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QuoteLets do pets discussion in "culture" if such discussion is worth having ;)

So, here we go. However, this is an animals discussion, not simply a pets discussion. Naming it a "pets" discussion would imply that most posters here enjoy/appreciate/possibly own domesticated animals, but it seems to me that there are many who don't.


We have a lovely pussy cat Sidney who is better company than most human beings or a child - very sensitive, thoughtful, loving and intelligent creature he seems. Of course, if complete civil collapse comes I'd eat him in ruthless desperation if need be.

Always loved cats in particular and being around animals in general, yet have been carnivore for most of my life from sheer laziness. I'm blaming these genetic inheritances in my teeth.


We have a cat whom we love dearly although she's not too social, probably because she was a stray cat before we took her in and was one at the time. While we don't know anything about that one year, it's quite possible she was a stray from birth and therefore wasn't used to humans. She isn't feral or anything but doesn't like being cuddled for too long. She'll bite too, but rarely and not powerfully so it doesn't hurt. All in all, we love her and she's the cutest cat I've ever seen (granted, I never owned a pet before and hadn't seen many cats in real life). She doesn't seem to mind the music I play either.

I eat meat for two reasons: humans have evolved eating meat and therefore it's natural for us. That said, I understand the ethical reasons for abstaining from meat and that nowadays you can have supplements which make it possible to have all the necessary nutrients in your diet if you're a vegetarian/vegan. I've thought about stopping eating meat but am too lazy to organize my diet without meat (as it would be a hassle compared to how it is now). It's a pretty terrible excuse, I know.

I would never hurt an animal for fun, artistic reasons, ritual reasons etc. While that's better behaviour than typical of many people, again I can't claim to be morally superior really: I'm aware those animals I eat are being treated cruelly during their life and in slaughterhouses. I'm also not a follower of Jainism so I don't walk with sweeping the ground in front of me and don't have a cloth in front of my mouth so as to prevent small bugs and other life forms from being stepped on or inhaled. It is extreme to do this sort of thing but I think it raises an interesting point of to what length one can go in trying to prevent harm to life.
It'd be interesting to read about the treatment of animals (especially domesticated ones) throughout history. I've read that Leonardo Da Vinci was abhorred by how people in his time treated horses, oxen etc. but beating them senseless so as to force maximum performance out of them was the custom. Also, in the 19th century a Protestant vicar tried finding passages in the Bible about treating animals kindly but he couldn't find any, therefore he couldn't justify such behaviour to his congregation who held that it was God's will that animals should serve humans.
Regarding cats, it's interesting how wildly attitudes towards them changed in history: in ancient Egypt they were basically sacred animals and even during the Roman conquest there was a case when a Roman soldier accidentally ran over a cat with his chariot and killed it and the people present got so enraged that they lynched him... Fast forward a thousand years to Europe to the Middle Ages and people were burning them since they were believed to be associated with Satan.

Bleak Existence

used to own 2 alaskan husky 3 years ago but no other choice to give them because i moved in a apt and it no place for dogs like them here i still think about them often


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but I plan to go Elk hunting this year, in order to learn the related skills in preparing meat/hide

what did you have in mind? braintanning or some highthech bs. you can also use specific woodbark or vegetables in tanning hides/furs.

field dressing  and cleaning fish are things everybody should know a little about. there are other meats than the minced kind and I think bigboys and girls should be able to handle them.

I have cats and I dont let them go outside by themselves, sometimes on a leash but no solos.
I bring them moths and such to kill and play around with, seems like thats enough. birds and squirrels can fight with each other.

oh and I think I mentioned it somewhere here earlier but Im a fullfledged naturefag.


I like most animals, I am scared of spiders and some dogs (others I really like)...

I have owned dogs, cats, gerbils, rats, turtles, gold fishes, beetles, praying mantis, sea monkey, triops.
I used to hate pandas, but now I find them funny.

I am amazed by many things animals do, especially I am very into reptiles, insects and weird beings populating the ocean... From sharks to, octopus, to the creatures of the deep.
I would love to have an aquarium, but it is time consuming and expensive.

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andy mentioned some seemingly extreme thoughts in the other thread and  I for one completelly understand his viewpoint. australia is good example of pets completelly fucking up the ecosystem. rabbit infestation, cats and dogs killing massive amounts( I believe even close to extinction) of native animals.

aborginals had dogs but they never fed them, this means they hunted their own food and that they had their own niche in the system. a little different than pets killing everything in sight and still getting food at home.


My dislike for pets is merely related just to people who have them - who shouldn't.

For example good decision of Bleak Existence to give away Husky dogs as they don't belong to city apartment isn't obvious to everybody... They just want the dog, despite lacking possibility of understanding what it requires.
When man or animal is so alienated from reality that there are some tarts with their trimmed & genetically ill rat like dogs carried in purse, it's quite horrid sight. Or the lazy thugs with some sort of hunting dogs in city what they barely take outdoors.

Recent surprising incident was that one cat brought living rabbit as trophy to my backyard. It was the size of cat, but the experienced hunter cat wasn't bothered by challenge but carried it all the way to me, from nearby forest.
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I have been planning on taking a cat for years but I have the same dilemma Mikko already pointed out. I'm not around all the time so it wouldn't be right for the poor little kitty. I definitely don't hate pets (or animals in general) and I think people need to realize it's up to them whether their pets learn how to behave or not. One instance that I witnessed just a while back was a lady with rather big German Shepherd and yes, she was training it she was far too raw on the poor thing. I was about to step in but like a coward I decided not to intervene. I was quite mad though.

I remember this little incident... I was hiking in the mountains of Lapland couple of years back and experienced one of the finest things of my life in one of the most awkward situations of my life. I had just finished eating and felt like I'm going to shit my pants. I then rushed to the nearby peak behind the rock to take a dump of my life just to find a mother-reindeer washing her young calf just meters away from me on a nearby pond. For a while they didn't notice me but when they did, they didn't run away but approached me. There I was taking one of the most burning diarrheas of my life in the middle of such a unique situation. I find it both funny and memorable.


Quote from: Bleak Existence on June 19, 2013, 06:16:49 AM
used to own 2 alaskan husky 3 years ago but no other choice to give them because i moved in a apt and it no place for dogs like them here i still think about them often

That's really sad but also very responsible of you. I knew a family that had a large husky which they constantly, due to it being a bit "jumpy" and wild around guests, locked up in the cellar all the time and hardly ever walked out, since it was allowed to roam free in their tiny garden. It drove that animal completely nuts, it broke out one day and ran through the fields tearing up sheep until some farmer shot it. It's a crime to keep any dog locked up and never walk it out, but with huskies it's even worse than usual. Wind dogs will just start running around in the flat, jumping over tables and breaking stuff if you don't provide them with opportunities to get their needed excersize, but huskies seem to get really depressed and sick in a way. At least according to the stories I've heard and experiences I've made. I absolutely hate it when people buy dogs (and animals in general) and then don't take care of them. That's the same type of asshole that breeds thousands of kids and doesn't educate and raise them properly. Animals are not toys that one can discard when one gets bored with them.

I've had my dog for a bit more than a year, he's a mixture between English Pointer and some other breed, maybe German Shepherd. Unfortunately, there are no documents. Lovely dog with a great personality. Since there's a good deal of nice routes with lots of grass, hills etc where I live, going on walks with him is no problem at all. He's good with two or three bigger walks a day and mostly lies around on the couch the rest of the time, so not as demanding as a husky would be, heh.

Before that, I had some rodents, for example a specific kind of desert mouse that learnt how to jump into the air about 20 inches high. Very weird animal, but definitely more fun than the gerbils I had after that.

Andrew McIntosh

Kettu makes a valid point about introduced animals. The introduction of rats, cats, dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, camels (apparently this is the only country in the world with wild camels, so I've read) and so on was just a part of the whole European incursion into this nation, which is a wider and different subject. The aboriginal people, arriving from the North many thousands of years ago, hunted many species of Australian prehistoric mega-fauna to extinction before my noble ancestors arrived, and promptly found themselves considered fauna (until a referendum in the Sixties decided to legally declare them human beings) and the subject of many hunts themselves. Disgusting species, aren't we? Surely bow-wows and kitty-cats are so much nicer.

But that was not my impetus. I'm closer to Mikko's and others' points about pets as vanity items. I've tended to see pets as pretty much extensions of their owners frail egos. I honestly don't understand, or want to understand, the whole companionship thing. People just seem to aquire them as they aquire other things to own. The fact that pounds are stuffed with unwanted wretches in need of extermination, not to mention the proliferation of ferals, is something else pets "bring to the table", Mr Marx. I had, for years, a neighbour with four dogs in a tiny yard right next to my bedroom - no need to elaborate how easily I slept during that time. They were never walked, once. When they moved, three of the animals had to be put down due to their owners' hopeless incompetence. The neighbour after that - a worthless bogan single mum with an equally worthless teenage daughter who's parties finally, and thankfully, obliged me to move to a better area - had, for a short time, a dog, who burrowed it's way out of the yard and attempted to find it's way back to the rural area it came from. She never saw it again. Companionship my cock, people just aquire pets out of habit, or out of fetishism. By the way, ever hear the story of the old lady who was eaten by her cats when she dropped dead at home?

Vegitarianism/veganism has its benefits, no doubt, but as an ethic, it's bullshit. I was vegan for a while, back when I thought it was possible to "make the world a better place" (ie, make it more into something I liked). But one day I just gave into the craving for chicken and haven't looked back since. Currently I want to enjoy as much red meat as possible before it becomes something only the super rich can have - whether I die in a gutter or in a nursing home bed, I don't want to look back and bemoan the pleasures I denied myself out of simple ethical stupidity.

Animals are pretty fucked, when you look at them. Ducks, for example - the evolution of their genitals is based on rape. Corkscrew cunts to attempt to outwit corkscrew cocks. Seen that legendary video of the duck raping a male duck corpse? Aren't they cute? And wasn't it the baboons who go to war with each other to claim females from each others' tribes? Some ape, anyway.

Human attitude to animals is fraught with hypocrisy and denial. Here in Australia, there was a public reaction against the Japanese whaling. From the same nation that once prided itself on "riding on the sheeps' back". How many more examples can come to your mind? I hope I get to taste whale meat before I die.

The more I think of it, the more I realise that organic life, from microbe to ourselves, is just FOOD. I keep the nick-name "wormfood" on my email as a reminder of what Shakespeare had Hamlet tell us -
"Your worm is your only emperor for diet. We fat all creatures else to fat us, and we fat ourselves for maggots. Your fat king and your lean beggar is but variable service—two dishes, but to one table. That's the end."
  When people like Boyd Rice and others go on about "predator and prey", they don't seem to mention the why - that is, it's all about getting something to eat. Organic life, as a whole, consumes and defecates itself, plant and animal, in an eternal orgy of eating. It doesn't matter a jot if we all still lived in tiny villages and spent all day tracking down wild cows, or mass produced the things in modern factory farms - we eat, and that's all there is to it.
  We are the predator, we are the prey. We are the fodder, we are the feces.

  Oh, and those of you I offended with my last post? Get fucked.
Shikata ga nai.


I've always grown up around a lot of animals, and enjoy being around nature quite a bit.

I got a 7 year old Australian Cattle Dog (mix?) named Loki. While I was living in Dallas we had two cats (one who my girlfriend found in NYC, the other I found there), the cat I found in Dallas really improved our quality of life. We had major fucking bug problems, our house was quite fucked structurally and we had no shortage of roaches, centipedes, flies, you name it. After Kali moved in we never saw any living bug again, so that was killer.

My girl moved to LA to be with her family, and took the cats, I moved back to Detroit and am crashing at my moms for a while (my friends tried to urge me to come to Chicago, but i'm not going to ditch my dog. fuck that, and fuck Chicago anyway). So now I'm here and she's got a 8 month Coon/Blood Hound Puppy that is fucking huge, 68 pounds, supposed to get 20 more pounds before she is fully grown. That dog and Loki probably spar like 5 hours a day. Cool to watch. We also have two cats here, one I snagged from some fucking morons in Chicago back in Oct. of 08, she's 18 now, got no teeth and a crooked spine but otherwise seems alright. The other cat is under a year, followed my brother home from a dope spot (Kitten walked like 4 miles).

I'm a big proponent of rescuing, especially adopting older animals since they are far more likely to be put down. Fucking sick of people who get a dog like it's some sort of fucking fashion accessory. Strongly opposed to cruelty, dog fighting, vivisections, torture etc...I'm not a vegetarian but I flirt with the idea largely due to the fact that I feel the meat industry in the US really mishandles our food, as well as subjects the employees and animals to unfair conditions. Never been hunting, but I'm not opposed (don't believe in hunting anything purely for game, and am completely against safari, wolf hunting etc), but i'd be down with bagging some birds or deer. Gotta love venison. Haven't been fishing in a long time but i might have to do that sometime soon, my friend moved to NC for a while and fly fished couple times a week. She really loved it. And who doesn't love fresh fish?

Also love nature quite a bit, my friends aren't really down on camping. which is unfortunate. but I seem to come across a fair amount of it even in the city. We had a family of Owls in our backyard last year in Dallas, really fucking cool. They'd sit on the low hanging branches and look into the bedroom window as we stared back out. Used to go feed the deer and stray dogs with my grandmother when I was a kid, before the city locked all the deer in the abandon zoo. And even though Detroit gets this major bad rap as a neglected city I always thought it was cool and super beautiful to watch nature overtake the industrial wasteland we created. We used to hang out in abandon buildings and watch the packs of wild dogs move from building to building as we sat on the roofs.


I like animals because the do funny things or because they are mean.
As exactly many other things in my life I don't think too much about it.

One thing for sure is that I would have animals at my place only if I could offer at least a little of presence... having pets just to keep them as a commodity sucks for them and creates disfunctional behaviours that can become annoying.

Some animals are done to stay at home even in a big town, others are not... and that's about it...

But when I think about animals I REALLY like, they cannot be managed at home...

in no particular order:

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Jaakko V.

Quote from: bitewerksMTB on June 19, 2013, 07:24:59 PMTed Nugent's ranch  isn't far from Waco & he has a bunch of exotic species. I'd love to befriend that lunatic!

Oh yeah! I'd love to go hunting with him as well.


too bad I live in shitty ass soviet finlad with all these bullshit rules or otherwise I would get a pethyena, one of my favourite animals.

id love it, pet it, feed it bones and litte children and it could pull my work trolly.

never had a dog but I think I have to get one at some point. skijoring is where its at. cats are too skinny and disorganized for it.