Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.

Started by GEWALTMONOPOL, December 29, 2009, 06:31:05 PM

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Watched DRIVE again. This time on a proper tv but I still feel the same way. The lead actor looks like he should be in a movie about going to the high school prom. Not a tough guy/criminal role.  Definitely has a few really good violent scenes but it'd be more worthwhile to watch the film DRIVE is influenced by: THE DRIVER.



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American Psycho - never cared much for it. Few weeks ago happened to catch a small fragment again when it came from TV and suddenly I felt I actually need to see it again. Since it was already in middle of movie, I didn't watch further but got the 2nd hand dvd. At the same time a person living so distant life and so different values than I have, but at the same time something easy to relate to. Something in that actor what I don't quite like...

I like American Psycho for a lot of reasons but the best thing to me is when watching the new Batman movies with Christian Bale, I can only ever see him as Patrick Bateman, running down the hall naked with a chainsaw. If he did that in the Batman movies it would be brilliant!


Beyond the Black Rainbow

trailer 1 + website

trailer 2

has anyone seen this? I think it's only played at a few film festivals. It looks interesting to say the least. Supposedly coming out in the US on DVD this year.


Watched "The Wrestler" the other night. Good, better than anticipated. The "match" with Necrobutcher part way through was an interesting/strange but welcome inclusion. Not outstanding but a decent enough watch.


That first trailer for BLACK RAINBOW just looks like a crappy music video. Never heard of the film before...

Watched POINT BLANK the other night. It's a French action film that is nothing special. Not bad or anything,just average & easily forgotten.


THE DEAD- if it wasn't bad enough just being in Africa dealing with all the parasites, HIV, dismemberment, rape, starvation, etc., now they have zombies! Most of the gore is pretty good but it's not anything all that great. Esp not worth owning. American teams up w/an African  soldier; I kept expecting a scene inwhich they're killing zombies & the Am accidently kills his soldier buddy & says "Sorry, you guys all look alike".

Human Larvae

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Finally, a REAL feel good movie, "God Bless America"

looks awesome! too bad the trailers are usually better than the movies, as was the case with super, shut up crime! man that was a weird movie. But cool none the less


Tyrannosaur - fucking class. So very British but fucking great for it, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great characterisation, great pace, pretty solid story, nice twist, decent cast.


winters bone

havent been watching a lot of movies lately so Ive not been oversaturated with stuff.

winters bone was good and drive was really good. some artsy bits in drive that seems to be  important to renfjÀld but it held together really well.

I have bronx warriors and new barbarians waiting, well see when I get to them.


Hang Em High
first Eastwood's USA made western. Simply yet effective story of old school american justice. It's good stuff. Ugly, sweaty and pretty hopeless.

To Live And Die In L.A.
always classic? Certainly mandatory mid 80's hard cop movie. Very rarely the main characters of story get such destiny in modern movies! Ugly and nihilistic but has all the charm of good movies of the time.

Dead Presidents
Bronx late 60's. Negroes fooling around, joining army for vietnam, returning to fucked up reality of life where possibilities are minimal. End up in robbery that doesn't go like planned. In same ways as movie(s) above, role of the main character or his friends is just something what rarely happen these days in movies. I also like the quick jumps of movie. Without further explanations, it might just cut in end of scene and move on months or years forward. But no contemporary trendy back-and-forth jumping, but story goes forward. Some great dialogue around severed head in vietnamese jungle.

Think of Dead Presidents 2012 and it would be maybe Will Smith and whoever with fancy sport cars and hip hop bitches with boob jobs shaking ass on side of every film frame. Luckily there is tons of great old films to see with minimal prices. Every market cluttered with new or 2nd hand dvd's!
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ive been enjoying boardwalk empire. watching one episode a week like a fool. I definetly enjoy marathoning through series more but I what can you do.

the guy who plays jimmy darmondy made an appearance in a documentary about larry clarke by cornering larry in some party looking really strungout and pestering him about getting him work. I didnt think his career would end up taking this turn as hes doing a great job in boardwalk. cant remember what clarke film he was in.


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Snowtown (2011) - Brilliant, Bleak and horrific...great movie from the land down under, get the girlfriend over and pop open some brews on a sunday afternoon...essential viewing...

Saw this yesterday and can only echo the high praise and recommendations for this evisceration of a film, though I'm not sure whether I left the cinema feeling tougher or weaker for having made it to the end...

I watched last night and, having seen this kind of opinion echoing around a number of locations I am a little bemused. It was a very good film and I enjoyed it very much but hardly the endurance test some critiques would lead you to believe. Other than the bathroom/toenail/choking scene, it seemed quite "standard" to me. That's not to discredit it though; it was pretty well paced although I think it expects the viewer to make certain assumptions along the way.

Performance wise it's pretty top notch and as a representation of suburban dissent and moral dissolution it's convincing enough to grip for two hours but I am cynical as to whether, had it been a work of fiction, it would have ruffled feathers so much? Perhaps the knowledge that it is a true story (or at least, based on one... I don't know how closely) is a little too much for some people.