Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.

Started by GEWALTMONOPOL, December 29, 2009, 06:31:05 PM

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has anyone seen Shame? looking forward to it, Hunger was a great debut.


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has anyone seen Shame? looking forward to it, Hunger was a great debut.

Actually saw this with my girlfriend on Valentines day - talk about inappropriate. A really heavy moral tone throughout it, almost puritanical. Intrusive cliched score which especially ruins the opening sequence. One part in which our hero is supposed to be hitting rock-bottom as he enters a gay bathhouse one coke-fuelled night only provoked the giggles - just corny. Despite these drawbacks a pretty interesting and thought-provoking film with the unstable sister character being the most memorable. Most of the sex scenes are completely unerotic - the exception being a fucking hot scenario where the hero can't get it up.


Romanian kids fighting/begging/huffing paint in the Bucharest subway system. Been a while since I had seen this one, forgot how fucked up it is. Love the scene where the bull dyke repeatedly hits the retarded guy pushing a cart and he keeps screaming. The gypsies looking girl "Macarena" wandering the street with the most vacant stare and silver paint all around he lips. Most of the kids have that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome look and the impulsivity/inattention that goes along with it. Worthwhile watch.


Saw The Wizard of Gore last night with the star Ray Sager in attendance.  Real animal guts are so superior!


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Snowtown (2011) - Brilliant, Bleak and horrific...great movie from the land down under, get the girlfriend over and pop open some brews on a sunday afternoon...essential viewing...

Saw this yesterday and can only echo the high praise and recommendations for this evisceration of a film, though I'm not sure whether I left the cinema feeling tougher or weaker for having made it to the end...

I watched last night and, having seen this kind of opinion echoing around a number of locations I am a little bemused. It was a very good film and I enjoyed it very much but hardly the endurance test some critiques would lead you to believe. Other than the bathroom/toenail/choking scene, it seemed quite "standard" to me. That's not to discredit it though; it was pretty well paced although I think it expects the viewer to make certain assumptions along the way.

Performance wise it's pretty top notch and as a representation of suburban dissent and moral dissolution it's convincing enough to grip for two hours but I am cynical as to whether, had it been a work of fiction, it would have ruffled feathers so much? Perhaps the knowledge that it is a true story (or at least, based on one... I don't know how closely) is a little too much for some people.

I thought it was great front to back and still hold it as the best 2011 movie I've seen. I don't know about anyone else but I had no idea it was based on a true story until the end when it said "based on a true story", and before that popped up I still thought it was a phenomenal movie.
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Any Swedes here seen the recent film Play?

Still haven't seen it but it got lots of attention in Sweden the last couple of months. (My girlfriend was actually an extra in it, though im not sure if she actually ended up in the finalized film..)

Desperate Man Blues
Nice 60-minute documentary about a guys obsession with collecting 78rpms, door-to-door style. A fun hour for sure! Pretty good complement to Vinyl I would say.

Also got to see preview screenings of Wuthering Heights and The Artist at the cinema last week, but nothing too exciting. The Artist was fun and worked pretty well for the moment, but not sure if I would recommend it really.


RABIES- horror from Israel. Make it a dbl-feature with HELL'S GROUND from Pakistan (H.G. is better). Not a good movie but I learned there are woods in Israel. Always thought the place was all desert. Unless it was filmed elsewhere; didn't see anything in the credits listed as a location.

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Can anyone recommend some decent psycho-sexual/body horror films? Fairly familiar with Cronenberg etc but some lesser-known titles would be great. Especially ones that have weird, inexplicable plot/character twists that don't really make sense, but still make the imagination go wild...

This description remind me of Tsukamoto "A snake of june". Maybe do you know this movie?


certainly A Snake Of June!
or his Gemini....not that 'body' but has some great twisted relationships

certainly check Organ .....

rather psycho-sexual :

btw, looks like Cronenberg is going oldschool



One of my all time favorite films. I watched it when I was 12-13 or so, scared the shit out of me.


PRIVATE PARTS is one of my fave films. I remember getting a vhs dub & was blown away by the see-through sexdoll/syringe scene. That film was PG when it was released in theaters. I have a pressbook for it also.

Turner Classic Movies is running HORROR EXPRESS late tonight. Can't wait to see it again & I keep slacking on picking up the dvd release.


BEAUFORT - Israeli soldiers under constanst bombardment in their compound during the dying days of their occupation of Lebanon. No heroics, no action, just sudden and unexpected death in an increasingly claustrophobic environment.

LEBANON - An Israeli tank crew during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. We stay inside a dirty tank with food remnants and other minging shit dripping off the walls and ceiling. Any outside view is through the gunners sight. The only outside contact is the scary commander who occasionally sticks his head through the turret when ordering them to do horrible things. The violence is ugly and actually disturbing. I mentioned Beaufort being claustrophobic. Compared to Lebanon Beaufort is a walk in the park.

I have seen three Israeli war films now. The third one being Waltz With Bashir. All three are outstanding. The Israeli's certainly know how to make good war films. They of course have no shortage of experience to draw inspiration from.
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and the good thing about all these three movies are not "propaganda" oriented. I wonder which was the reaction to them in Israel.

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One of my all time favorite films. I watched it when I was 12-13 or so, scared the shit out of me.

Bought it by chance on DVD with GHOST IN THE SHELL and kept rewatching it due to the broken logic (even after numerous viewings it still can't quite be worked out), great soundtrack (especially the songs by CHAM!), wonderful animation and amazing violent/sexual content. Had already seen GITS before but never even bothered watching that DVD after seeing this, haha! I'm a total merchandise nerd/otaku for this film, ironically - got the soundtrack, Manga quad poster, French poster, Japanese laserdiscs, the limited edition Japanese DVD with book, 35mm stills, some animation cels, promo pictures... needless to say, PERFECT BLUE is most likely my all time favorite film. Not quite sure why but it really hit a personal, stimulating nerve for me when I saw it maybe 10 years ago. Films like those are few and far between.

Agreed, Perfect Blue is one of my all time favorites. I must say I'm jealous of your related merch collection, especially the laserdiscs. My laserdisc collection is one of my most loved possessions. Especially my Japanese version of Blade Runner (Director's Cut) and Eraserhead.


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and the good thing about all these three movies are not "propaganda" oriented. I wonder which was the reaction to them in Israel.

I think the shit hit the fan over Lebanon. It was a box office smash but very controversial in The Holy Land. Bashir, from what little I've checked was mostly criticised by Western leftwingers for allegedly selling an apologist angle to Sabra and Shatila etc. Typical lefty fags to try and project their guilt on the extremely sad and personal story told in Waltz With Bashir.
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