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Had some old Hippycrack tapes I was gonna listen to, a demo and a rehearsal material tape but they were both either dubbed with extremely volume or they both are broken the same way. But they were pretty much unlistenable. Shame.

Skin Graft - "Drug Addict" tape
I had a memory of this tape being a rather good one, and it certainly is. Especially like the side (no side markings mind you) that starts with water sloshing around, omnious low synth humming in the background. Just this really dirty atmosphere that reminds me of sewer water. Kind of like Mania, but way more rugged and lo-fi sound. Overall really good tape.

Being - "Hunters Fingers" tape
Mega saturated in distortion, sometimes completely blown out. Crackles and pauses. B-side was the strong side for sure, more diversity and oomph to it, there was a red line to follow.

Keränen - "As Below So Above" tape
Keränen live tape that has two gigs from the very different settings. A-side is played in the EST bunker with known hooligans present, excellent powerful sound! Known noise hooligans being extremely enthusiastic about the gig, you can just hear it. And I don't blame them! Keränen is ripping the fuck out of his noise gear, I'd be going a bit nuts myself. Love it how at the end of the set people are begging for MORE so they got a short burst of "encore" where crowd sounds like being in a noise ecstasy, haha!

Second gig takes place in a whole different venue. Keränen operates smoothly in noise thug dungeons and academic concert halls, such as this; Helsinki Music Centre. Sound is much more spacious, naturally. And also much more striking on high and mid tones. Precise noise attack on a somewhat unsuspecting crowd I'd assume,at the end there is a pause and then clapping, like at a real concert, not screaming their lungs out like on the a-side gig, haha. Very good counterpart for the a-side in your face sound gig, more refined sound and very powerful set on it's own way. Really damn good live tape!


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Mania - "Insidious and Alone" tape
Mania - "Decript" tape
Everyone knows Mania was good, and still is. I really love this type of Mania, dirty atmosphere, with interesting samples of walking, operating things and such. With crisp production and really maniac vocal work. Just a real pleasure to listen to, the untreated metal work, with amplified metal work and other sounds blending together perfectly, and the sound has proper amount of punch to it. There was none other like Keith with this kind of stuff.

There was talk with Keith that all FA tapes would be collected to one CD, after the "Raw nerves... " CD was done. Still feeling a bit strange about reissues, even if he did give the permission to do so in future.

Well, I hope that this cd might happen one day.  Those tapes are some of my personal favorites of his recordings (and noise in general).

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Today I was listening online to Macronympha ‎– Grind. Never heard this before, what a total ripper. Exactly the type of harsh noise I like + perfectly executed and mixed. Tape from 95 now re-issued on cd. Any EU distros stocking this?


I've had several loads come and go at WCN. I have one final shipment on the way.
Harsh Noise label and EU based distro of American Imports


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I've had several loads come and go at WCN. I have one final shipment on the way.

It's been a mega-seller over here, too. I think I'm down to my last one yet again.
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Skin Graft - "Drug Addict" tape
I had a memory of this tape being a rather good one, and it certainly is. Especially like the side (no side markings mind you) that starts with water sloshing around, omnious low synth humming in the background. Just this really dirty atmosphere that reminds me of sewer water. Kind of like Mania, but way more rugged and lo-fi sound. Overall really good tape.

Got a new tapedeck recently and that Skin Graft was the first tape I played. Excellent atmosphere indeed, nice choice of sounds, super raw atmosphere.

impulse manslaughter

Quote from: WCN on December 16, 2021, 11:41:11 PM
I've had several loads come and go at WCN. I have one final shipment on the way.

I totally missed this and saw it was sold out on your site. Will try to import a few copies myself or order one from you when the next batch arrives. Thanks for the update.


Fullmoon - "United Aryan Evil" cd
Polishh black metal, and an absolute classic in that genre. Been listening to a shitty mp3 rip for many years and now getting a proper and well 'mastered' version, it is a pleasure to listen to. Crude production as one might expect, but it also has moments when these really 'beautiful' and 'frail' melodies are dug up from the mash. Epic lenght titled track offers many moods, but rest of the songs do not pale in comparison. Essential for anyone who is into black metal.

Genocide Organ - "Mind Control" cd
What hasn't been said about this? Classic release that took some time for me to fully seep into my mind. Since I got this cd I've been listening to it a lot, Hail America is of course very familiar track from "Remember", so cool to listen to the original album version. Overall the sound is fantastic on this, the shitty rips online do absolutely no justice to this. Digipack re-release has very simple layout, works really nicely. Don't know how much original releases had artworks etc though.

Hal Hutchinson - "Cold Industrial Experience" cd
Funnily enough, I reckon this cd has a lot similarities soundwise with older Genocide Organ material, it is only missing vocals. But neverthless this is a solid album, lenght is just perfect too. I didn't get that much 'cold' vibes from this though, I found the sound to be quite warm with that nice tape distortion type overdrive, and damn do I love that sound. High recommendations.

Eigen Bast

UAE is such a beast of a record

Kataxu - Ancestral Mysteries - CD - 2021 - Wolfspell Records
While not reaching the heights of "Roots Thunder" or "Hunger of Elements", you get 6 tracks of symphonic BM + interludes lodged somewhere between Darkspace and Emperor. Layering so many elements works against the record as it softens the overall edge; what should be triumphant ends up muddy and dark. It doesn't help there's so much "filler" on here, including a way too long spoken word interlude about like, fascists in space. A bit of a disappointment but shouldn't be too alienating to fans of previous Kataxu releases.  I do highly recommend the "Beyond Time" record "Through the Vastness of the Universe"; ex Kataxu + Old Leshy band members doing something similar, with better results.

Vothana - Hành Động Bây Giờ, Tương Lai Đảm Bảo / Action Now, Assured Future - CS - 2021 - VWD
It's strange seeing Vothana achieving somewhat "mainstream" (for the underground) success given his history of smashing backstock after it leaks online. With this new attention you see an expansion and refinement of the "epic" sound Vothana has created. While the 2 records prior to this had a very "hot" production that was extremely fatiguing, this one smooths the edges a bit to great effect. Catchy, regal, triumphant, all those superlatives....the strongest Vothana of recent memory.

Grizelda - Self Titled - CD - 2021 - CW Productions
I have been a Grizelda fan for a long time now, having seen him perform under the "Nefaria" moniker a few times back when I lived in the PNW. Most recently, I saw him open for Cirrhus and it was just magnificent - heavy mid-tempo black metal that calls to mind some of the Polish greats. This album consists of 6 tracks and synth interludes, with an extremely heavy, almost martial industrial cadence. There's something baroque to the guitar playing; long riffs slowly unfurl over well done synth, while the computerized rhythm section provides a chilly militaristic cadence to the non-synth tracks. Very confident material with a unique voice; fans of either of the previously mentioned artists would find much to love here. Legit moving stuff - highest recommendation. Also noticed it was (superbly) mastered by Harald Mentor, which really elevates this to something special.

AKTI Records

Mama Baer - Asylum Lunaticum

Pretty intense sound art/industrial/noise album from sound and visual artist who seems to be part of the No!art movement. Sounds from forgotten and imaginery asylum. First time I`m hearing this stuff and Discogs says that some of her albums have been released by Malmlund Records, a finnish label that I`ve never heard of... And all of those Malmlund LP`s look really great. Would totally buy them, even only for their covers.


I recall 10 years ago, when getting the first demo tapes of UNCLEAN, that I liked it, but I also had feeling that it can be better, so I was not ready to "sign" it. Both of the demos are pretty good actually, and they didn't remain as demo tapes, but 1st demo came out as debut tape on F&V label and 2nd demo as tape on Untergeschoss.
I think I mentioned to him it made me think of some early days Consumer Electronics type of stuff. Just fierce simple electronic-noise, some songs with movie samples. Now on hindsight, it is a bit shame I turned down possibility to put these out since nowadays they feel like surviving test of time very nicely. Perhaps teaming up with those labels was good move for him anyways!
There just came out decent interview with Unclean on this podcast:

I don't see that they would have done other interviews with noise makers, but certainly would be doable. As good as Noisextra and WCN is, I don't think stuff like Unclean "fits" in the style, taste or goal of those podcasts. So perhaps there is still room for more!
In interview he talks how some people were not so happy how 2015 full length came out. I was one of them. By 2015, "Heavy Electronics" had been both blessed and plagued with so many releases that to get my attention, one needs more than synth tones. Even more advanced oscillations and modulations wouldn't do the trick, unless the texture, timbre and amplification is interesting.
I don't want to say classic "first demo is the best", haha, but I do hope that advanced song/composition/vocals he is able to do these days, the sound approach would get back to the gutter.  From interview, one can get snippets of various other releases.
First tape for screeching high pitch filth, 2nd tape for harsher, even noisier but thicker stuff. Later works have more heavier and "composed" approach.
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Some of this stuff I got the CD reissues too, but since I have the tapes, and tapes tend to sound a bit different that re-masters or digital files pressed on CD instead of dubbed loud on tape... they work well on tape too.
Sewer Election "sex death" double tape. On tape you obviously have 4 songs of harsh noise, duration probably same as the CD, that has just 3 songs, but sex tape probably just published as one piece? The harsh head rituals era of SE, totally guaranteed mayhemic blasting!

CCCC phantasmogoria tape on Endorphine factory. No idea when I bought this, but was quite shocking to see how much it is asked for these days at discogs. 1992 live recording of psychedelic but fierce noise from the cult band.

Karl Mayer "Colou(r)less" tape, on Vanilla records. I don't think I ever listened this before. It still had the 1600JPY price tag on it, probably bought it on one of trips to Japan when there was still lots of odd noise stuff available in tiny music stores. 60 minute tape is mix of sound collage, noise, experimental odd live "free rock" that is way to free form to be really called rock. Just using some common instruments. Most of the tape is abstract noisy experimental sound. It makes me think the almost mythical Love & Sincerity -project that had track on Come Again II comp that was clearly just sound collage made out of best moments of their tape. High pitched female screaming is one thing that makes me think L&S, but also overall vibe of the tape! Karl Mayer, that is actually full line-up Japanese band, seems to have one tape-ep besides this. Seems unlikely to get that, but this one probably needs to be listened more...!

After few comments here, had to dig this up, literally, from nasty pile of odd sized tapes...
There was moment in Custodian interview, where Descent magazine was mentioned when talking of metal & noise cross over. That magazine was done by O'Malley and Tyler of Ajna Offensive. Also Keith (taint) contributed couple things for it. I don't see Ajna mentioned so often, but he put out also good eccentric noise stuff. Taint CD being of them. He was one closer contact of Keith for very long time till the very end.
In interview wasn't mentioned O'Malleys Sarin project he did with Burning Witch vocalist, for Slaughter prod in 1996. It is good, not phenomenal, but I certainly prefer this over Sunn o))) stuff. This has more industrial noise vibes. Rotten synth/electric sounds, running tapes backwards, processed vocal/radiospeech noises turned into noise. Slowly mutating and slowly moving. Sounds more like guys trying out what could be done, than focused vision of album. Decent nevertheless.
It must have been almost 15 years ago when Sunn O))) was first time in Finland? Guy of Pain Nail was organizing it and I was at the gig. I was at the urinal, minding my own business, and Attila comes next to me, urinates, and says "Hello, I am Attila". It is possible someone mentioned who I was, instead introducing himself to random guy in toilet, but instead engaging into conversation like normal human being, I just said "Hello!", and nothing else, zipped up, and walked away... haha. What to say to guy who sings on De Mysteriis...?
During that night O'Malley came to me like 3 times. "Do you have drugs". "No". Then walked away. Soon to return and "So.. do you have drugs here?", "NO!". Third time he came to ask I was moderately annoyed, I don't have any drugs dammit..  And then he was like.. ehmm... "I mean LP's, DRUDKH!".  Haha.. At the time, I had put out first LP pressings of this new band called Drudkh, that he wanted to get.... Well, didn't have any of those either.
Sarin tape, actually much better than my earlier comments above may let you believe. Worth to grab if you see it available for fair price! A-side is very nice, b-side more hit & miss.
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Wince - "Traum" CD
What a weird harsh noise album. At first when I put this in my player I thought the CD was broken! Just this low hiss for minutes, but after checking from other sources I realised this is how it's supposed to be. Traum takes awhile to grow on you, first song is mostly mid volume hiss with subtle changes undernearth the textures, so to speak. Then it sort of explodes on your face suddenly. Luckily I did not have my speakers too loud at this point. Overall very challenging album for me, lenght is just perfect, 40 minutes. But this certainly needs some attention while listening, not an easy type of relentless noise blasting, but more like the sound is stalking the listener and taking no prisoners when the time comes.

Frame Rust - "s/t" CD
Frame Rust is Dassum and Harald Mentor, aka Umpio and Will Over Matter collab. CD takes best of both worlds, monotoneus electronics, broken sounding beeps and boops of Will Over Matter, and the grit and distortion of Umpio. And of course the fine production work of Umpio, that warm and sturdy sound. Artworks compliment the overall atmosphere, pictures of rusted mechanics and dusty circuit boards. High recommendations to anyone who is into either or both of their works. CD offers harsh blasts of Umpio style noise, passages of electronics oscillating in WOM style, and perfect mixture of both at times.


Gelsomina - "Cronenberg / Dead Music Live" CD
Christ, I had forgotten about the "Gelsomina sound" sound, it is painful to listen to! Very little of dynamics in it, no harsh low bottoms just this very high register "screeching", which after awhile really makes you feel uncomfortable, even hurt ears, haha! And I think that's great if sound can do that.  Just pure unconformity, no entertainment, no cool breakdowns, just this really torturing sound. Plus this is mastered very LOUD, not as bad as "Nostalghia" CD which blew my ears when I first listened to it back in the day, right outta gates pure onslaught. This CD has the 3 inch cd materials plus a live gig. Cronenberg material is familiar sound from Nostalghia, ear splitting tones, piercing sound, changes are there but subtle. In live setting I believe Gelsomina was very different, as we can hear here. More mid-range droning sounds with feedback, echoing scrap metal work and even some vocals. Maybe live gig sound was the reason for gradual shift from Gelsomina towards Sick Seed, just a guess.