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DEAD BODY LOVE "Prayers for the sick" tape
Mostly noise, but one long track gloomy "dark ambient". Kind of distant rusty sounds echoing. Not REALLY ambient.
B-side track relies a lot in this one less than second long loop. Just hammers on and on and on like drum machine beat. On top of that, I would dare to throw guess that some Merzbow noise is being sampled? Of course DBL could have just have some similar gear, but some of sounds are SO Masami trademark tricks, it feel like maybe some borrowed uncredited sounds here...?  Of course not bad thing really. It's like Macronympha or Emil Beaulieau or such, where you will spot fragments of other peoples noise being brutalized into something new.

ALTER OF FLIES "Black Tunnel" tape + 5" lathe
There's been several Cipher things on playlist, but as playlist tends to be so massive, most reports appear on the night time. There was very neat new-ish things from 2022.. but now listening this older thing. It's been haunting me just about every time I see it.
Keep forgetting what it is, and always this "why there is some trash in my tape shelves!!" and as soon as I pull it out, it is actually special edition of Altar of Flies, haha... 5" lather and tape. Good stuff. 5" goes fast, and tape is probably better material anyways, but can't see myself selling away anything by AoF.
Not long ago I got email from guy who asked help to identify noise tape. I looked on picture and it was clear it -had been- Ochu tape on cipher. Anyone that has that special edition of moist, dirty canvas with some eathly substance, may have now some sort of evolutionary version of tape. Fungus or mold based version of the cover. I did dry my copy of it. Not sure if it is now ruined or... preserved!

DMDN "DMDNMIX NO 56 / Dronemix" CDR
Some may know DMDN from PURE/RRR disc. Some may know he did sequel for that disc by himself. Some know him from "Agonistes" tape of GROSS, that was reissued as LP and CD. Curiously, that release is actually collaboration with Thirdorgan. GROSS had policy of being just one release per artist (except for Aube), so since Thirdorgan had already release on GROSS, that tape was just titled as DMDN and liner notes credits Thirdorgan for source sounds.
That all may be common knownledge in noise scene, but later days DMDN has probably bigger discography than the 80's or 90's. This type of "pro-CDR's" with no covers, just sticker on disc label saying what it is. I guess I have 5-6 different ones, but I'd assume plenty exists. Man is DJ and in techno/DJ store and that type of thing, so slightly another realm from early days power electronics / harsh noise, but for example this 74 minute drone set is really good stuff.

Hex Minora, name you don't hear that often. She was running BV tapes too in the 90's. Have been holding some BV tapes in my hand lately, but didn't put on deck...  This collab with italian guy is good. Not phenomenal, but good. Electronic, sexy, noisy...
Then pile of... well, probably not sexy noise tapes! Just pulled bunch of totally random tapes, with no relation to eachother, other than most of them MIGHT be in category "who cares".

NO XIVIC / SOMNIVORE "Getsemane" tape
New old sentinel
Like No Xivic/Somnivore. Tape titled Getsemane, which has very unique meaning in Finland. Anyone who visited the finnish Getsemane, knows what I am talking about. Two bands that are good, but never mentioned if Finnish experimental sound / noise is talked of.
Mentioned to friend I can't think of anyone consciously thinking its time for "Moke Grotton/Ufo as Bacteria split tape". No offense to artists, but that's how I see it. I also must acknowledge both are really good in this tape, so maybe there are fans for both out there?

INHALANT "Clinical" tape
Propulsive Audio
Inhalant, they do have even LP out, this tape from 2005 feels better than my impression about Inhalant from 2005'ish. Hard electronics noise, almost PE type of stuff.

ENDZEITGENERATION "Aufzeichnung Eines Momentanen Zustandes" tape
Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen – NT 24
Endzeitgeneration tape. From 1993, somewhere between heavy electronics and odd experimental stuff, perhaps leaning to latter. I like it, despite all the odd wonky weirdness they do with synths and efx. These are probably reasons why nobody cares and discogs stats shows last time tape was sold, someone scored it for less than 2 euro! Not bad. If I did not have it, I'd grab it anytime for such price. Long ago I did "SI podcast" about obscure german noise/pe stuff, and this is the kind of stuff that could have been included too.

NIGHT SHADE "casual encounters" tape
Castle Bravo
Absolutely no idea who sent me, or how I got the Nightshade tape, but it must have been on my table for years. Always watching "what the hell is this?!". Cover says nothing, and eventually listened the tape, probably years after getting it and while appreciating good noise on this short tape, went to discogs to check out some info based on sticker on tape saying its project called Nightshade. Neat.

AMPH/SSRI split tape
Amph / SSRI split tape, another tape that had been long in pile of "what the hell is this", and when finally opening the wire mesh, again tape that I must have got 5-7 years ago? Good stuff. Amph you know is good, SSRI has variation, but this is among the very good ones.

Wertham / Origimi Replica -tape.
90's stuff from mr. Deplano from Italia and Norwegian stuff. Wertham playing as I write this, and I like the analogue "heavy electronics" approach here. O.R. will have to be listened tomorrow...

Linekraft "Howling" CD
New Approach
I had been listening from bandcamp, but listened CD as soon as it arrived. Some vocals feel a bit too efx overloaded, but really good CD nevertheless. Linekraft has become in few years the best Japanese industrial-noise, right there on lineage of Grim, S*core, Dissecting Table, and so on..  You can't even complain about many releases, as they all have been great, and different!

Arktau Eos "Dormiveglia" CD
Aural Hypnox
2023 release, just came out. Listened few times and can appreciate a lot this ghostly and eerie, yet surprisingly musical ritual "ambient" music. It has so many musical elements like simple piano fragments, air organ melancholic tones, but also hiss, analogue synths, bells, multiple short tracks in 40 min duration. Excellent!

White Gold "3" CD
this was only Troniks CD in 2022. Very good one. Especially first track is such a blast of harsh noise, with that nicely electric smashing metallic sound. At times it becomes total flamethrower HWN, but a best it is when it is the pure power contemporary harsh noise in the positive meaning of word. Nothing is hidden under mud or hiss, but just all on ten, sharp clarity, mad skills harsh blast... I actually was listening this couple of times and returning one master CDR of upcoming Freak Animal release, and had to write artist that your CD needs mastering. It is great, but when comparing to stuff I've been listening, it needs more punch. That was done, and partial thanks to Phil & John setting standard, improvements are happening.. haha

RLW "Fall sliger geister" CD
Black Rose Recordings
Ripped this out of shinkwrap, straight outta "to be listened" shelves at home, and really brilliant RLW cd, experimental sound in best tradition of unpretentious sound lover who knows what he is doing... and then watching the information.... This came 10 years ago! 10! Fuck... Time goes so fast that one is bound to have masterpieces in shrinkwrap for decade. But, liking it now, so probably timeless experimental recordings.

THE HATERS "Nikumu 2007" CD
Kubitsuri tapes
My favorite The Haters must be Ordinarily Nowhere. It would be in top 10 noise of all times, simple based on amount I have listened to it.
This cd is much newer works, but really good one! Kubitsuri also has personal importance for me as early contacts in japan. He put out 90's Grunt both tape and vinyl. Plus pretty much everything on label is good!

After The Haters CD (previous post here), decided to listen this old Merzbow/The Haters CD. It might be thanks to Wiese mastering - or just the quality of artists, but it sounds fresh and punchy. Really good CD. It is odd to think how one may have to describe this old noise innovative noise, while a lot of contemporary noise is great... but it doesn't have the same quality of sonic innovations.
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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on January 30, 2023, 10:01:59 AM

NO XIVIC / SOMNIVORE "Getsemane" tape
New old sentinel
Like No Xivic/Somnivore. Tape titled Getsemane, which has very unique meaning in Finland. Anyone who visited the finnish Getsemane, knows what I am talking about. Two bands that are good, but never mentioned if Finnish experimental sound / noise is talked of.

No Xivic is quality ambient/drone/experimental. I haven't listened it for a while, but used to like it a lot. Koirantappo track on Yksityisyys has a disturbing sound sample of what sounds like a dog hacked to death. He didn't release much and I think the project is dead. The albums are dirt cheap on Discogs. Bandcamp: Somnivore didn't work for me. I had Clergy of Oneiros but sold it away. Maybe it deserves another chance...


Btw. Is Sarvi going to get more copies of Mangled Clit?


All my physical releases have been sent into storage so now I'm back on the computer...


Wounded Son "A Cold Light Of Day" (Hospital Productions)
A small cluster of eight short tracks, all roughly two and a half minutes. Foggy rhythmic death industrial filled with anguish and pain. Slowly drowning. Screwed with maybe a Library of Congress tape manipulator which brings a feel of 90's Grey Wolves cassettes acquiring the same sort of warp and fry with a nostalgic lo-fi charm. Hidden vocals, unconventional rhythmic patterns as well as tribal/ ethereal sounds which also give a Sleep Chamber vibe, amongst many other 80's and 90's tape culture greats these are what come to mind. Possibly the soundtrack to being roofied by Bill Cosby. Great work that stands solid alongside the Finders/ Packing Plant catalogues. A highly recommended release both in physical appearance (both normal and special editions) and in sound.

"Electronics and enclosure drifting somewhere off in your mind. the maze is painful and only ever has one outcome."


Worth "Penumbral Calypso: Early Garden Walls" (Hospital Productions)
Spinning Spitting Disc: Unhinged feedback, bursting at the seems. Oceanic chaos with primitive sources. Poltergeists screaming out of uncontrollable signals. Low end comes in around the 9 and a half min mark. There is a lacklustre energy of insanity that is really appealing to this piece.

Greener Fields: Harsh is an understatement, pure amp feedback abuse. Anti-music approach with a trust that Worth will bring in new elements to keep the listener engaged. What I think is a tom-drum sound tries to rear it's head above the mixed warfare. More dominant sounds reign superior, falling deeper into a confusing caterwaul of (seemingly) junk-noise and internal conflict.

Boom Lamp Cyclical Science...Calypso Reprise...Haptic Bitch...Adamantean Darts: I'd say four pieces chucked into the one track. More of an orthodox hn attitude, and probably fits more into the Americanoise category compared to the other two. With a higher level of diversity between hi-end/feedback and low-end "crunch" (hate using that term).. Still totally unique to the style of Worth. Internal mixing. Fast moving from chapter to chapter. From start to finish a whirlwind of total noise that is uncompromising to the listener. Another banger on Hospital, not that I think they need anymore praise than they already get, and although not my favourite of Will's work, definitely a must listen for anyone fiending for the extreme harsh.

"The gardening is moving fast forward into test tube babies textures and attacks. but it is something more gnostic and vague. a scratching at the basket. the unraveling occult strings along the rocks splashed with wine and wood. the nymph helps him escape..."


Yellow Cab "8-180695 生死即涅槃" (G.R.O.S.S.)
Michio Teshima collaborates with Masako T. Straight out 1995 cut-up Japanoise. Maybe what a lot of artists like Scum or Wolf Creek have taken from. You can tell there are a fair few pieces of electronic gear used to create this, insanely processed vocals. Table full of pedals. A live set like this would definitely destroy some ears. Stereo sonic aural experience. At the 20 min mark it sounds like a Japanese television show is recorded. No noise. Just tape hiss, which gives a strange recorded-to-recycled-tape vibe. Then back in with more processed vocals through what sounds like more flange, phaser, whammy, fucked if I know. Laughing hyenas.


YouTube Playlist:


Umpio - Brain Pain CD

2023 starts off with a scorching Umpio CD that takes no prisoners! "Kulotus" was a crazy 2CD overload of Umpio goodness, which I am still recovering from, and now "Brain Pain" lands on my lap. "Brain Pain" has lots of that organic trademark sounding scrap metal what we all know and love but also lots of burning harsh noise attacks that goes straight into that pleasure part of brain. Hardly brain pain! Umpio albums have a tad bit on the low register side, warm production which pairs perfectly with his sounds, and I think he is only getting better. Injecting new elements constantly and having own kind of innovations here and there. Be it Reaktor crackles and chirpings, or buzzing. I can't quickly think of anyone else who combines these two elements so well, analog and "computer stuff". I am not into any kind of competition but this is how 2023 starts off, it's gonna take a massive hurdle to get on board with this! SICK!


MOT - Fretted tape (SATATUHATTA)

Diverse and interesting tape! Overall feel of "Fretted" is somewhat arty but there is also distinct 'Industrial' feel to it. Tasty scrap metal abuse melts nicely into weird tape damage sounds. Not so much aggression to be found from this tape but instead there are interesting textures and smooth shifts in moods and soundscapes. Really good!

Unclean - Used, Bruised and Abused tape (IOPS)

Instrumental tape from mighty Unclean. Cover art is simply finger-lickin' good, hehe. Track in the A-side is creepy and sleazy synth drone with some buried samples underneath. Can't help it but i feel it that there is some echoes of Italian PE / Noise mastery from the eighties here? That certain Mauthausen Orchestra / Bianchi-like feel.

B-side is more noisy affair by comparison. Seedy atmosphere continues, now with heavily echoe'd porn / giallo scream samples and bassy, lo-fi wall of noise with wailing feedback candies thrown in tastefully. Grim, exciting stuff with vision of iron. Simply sublime tape, highly recommended.

The New Boyfriends - s/t tape (SATATUHATTA)

Modern day finnish reincarnation of The New Blockaders? Absolute masterpiece in the field of contemporary harsh noise.

Tape opens with 'Erotic Tundra' and it's mexican stand-off between junk metal and electronics. Call-and-response dynamics at the beginning of the track reminds me of jazz, before the track explodes into maelstrom of noise. In the end everything collapses into pure metal handling in awesome manner. 'Motor Yoga' displays more "experimental" and spatial side of TNB. Awesome minimalistic feel is embedded into this track, with it's metallic screeches and electronic chirping. Track keeps its minimalistic tension even after things take off after intro.

B-side starts with 'Field Mirage': sounds of broken glass and sputtery, hissy electronics. Weak, abrupt sounds meet resonant materials. Last track "Analog Sauna" is perhaps the most harshest track on this tape with it's rumbly noise and amplified feedback, but it's not harsh in some Americanoise-way: live in studio -approach gives the certain air, punch and "realness"  to this tape that in-line pedal rumblings really cannot match. Whole mood and atmosphere surrounding this tape and TNB in general isn't sleazy or "kovis PE" at all. It's weird and it is rural but informed at the same time. It's wonderful and you should get every TNB release that is out there in the wild.


BU/BLJ Split album (ominous recordings/summer interlude)

Great material from both projects.
Harsh and dynamic BLJ.
Morbid and repetitive BU.
North Central
Mademoiselle Bistouri
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Reptile Womb - "Iormungandr-Swastika" cassette
No poser "kvlt" shit here, just raw and filthy black metal noise. Bass heavy and martial industrial sounding drums heavily influenced by RFR and Beherit. SOL cover at the end was a nice touch.
Something I've admired about this release is the overall DIY approach in packaging and promotion (or lack thereof).This is music that lives in the underground and should stay in the underground. Refreshing to see self-made packaging and xerox inserts and not glossy high res jcards. Seems more genuine that way.


Dethfuk / Odal CS [7hz] -1998- : On Discogs it is titled Dethyodal, but i dont think this is accurate. Along with the tape a flyer was kindly sent to me which mentions this is split + collab. Side A [which is Odal] has 2 tracks and the first is their collab. Label on cassette list this as Dethyodal, and i ll come back later to it ...

I was going for the almighty Odal, i had no idea about Dethfuk. First time i was seeing this name. I searched around, no samples, no info, nothing. Come on, project shared releases with Odal, Borges, Armenia, Flatline Construct, Sickness [different listing as Dethfuck on Discogs] . There must be something around, some words. And yes, Noiseist . With short interview and plenty of info / reviews. -Right after the editor's note-. Among others :

Quotehas released so far: ... "Ophtalmologist tested" (C-60) with Stimbox and Bizarre Uproar

What ?!

If all these wasnt already enough for me to say i need to check this -Sure it was. More than i asked for-. The artwork i saw in the photo seller sent me , seal the deal. Tasty. Dethfuk side :

Odal : The man is a hero, magician, turns shit to gold. If you have listened other Odal's material from that era you know what to expect. Cheap electronics symphony. Here it feels like you watch in a big corp office, when noone is there. Multiple desks, plenty of electronics devices, printers, modems, faxes, old PC, screens, projectors ... Office has soul, its objects. And they suddenly start to 'sing' / bleep / buzzing together. Drawers open and close, screeching. An opera, that starts loose, then coordinates, then deteriorates. At the end, the office's dying voice ...
Stereo action at its finest. At times, completely different sounds / program at each channel.

Dethfuk : Guitar's torture noise. First track is one man's 'Hijokaidan' unit. A wall of noise / distortion. An always improvised bassy line gives a sense of calmness, in contrast with the chaos upfront. And then comes the "Filler" . Yesterday, in the WCN interview it was told about noise that would make noise fans feel uncomfortable. "Filler" is the worst cacophony i have heard in a long time. Guitar's torment in a free-jazz [?] fashion. It will make you dizzy. Never stopping, never ending, never the same. Goes on and on. That going nowhere but always straight bassline, damn. Thank god i had an empty stomach. I almost screamed STOP IT in despair. - Today i found some courage and listened it a second time. Fuck. Exactly the same effect. And once i made the mistake to think " Is it close to end? " ... no, not even in the middle, haha. The second felt it lasts a minute from now on. Some minutes before the end, i relaxed, you cant avoid the rape, better enjoy it. - Seriously dont know what to think about this track. - I definetely would like to listen other Dethfuk material. Even more since i read it's not only guitar noise.

Collab track : A 4-5 min track with each doing their thing with their sounds, a yodel track / loop playing down under. Catchy, playful, 'electronic' . Nothing special.
"ἀθάνατοι θνητοί, θνητοὶ ἀθάνατοι, ζῶντες τὸν ἐκείνων θάνατον, τὸν δὲ ἐκείνων βίον τεθνεῶτες"


Peter Michael Hamel:
Colours of time

Cosmic music at its finest.
North Central
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Andrew McIntosh

Quote from: Stipsi on February 09, 2023, 11:00:58 PM
Peter Michael Hamel:
Colours of time

Cosmic music at its finest.

Correct. Great material. Well structured and paced.
Shikata ga nai.


recent purchases / listens

Legion VK - Promo
No surprise of the quality here given the artists. Really good, and looking forward to more.

Ferro Mortem/Pain Appendix
Never knew how to grasp FM, definitely in a league of their own and doing something different. Each release I've heard is something different and tracks vary, but pleasing to the these ears. An artist I don't pay enough attention to.

Pain Appendix grows from release to release, and continues to plow on like a battering ram.

Opulent Adversary - Close Your Hearts to Pity
Overlooked the first tape, a regrettable decision, but I did hear some tracks on youtube which were decent. I have to say this CD is a giant step up in terms of sound and ferocity. Vocals are a real stand out, too. Recommended pick up.


Quote from: FallOfNature on February 10, 2023, 01:26:13 PM
Pain Appendix grows from release to release, and continues to plow on like a battering ram.

Yea, Pete's definitely getting better and better

Fistfuck Masonanie

Skin Crime – A Soul Eaten By Darkness c60 (Hospital Productions)

Side A

Very slow-moving development. Sinister presence dwells in the dark. Five minutes of undulating bass frequencies. Very low rumbles. Some movement starts to develop, like a heartbeat... You can feel a presence but can't see it. Haunting frequencies ebb in and out of the ether.

13-15 minutes in and the layers start to build. More frequencies start to percolate. Feedback starts to rear its head. Subtle. Chatter builds. Anxiety rises.

20 minutes, the heartbeat of the beast grows in speed, volume, and strength. Chatter grows stronger. Anxiety continues to build, but to what end? Breathing, and low muffled rumbles of thunder in the distance? Could this be the end of the panic attack? We fade out.

Side B

Pulsing undertones. False sense of calm if you didn't know there was always something malevolent waiting for you. Right before the 5-minute mark, percussive rumbles and scraping develop. The beast returns from the corner of consciousness... Synth-like tones ebb in and out.

Halfway through and other dimensional chatter develops. Something else is here with us. 20-minute mark and the mood alleviates... The malevolent beings have left or turned their attention elsewhere. Is this a false sense of comfort? Are we truly safe?

I'm not sure if this release has some sort of literal reference like some of the other recent releases have. However, A Soul Eaten By Darkness unravels like a story. Very literary or even cinematic.

An extremely subtle but haunting affair. A slowly developed but detailed audio horror presented in two parts.

Nothing compares to modern Skin Crime. All Hail Skin Crime!

Bloated Slutbag

Incapacitants - Oxen Man's Uneasiness
Weird as fuck, by Incaps standards (which on some level prolly ain't sayin shit), I'd say at least 70-30 on the Mikawa end of the properly studio'd duo dispatched in the first three studies in dis ease, think Zouvrenee but in German. Track 4 counters with a twenty minute live attempt at restoring harshass integrity, basking in the afterglower of an unrepentantly cosmic Incapacitant, or two, buried bowels deep in some righteous turd-burgle-ya, flatulating up some fairly hefty o zone-depleted nose-hole penetralia type o zone. Said penetralia could be unimaginatively imagined as persuasively paired with, say, Savage Gospel, thus to huff the chuffed aftergusts of a Hasegawa, or three, willfully rocket shrining up a tempest. Will be getting a fair bit o replay as the ol' 'holes work to worm their way 'round the (relative) un-easiness of the studio splooge.

T. Mikawa - Cloud Carpet Bombing
Via No Beat Shit, Mr Hamilton/keraunograph recently talked up, in the most enthused of terms, the latest T. Mikawa solo joint, prompting me to immediately snap one up, so contagious certain gradations of enthusement would you not say. So here's me, now, having listened all of once or so and uh no surprises given the recent direction, supreme laser noise up the hidey hole, sounding nothing like anyone else, or shall we say blissfully unencumbered by concerns for where noise is supposed to be coming or going, at least from anyone not named T. Mikawa.

But that bliss, says me, is contagious. There were indications of this direction as early as Gyo-Kai Elegy, which was much praised at the time (and I believe is still). But once the mania set in, for the long haul, enthusiasms were noticeably dimmed, at least in some quarters, at least when these sorts of blissfully synthetic heresies were attached to Incapacitants. However, no less were there indications, particularly in Bloody, Innocent And Strategic (the last full length proper, circa 2014), of a profound desire to razor that blissfully innocent smile straight off your fucking face, and replace it with one much wider, redder.

I've sometimes suggested that on some level Mikawa, especially the later era Mikawa, may be very consciously picking up shards of fragments of where Monde Bruits left off. But, like, pissin hard. I'm willing to entertain the suggestion even more, at least today. Perhaps even more than the studio tracks in I, Noise, the earholes might legitimately reconfigure impressions of the intensely infested city of writhing synthetic zipper-wyrms as hyperdriven Psychosomatic Performance, better still hyperspasmic spirals of the Selected Noise Works, spastic, maybe, spasmic, certainly, stripping back sensibility, sensory debility, pissin harrderr, spiraling razors up the hidey hole, spearing smearing spiraling squealy-mouthed piggypeaks, up up and away through tubular glassy-smooth chambers of zzzzziiiip yeeeOWch jeezus mother of

cosmic zipper trauma.
Someone weaker than you should beat you and brag
And take you for a drag