredible, each track violently bleeds into the next for total fucking immersion. The liner notes and images that accompany this release are second to none. Now I'm fully caffeinated and ready to take on the hoards of shitty humans at my work thanks to this always inspiring, devastating compilation. *****

Boar-Union Park, Fusty Cunt
This tape is one of the standouts in the latest Fusty batch that had a lot of good shit in it (Atrox Petis, Heretic Grail x2, Commuter, and Support to name a few)! This is a ripper from start to finish. It's live shit, a collaboration or two, and some remixes. No gimmicks, straight up great cut-up harsh noise. Pick this up from Jim!***3/4


Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown crushing album in the typical Archgoat style. great production which I feel does the style in which Archgoat plays a lot of justice. doesn't quite top The Apocalyptic Triumphator for me yet, but we will if that changes after more listens in the next few months
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Boat Of "Forbidden Mourning Practice" CS (777 Was 666, 2018)
          For fans of "proto-" whatever, look no further. I heard touches of all the good stuff; everything from no wave, krautrock, and post-punk (when it meant something other than goth shit) to noise and power electronics (one track in particular reminds me of early Ramleh). You can go from energetic funky drum-driven live tracks to loop experiments to air-raid PE, and all before even H.N.A.S. Holy shit! Plus everything has a pleasantly rough tape saturation. 


Today it's been mainly going through 10 Metamkine labels 3"CD's. I thought I would have listened all of them long ago, but found these still shrinkwrapped, so I guess not listened unless I have double copies somewhere, hah... Not much point on going into details of each disc, but again 3" proves to be killer format. Even more forgettable arty sound experiments work fine in 11-21 minutes duration, while the best ones are very very good and inspiring.

Tapes of recent days:

WHITEHOUSE "Live action 76" tape
How I regret not buying all the tapes that used to be fairly cheap and easy to order from SL. Live Action from Switzerland, 1996. Some killer tracks, others less striking. There are good classic songs like Tit Pulp, but also seemingly random fooling around with electronics, before getting back on full force. Certainly not among best of live actions, but band has it's spirit what makes me want to check even repeated same tracks from different tapes.

ENDLESS SEA "complotto" tape

Cathartic Process
label did have some good stuff, but a lot of titles I'd rate to just average decent tapes. Something one can listen with pleasure, but very few reasons to return to. Harsh noise wall blast of Endless Sea - no complaints, but neither stands out in any way.

666 VOLT BATTERY NOISE "Blunt objects vs sharp things" tape
Not the best name of project, hah, but having CD on Pure series and tape on MSNP, of course I remain interested. This era of USA harsh noise basically guarantees you it will be good. If not classic, at least just as good as this tape turns out to be.

Mask of the slave
If there was competition of lowest volume levels of recent listening, A-side of this tape is winner. Mr. Vekka of Haare has often been slightly notorious of tape hiss and low dubbing levels of his own tapes, but damn, Mask of The Slave managed to provide tape with no sound at all beyond tape his on other channel. One light barely blinkin on the other channel. Suffocating and horrid lo-fi noise of some sort is just as hard to describe as lovecraftian horrors. Something does happen there in the fog of saturation. B-side better, but this side project barely challenges might of Haare.

AARON DILLOWAY "Corpse on horseback" tape
It's been while since listening Dilloway. I recall couple not-so-exciting experiences with his releases, but this tape rules. I think it was reissued on CD as well. I don't wonder. Organic feel of tape loops grinding and decaying with saturated and damaged feel to them.

CLEW OF THESEUS "Live July 3, 2010" tape
Cathartic Process
It's been while since I listened COT. Minimal drone is something I appreciate - but not always. Some of his stuff has been probably listened in wrong state of mind, and returning to tape like this makes me want to check more of his stuff if it really was this good?! Nothing new in genre of minimal drone, but sound quality and tension and sounds are good.

SHIFT "16 09 05 / 14 02 07" tape
Having been listening to later era of Shift in recent times, it is curious to revisit 10+ years old materials, what clearly displays how much Shift has developed. We can hear here his unique Shift sound what nobody else really replicates, but in terms of composition, sounds and ideas, it's lightyears away from where project has developed.

RANDY YAU "Anti linear" tape
No idea when I got this, but early days of Yau was less interesting than what he did at the best. You can hear some of the basic elements found on many of his works. Body sounds, odd glichy hums and statics, but all remains quite undeveloped compared to his best works. Nevertheless, in historical document, it's interesting to listen.

ELECTRIC HOBO "Social Exclusion as a self defensive against the madness" tape
ELECTRIC HOBO "Rustfucker" tape

Lahti based obscure one man project. Plays often live, makes hand made CDR's and tapes, but seems to be barely interested in being involved in wider international scene. You can hear some of his stuff online of course, but these tapes are good ones. Name, is again such a obstacle, that unless seeing good live shows from him, it's unlikely to be very enthusiastic to check "Electric Hobo", haha.. Nevertheless, there are guitar drone tracks what are noisy, yet not noise. I doubt people into early Solmania or Deisel Guitars duo stuff would be disappointed, even if it's way more droning. Yet not as atmospheric as later days Diesel Guitar. Then other angle is his metal junk, loop, echo-box works, which are not very far from some of the more quiet Hal Hutchinson stuff he played in Finland for example. Really good material, that in one hand fits to hand made recycled tapes (which sound good, though!), but in other hand feels almost waste to have this kind of stuff pretty much unavailable.
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