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Gomikawa Fumio - The Rise and Fall of Gomikawa Fumio CD Hello from the Gutter 2020
Completely unhinged Japanese noise from this monster of a super group. I legit started laughing as soon as the noise started it; it's so fucking heavy!!! Huge low end, dynamic feedback piercing through, shredding vocals, non stop madness for 25+ minutes sans a few brief "track" breaks. Catching this live would have split my wig A++ pure psycho

Yes! I've been quite surprised at the lack of attention/interest around this. It so rough and ridiculous, I love it.

Flying under the radar is part of the project's MO, even before the Fumio got in on the action.
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Matar Dolores - The Great Transformation (C20, Archivio Diafonico): I really like this kind of stuff, but what genre is it? Don't know what to call it. I guess it's comparable to Mercury Hall. Short, but very good.

Utøya ‎– Lay Down And Rot (C40, Cipher Productions): Hmm, I remember Preying Upon Your Youth as well and it hasn't been that long since I listened to that tape, but I can't really say how both compare to each other. Perhaps this one is less harsh. Especially the B-side goes more into moody, calmer but dreary territory. Well crafted tape, but I'm afraid it doesn't really manage to make a specific impression rather than "this is good".


Am Not "The developing world" doesn´t probably need introductions, but this is the Am Not´s work which really fulgurated me when I earlier came across it 1-2 years ago. Martial and abrasive industrial / power electronics with a relentless, constant aggression of distorted synths and slabs of noise, very good structured and with a sick atmosphere. (Industrial / ambient)

Fistfuck Masonanie

Zyklon SS - The Demoralising Effects Of Noise c70 (Der Bunker)
"Two longer tracks of noise material inspired by early Macronympha and Streicher." from the label release notes.

Bought this tape probably 7 months ago or so but only got around to spinning it now. This plays a very nice kind of cross-pollination of noise and PE. There exists a good playful nature of synth with a mix of Hal's metal work woven together. This isn't cold and clinically sterile as most ZSS work and it is definitely a more noise-y and exploratory release than focused album for the project. However, the alchemy of sounds works very well here and definitely recommend grabbing it if you can find it.

OVMN - Amerika: Die Ewige Senkgrube CD (Self Abuse and Input Error)

I once saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson speak and to quickly and crudely paraphrase an interesting point, he mentioned that space exploration and discovery greatly benefitted when two super powers competed against one another. I feel that has been happening with Rodger and Joe within the last decade in regards to re-issues. We have seen an accelerated pace of Macro and related material re-released which has been greatly exacerbated by these two powers competing against one another for whatever and unknown reason to myself.

The material collected here is excellent. The Schwülstig Politik track is an exemplary showcase of Rodger and Joe's diversity of sound and complexity of layered density. I would assume by the level of editing that Rodger had the final say in the mix but that's just an assumption. Regardless, the attention to detail of sound is fantastic and somewhat comparable with the recently re-issued Grind and maybe more closely with the expansive palette of One Dark Eye.

The second and well titled track, "Corrupt Third Party Power Lights-Out Plug In Standing On The Border With Two Guns" is a masterful meeting of Macro, Incapacitants, and source material from guests including Mhlest and Tim Oliveira. Not sure how to divulge further other than saying you just need to hear it.

OVMN ‎– You Will Never Escape This CD (Self Abuse and Input Error)
And while there has been some fantastic material re-issued in the great Macronympha power struggle that is Rodger and Joe, there are also the space shuttle Challenger explosions. This release collects six unreleased 90's era tracks from Rodger and Joe and three new "OVMN" tracks composed by Joe and Leo. While the 90's material offers some highlights and I will always welcome unearthed Macro material, these tracks do feel like left over works overall. This is not helped by the new tracks, by Joe and Leo, as I feel this later duo has had issues with quality control.


友川かずき [Tomokawa Kazuki] ‎– まぼろしと遊ぶ [Playing with Phantoms] CD - PSF, 1993 - I first became aware of/heard Tomokawa Kazuki in high school when I watched Takashi Miike's film Izo. Not only does he provide part of the soundtrack but he actually shows up to perform it in little vignettes. It was so unlike anything I'd ever heard before. I eventually figured out who he was but his music seemed impossible to get a hold of in the US. Or at least it was out of my reach. Now 17 years later I only have one greatest hits CD, which is very good, and this album, which is excellent. Sometimes its playful, sometimes despairing or spooky, but Kazuki singular voice connects it all. And what a voice, whether quiet and controlled or in full screaming poet mode, it's a total pleasure. This one also has some weird electronics that are jarring at first listen but eventually make sense. He also has other musicians backing him to various degrees. Track 5 is especially somber and beautiful, reminding me of Amber Asylum.  My biggest complaint with Kazuki is that his music is still brutally expensive, at least if you go the discogs route and I haven't really figured out another way to get it. Many of the albums are $50 or more for a single CD. Fuck. I leave this review here because while Kazuki music certainly isn't noise, it definitely isn't like anything else. A special interest you might call it.

Rotat / Kristityt / Unclean / Will Over Matter ‎– Kolari III CD - El Armua, 2020 - each one of the these Kolari comps is like swift kick the in the balls. immediately brutal with lingering pain. Rotat starts it off right with a cascade of shattering glass, feedback and metal before settling into a trudge through a dumpster. The whole track is good but that first minute and a half or so is really fucking strong. the glass sounds so damn good. Kristityt exists in some pocket dimension of weird. Guitar, bizarre vocalizations, spacey synths and delayed metal clunks. It reminds me of early SSRI mixed with something I can't quite place. a nice Yang to Rotat's Yin. And then there's Unclean delivering refined and effective power electronics. Limited but effective sample work, clear and decipherable vocals, slow and surging synths. All with a bit of grit on top. I feel a bit biased but I'd say great stuff as usual! And Will Over Matter finishes things off with those primitive surging electronics. Not quite as alien sounding as the earliest stuff but reminding me more of it than the material from last few years. To my ears there's not a dud on here and the comp is 40 minutes which is a great length. Absolutely recommended!


Dagda Mors "The border of the light" great compilation with some of the best tracks of this project. I discovered it pretty recently but I´m totally obsessed with it, the combination of cold and super simple (yet aggressive and martial) electronics and the heathen topics, together with the fact that he comes from the ex DDR (the image of the ex-socialist country and national-romantic-fueled music always has a big appeal to me), definitely grabbed my attention from the day one. I still hope that a repress of their works on tape comes at a point, and I would be totally thankful if someone would be up to dub me a copy with xeroxed cover.

Dead Body Love "Low-Fi Power Carnage" I´ve been to dumb to sleep over the repress on CD when it came out, stunning work, still looking for a copy of said CD if someone has one spare / still in distro. One of the best things ever came out in the harsh noise scene, still wondering how he managed to shape the distortion layers and to manipulate the source in that way.

Iugula-Thor "Opera" stimulated by the album above, I played this masterpiece as well. Creepy harsh noise with powerful vocals (I´ve seen Chiaravalli performing live once as featuring for Cronaca Nera, and he´s  been amazing), crackling manipulated distortion and spooky eerie sound sources. (Industrial / ambient)

Eigen Bast

Last Days of Humanity - "Horrifc Compositions of Decomposition" CD - Rotten Roll Rex -2021
Vocals sound like a fork stuck in a garbage disposal, killer samples, catchy anthemic riffs, crispy blasts. EFFORTLESS grind sickness spread across 33 tracks in a little under 30 minutes.

Joe Colley - "Trance Tapes" 2xC40 - No Rent - 2021
Ice cold electronic minimalism. It was barely audible on my tape deck, but through a pair of headphones the tones revealed themselves nicely. Somewhere between minimal techno (at points) and test tones. It feels like a continuation of some of the pieces from the Disasters of Self box. Rhythmic/arrythmic, music by and for machines. Beautiful layout too, very strong release!

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Last Days of Humanity - "Horrifc Compositions of Decomposition" CD - Rotten Roll Rex -2021
Vocals sound like a fork stuck in a garbage disposal, killer samples, catchy anthemic riffs, crispy blasts. EFFORTLESS grind sickness spread across 33 tracks in a little under 30 minutes.

Joe Colley - "Trance Tapes" 2xC40 - No Rent - 2021
Ice cold electronic minimalism. It was barely audible on my tape deck, but through a pair of headphones the tones revealed themselves nicely. Somewhere between minimal techno (at points) and test tones. It feels like a continuation of some of the pieces from the Disasters of Self box. Rhythmic/arrythmic, music by and for machines. Beautiful layout too, very strong release!

Yooo check out these two, Last days was aight but maybe not as fucked up as I like? Cool but sounds more like straight up death metal than proper goregrind madness.


Was catching up Noisextra, listened both, Seed mouth and Anenzephalia episodes. Seed Mouth is great. I probably have mentioned that I even managed to see it live once. There was gig in Japan. I was not on tour or gig, but just visiting. Utterly difficult venue to find, and Seed Mouth and Yama-akago (Fumio Kosakai's wife drone-noise project) amongst others was there. Seed Mouth had CD walkman and some rather primitive gear.

Anenzephalia "live karlsruhe" CDR
I have Live karlsruhe tape box, this 2nd edition CDR remaster, and the later LP edition with 2 bonus tracks. All good. Booklet with this CDR, very neat. I don't known how many times I have seen him play live. I would suspect at least 3?
None of the gigs were as VIOLENT as this Karlsruhe gig. All has been great, though. I don't know if I still have, but I used to have unreleased live recording on the live in Finland. It happened just before New European Disorder came, and in this gig I heard Final Pulse for the first time. I had to ask B. Moloch how was the beat done. He just said something like "I have synthesized that can do it". No idea how that thing was programmed, and with what exactly. I should maybe try to find the mini-disc master of anenzephalia set.

DEPTHER "Altar state" CDR
Nihil Market
This is disc that would demand re-issue. 2001 recordings of Depther (a.k.a. J.Vanhala) on Kaos Kontrol's sub-label Nihil Market. Under same label came out equally limited Sshe Retina Stimulants CDr and CDR of obscure Finnish noise project Hinageshi Bondage. That one too is actually pretty good and interesting noise from guy who still after all these years is involved in noise!
Depther has been described sort of pre- Zoat-Aon, and from outside perspective, that is pretty much what it sound like. Back in the day, I.Corax was duo of couple of these Oulu guys, and among very first things that was publicly heard, was their track on "Degenerating Finland" compilation CD back in late 90's! Even if most of that CD, was like who-is-who of Finn PE at the time (Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, Order, Pain Nail, and so on..) way more darker and obscure I.Corax was included on CD as their track blew me away. This good "ambient" in Finland!?
All the artists related to Helixes ( are pretty much appreciated kult bands these days, but curious thing is, that starting from this very first Depther CDR, despite being 20 years old recordings, project displays such a superior skill of sound craftmanship, that it has not aged at all. If this would come out now, I would still conclude it is absolute top quality, in technical skills and taste. In genre like this, where a lot of CD's has not aged so well, I think it is quite achievement! Only thing that somehow sets it to the more "90's" spirit, is perhaps the way spoken samples are being used!
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Vigilantism - Fistborn
Strong stuff and really caught my attention right away. This one grabbed me much quicker than the previous releases on Freak Animal and that's saying something because those releases were superb.

Cefaris - discography
Canadian black ambient that rides the same winds as LLN Black Ambient acts, Darkness Enshroud etc etc. Pianos, percussion, synth and a voice rasping away behind it all. Works well however.


Umpio - Kulotus 2xCD (Narcolepsia/Hiisi Productions)

Brand new Umpio release with harsh noise material spanning 10 years. No insect electronics here! If I understood correct this is not a compilation even if some of the source material is old. It sounds like a solid whole due to the mastering (I guess) and oh boy does it sound great! In my mind I connect this sound to the loud crispiness of last year's Skin Graft/Wiese CD that was one of the best releases of 2020 for me. Umpio sounds crisp, crunchy and crushing. There are no dull or lackluster moments on these two discs, it is all quite varied yet coherent. It really feels like the sound could escape your mangled speakers at any moment.

Bloated Slutbag

Acknowledging that I'm long overdue to start posting retarded shit again, two fairly recent bits of retarded shit elsewhere posted (very slightly altered in the requisite altered state):

No offense to the other contributors to this comp, all of whom deliver, but the whole point of this is the indicated.

One of those "let's see what incaps are possibly up to" moments and scored this puppy. More properly-non-coherent-babble to be applied upon receipt of the physical tape.

For now. Quite the baffler. Incaps. Sounding very much in the D.D.D.D. I Residuum The Tongue vein eg when the banker buds were channeling the not-undue influences of the lower-ended Yank crowd. Y'know, low-brow flatulence. Raspberried hefty-boys. Overworked sphincters clocking up the overtime. At least sez me. Um.

Start again. There's this critical point, see, where Incaps flirt with shambolic, but never quite achieve due to the sheer incandescent fury in force. This one sits somewhere in that no person's land. That shambolic-slash-incandescent-fury land. (A pretty cool spot, but a spot upon which judgement passes but fleetingly.)

Now, I know you probably think you've got Incaps' number. You do, right? I know you do. But lately, they've been seriously fucking with the program. Ostracized Enigmatic Conqueror. Survival Of The Laziest. These are fucking KILLER TIMES TEN. Killer times not on the program. And very recently in the pool. That is to say, indicative of an incaps straining against its own confines and delivering something that is both whole-ly incaps and whole-ly flatulating in exciting(ly) new shades of belchtastic. Love me some belchtastic.


Now, this. This... thing, which reminds of a few earlier classics, as stated, but which also verges into peculiar WTF territories of more recent bent. Warp. Strain. Grimace. I mean. The textures. Did I mention the textures? They are the thing. The THING. The thing that converts the sometimes questioning worshiper, aka me. Converts the questioner back to believer. Textures what flatulate. Try to finish a sentence but interrupted by: flatulent-hodai. All-you-can-flatulate, raspberries till the sphincters come home.

Start again. I'd really like to know when this particular incarnation of Incaps was born. It is entirely possible that these chaps are, like, poised to RIP THE FUCKING SHIT off of noise. But, like, that's the kind of thing certain persons would say. Especially when said persons are me.

Dare to hope to dream.

Cracksteel, 道産子アナル, Macronympha, Skin Crime, AMB, Astro - v.a.
The only problem with this little gem from Workturm Ghetto is that Cracksteel scorches out the gate with such incandescent blistering fury that we're pretty much holding at why bother by the time the second track kicks in. And with the possible exception of that second track, much bother is offered. Macro a surprisingly psychedelic turn, harsh heavy bottom-dwelling puritannical onslaught not bothering with even the slightest gaps in which to insert the labored huff. Skin Crime sounding much of thereabouts ('96), burnt raw butcherings wrenched amongst the ill-kempt chalknailed flautelence. Autotoxic Mental Bizarrerie necessarily spelt out in full cuz that's how they are, how he always are, but here even more so and with a title like "Scratch Ahead I" to leave the duly triggered goggly'd bout placement of the chicken and the egg or well suffice it to say I'm yes kinda the sort who kinda digs the noise stuff nonetheless had me popping out the tape just to ensure shit wasn't getting mangled god blesh ye merry Mental Bizarreries! Astro on that charburnt acid safari he'd slowly gentrify in subsequent iterations but I still quite like this raw and say it rude warble with few intentions to let things simmer lush and long so be it. As for DO THANK ANAL, well, caught them live once or twice and yes they certainly live up to the name no further ado.

Oh wait, here it comes, the further ado (and how could it not?)


Someone weaker than you should beat you and brag
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Control - Blood Will Rain - last studio album by Control on Ant-Zen from 2018. Massive sound - huge. I am researching the projects recent work as I got a batch of earlier material a few months ago. How the vocal shouts over the top of the noise and falls into it becoming part of it is impressive.

There seems to be an ambitious sound, that is very big, the vocal and synthesizers that cut into it at times I like.


Masonna- Destructive Microphone (5", Alley Sweeper)

I expected this to be good, of course, but I kind of bought it also for the sake of having a 5" (although I do have Merzbow's Green Wheels). So I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is, especially side A. There are plenty of great and even somewhat catchy vocal loops, plus some psychedelic effects Maso started using around this time (and which I always thought added a lot to his music). It's condensed Masonna in a way, around one and a half minutes on each side. Definitely not only a gimmick record.

Mo*Te - Throw A Stone (CD, Absurd Exposition)

Not surprisingly, this album does not disappoint. All the elements are there that make this project unique (and also different from his own '90s material): strange loops, rhythms, and pulses; occasional melodies, sometimes buried underneath feedback; and several layers going on at the same time, with clever changes occurring from time to time. One of the highlights for me is the stereo panning in track 2. The mastering was done by Umpio. As always with Mo*Te, this release is highly recommended if you like noise crafted in an unusual and creative way.

Roland Kayn - Zone Senza Silencio (Bandcamp only release)

The latest in the monthly Bandcamp-only releases of unreleased recordings by this German composer who up to a couple years ago was almost completely unknown, but has been gaining reputation since. This piece, made in 2004, is a morphing, continually changing flow of completely abstract electronic/electroacoustic music that's rich in textural detail and has a mysterious atmosphere. Kayn made utterly singular music, and while he repeated himself a lot (with around 300 works to his name, that's hardly surprising), even those pieces which don't stand out from the rest are worth listening to.


Some recent 7 inches:

STRESS ORPHAN - "Colony Collapse"
Great mix of sounds on this and overall a brutal release. Metal scraping, aggressive oscillations, drones - all the good shit. What I like about this project are the vocals. They sound tough, pissed. This is the type of PE/noise that has balls. I was able to see him play at the last Summer Scum and the same feeling carries over to the live performance.

I don't know much about this project. This was a blind buy simply because of it being released on F&V/Wrath - I figured there's gotta be something there for me. And there is. Both sides present blistering wall of electronics with what sounds like very subtle vocals in the background? Hard to tell. Type of record to listen to at cranked volume and slip into the void.

SADIO - "Piss Drinking Slut"
Ah, yes, good ol Sadio. Does not disappoint. Love the liquid sounding effects as that dude unloads his piss right at the beginning of the title track. Then rips into maniacal vocals and layers of different textured sounds. Something to bum out the neighbors. B side has a different sound with looping instrumental piece underneath commanding words. Deep breathing mixed in for a nice sexually deprived touch.