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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on December 30, 2009, 09:57:22 PM
Nevertheless, I liked that Haare. Not his best moments, but guaranteed lo-fi drone job.

Where I thought the a side was a slow starter the b side was every bit as great as everything else I've heard from him.
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last things i remember:

-a LOT of Kraftwerk
-Deutsch Nepal : erosion  cd
-Reptilicus : crusher of bones  cd
-Psychophysicist : s/t  cd
-Giancarlo Toniutti : la mutazione  cd

Henrik III

Inspired by the 7" discussion (and to warm up for the new year celebrations), had a small 7" marathon in this afternoon:

AMK/GUM "Assemblage 2"
Hanatarash "Total Retardation"
Merzbow/Lasse Marhaug split
Merzbow/MSBR split
Ground Zero "Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.50"
Strict/Pain Jerk "Collaboration"
Bustmonsters "Weedhead"
Ultra "I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick"
Intrinsic Action "Adult Books..."
Mixed Band Philanthropist "   The Man Who Mistook..."
Roughage & Masonna / Nimrod "Calendar Girl"
Ahlzagailzehguh "Misinterpreted Injury"
Etant Donnes "Plutot..."

Enough of disc and side swapping for a while!


Listened again to the Haare 7". This time at 45 rpm, sounds much better! I guess this is the correct speed, even if it's not indicated anywhere. The A side is still a bit disappointing, should be longer to let it develop. B-side suits 7" format better, pretty good. Not Ilkka's finest moment as a whole, I would say. Still better than that shitty tape from a while ago which was recorded at so low levels it was ridiculous (and the B-side of my copy had just some mains hum on it, nothing else, hah)!


You're talking of that Black Arts label release? I didn't even want it, since I know the typical sound levels of the label. He mentioned that his tape deck died in middle of dubbing those tapes..... no shit?
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Yeah, that one. At first I thought the B-side was intentionally left "blank" but Ilkka told me that wasn't the case. Didn't bother asking for another copy since I wasn't even going to listen to the A-side ever again because of the stupid ass dubbing issues...


Someone should reissue it properly.
Först när du blottar strupen ska du få nåd, ditt as...


on Haare box ? I wonder if it's being already prepared for release? I sent some Haare live action to Ilkka months ago.
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come 1 7"
bastard noise / the gerogerigegege split 7"
prurient - black post society cd
sickness - mudlark cd
prurient / akitsa split lp
mauthausen orchestra - they never learn lp
irm - indications of nigredo 12"
grunt - live in uk / midnight inspiration lp


Been on a Contrastate bender. Such a beautiful band. I'm starting to like even the ones I didn't care for when they were released like Goodbye Great Nation. A collaboration with Tiger Lillies which I also listen to a lot the last two days. Weird band I never can decided if they are the greatest band on earth or a bunch of idiots that deserve a good beating. At the moment they are the greatest.
What I like about Contrastate is their ability to challenge what Contrastate record should sound like and still there is a distinct feel to every record I have with them. Great band!


I was able to fix my trusty Nakamichi 582 tape deck. So it's time to play some tapes

Emeralds - s/t  CS (Hanson)

Suprisingly dark stuff compared to the other Emeralds albums I've heard (Solar Bridge and What Happened). Cosmische kraut has been partly exchanged for dark, brooding industrial. Even some sinister high tempo beats somewhere along the line. But it's still hallucinatory as hell, maybe just a bit of a bad trip this time around. I'm very happy to see that these guys are not stuck in a formula. One of the most interesting American groups around. I have to admit that during their set at No Fun Sweden I fell asleep for a short moment or two, and I STILL thought it was an excellent performance, hah! The same happened to me once during a Nurse With Wound concert... The only problem with this tape is the strange channel balance, it's all the time panned heavily to one side. Could be intentional I guess, but makes me wonder if it isn't just an issue with the dubbing...

Hmm.. what's next? Maybe some Bizarre Uproar...

Plague Haus

Alfarmania - Bottenskrapet 12"


this morning:

ho ho


time for some good old rock n´roll this afternoon :

lester bangs and the delinquents - jook savages on the brazos LP

destroy all monsters - meet the creeper / november 22nd 1963 7"EP

rockets from the tombs - life stinks  LP


One of Australia's finest and most overlooked.

SEVERED HEADS - City Slab Horror (w tracks from Blubberknife) CD
SEVERED HEADS - Since the Accident (w tracks from Blubberknife) CD
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