The Sound Of The Emptiness

If you ever considered how absolute emptiness would sound or how land, air and distant electronic resonant would manifest itself if humans left the planet, you have Tautologia – No Festival Of light.

Stalkers sound manifestation of field recordings and presentation of something that is no longer there. Our footprint that managed to charge the electricity towards the Matrix like proportion an error. Leftovers of hurting battlefield of civilisation that consumed itself. The doomed millennia.

I would recommend listening to this beast of existentialism on the balcony, on the train or outside where you can absorb us, cockroach like animals in their urban jungle torturing each other with unnecessary desires and verbal contact that is hugely overrated.

To me, still movie like a masterpiece of a concoction. Somewhere lost childhood, somewhere bare electric wires. Gasping for air post revolutionary beasts. Our obsession of being fly on the wall and desire to control our environment through technologic advances finely kicked off.

Track one “Tauto” is a road to manifestation of the beast. And how can’t we survive our own infestation if not with cheap thrills and cheap drugs that should accompany it? The sudden twist towards a dulled over militaristic beat and distortion destroyed vocal give us the impression of the robotic army that would follow the fall. It’s everything from Solaris to Neo’s dreams in The Matrix.

Track two “Logia” hits you in the pulse, the underwater echoes and stillness that interrupts itself with muttered voices and rising electric currents. The screams and panic. I don’t see this album having a positive aftereffect. The call for arms and resistance and in my mind anarchistic hopes is just a call for war that may not ever pass. It seems Logia is a cruel divine mistress.

If I pick my mind from the trans state I could say that this is a masterful, deeply philosophical pease of creation. From Salt’s artwork and usage or brail for title to clear research and in-depth understanding of theory of logic. A masterful way to connect not only extremely different and brilliant loops, samples and go from drones to white noise, but also connection the dots between the hidden, obvious, nihilistic and sarcastic.

Listening to this tremendous piece I yet again became certain that minimalism in sound and solid philosophy is much stronger then unnecessary “talk”. Talent is strong! One can only be thankful that this gem was so beautifully carried by Raubbau Records.

Rabbau label
available at ant-zen distribution


Review by Sonia Dietrich