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That Mania was the last release full approved by living artists. Meaning all final graphics, layout of cd could be modified to be according to his will. It happened like less than week from his sudden death.
(He did approve also FA idea to collect all the FA's Mania tapes into CD release too plus gave the rights to "keep up the legacy" so to say, for all his old works. But those would be happening without the mastermind having possibility to tweak all details into his preferences)

Half Mortal "Faith In Hell" tape
Hospital productions
I had no idea who and what this was. I was half way through a-side and thinking... it could be another Fernow side project!? It is not like prurient, I mean not exactly. Plus what exactly IS Prurient? It is so many things. But nevertheless, the way of doing noises, combining certain type of digital synth tones and rough noises, doing songs, but still being noisy, not songy. Also vocal styles. The abrupt low voice talking moments, some screams. Certain efx.. It seemed like this would be some sort of Prurient collab with someone... but not at all! It's old guitar player of Rorschach, which is pretty damn furious hc band from 90's some most likely remember! I guess I got to check out the LP too. That has been just waiting for turn..

Virile Games "New Legion" 2xtape
Second Sleep
Now checking from the discogs for more info. I was surprised this ain't anything "second sleep related", but actually american guys. Duo consisting Dust Belt guy and K.P., both having several Hospital prod releases. I have vague recollection I got this double tape 2nd hand from someone who didn't like it enough. For me, it is a keeper. It is on the fine line of harsh noise and some "swedish noise", "lettera 22" type of approach back when it came out. Lots of physical scratching and fairly quiet lo-fi clatter and erupting into noise often enough. Two tapes, 50 minutes in total, came out already decade ago. At the time, might have been very much in spirit what was happening a lot. Listening it now, makes it stand out a bit.

Human Larvae ‎"Fever Dreams" tape
Total Black
Since being label responsible for two latest CD albums of Human Larvae, it feels kind of stupid to suggest that tape releases of his would be better. That is wrong word. They are not necessarily better, but there is some a bit more relaxed quality and adventurous attitude when he makes tapes, right? This tape is really a full album. 10 songs, neat packaging, lyrics included, Martin Bladh doing guest vocals&lyrics for one piece. It is like the CD albums are tweaked to perfection. For tapes, he probably does that, but also perhaps there is some unconscious feel that if this is going to be 100 copies tape, there can be something what quite ain't "album hit songs"? More bleak noise pieces or songs that have no technical showmanship, but are just good. CD albums are HL at his finest and most focused, but then this recent tape release campaign, two on Cipher, double live tape of FA and this long tape album on Total Black is strongly recommended! ( If someone missed the double live tape, I don't have it publicly for sale, but at this moment couple copies still in physical store. Inquiry can be mailed and price is still the same..)

Predominance "Obliteration" LP
1997 white vinyl LP on LOKI. I Recall it was at first little tough to swallow. Some people might remember Wolverine, pre-Predominance project that is like true (almost) forgotten jewel of heavy electronics / dark industrial. That was really masterful stuff. Then getting first Predominance and its gloomy dark ambient / bleak industrial soundscapes, but occasionally tracks have these down pitched vocals like Whitehouse great white death...
It is really for aquired tastes. However, there ain't many groups like this. While safe good shouts and screams are fine, some of the more demented vocal styles are tough at first, but eventually most memorable.
What would go down well with dark tones, wolves howling, ritual chanting, pitchshifted vocals, lavey texts used for lyrics,.... black & white cover with skulls, whips,.. Things any gentleman can appreciate.

SOLMANIA "erosion" LP
I may be slightly biased to comment as Solmania has such a mythical aura for me. Never before I heard this 1987 tape. Now 3 listenings later, in one hand it is exactly what details make you expect, little lofi, snotty 80's live recording, but... not a negative remark! Something unexplained quality makes me want to spin it over again. This is not all guitar noise, but these early days Solmania had guitar + several other noise sources plus some screams etc.

All 10"s are good, but as a wholeness, even better. I am fine with having the complete set, but as a distributor and for sake of having example how good industrial-noise could be, it would be nice to have perhaps some sort of 3xCD set available for anyone who missed the 10"s..?
Back in the day, I used to email GO guys frequently, complaining that how come its only Grunt and Bizarre Uproar who is doing represses of albums, and all the absolute classics of genre is out of print. Eventually some GO and G.W. and Con-Dom and such started to appear. Perhaps not only because of me pestering them about it, but who knows...
While tracks are kind of "misplaced" (in their words), tracks that did not fit into album. Some perhaps conceptually, some due nothing but duration of album etc. there is barely any "leftovers". Some of the tracks here are absolute highlights of GO sound, and would be unfortunate if even when archived, would be heard only by 300 people..

GENOCIDE ORGAN "Live lille 2000" LP
Supposedly ltd 66. I bought it when it came out, 2003. Etched metal plates, "flag" with miss spelled city name, 12 page booklet, everything sealed shut with staples. Little nuggets of old memories about this are that guy who put this out, was paid visit, and part of pressing was... grabbed. Another thing was that band almost appreciated it. If city would have been spelled right, it would have been fairly honorable tribute. I would guess that this level of bootleg of your work is hard to be pissed off. It's quite something else than cdr's or cheap pirate copies... Sound is good. Live LP of GO, good sound, some classic songs, but decent versions.
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Various Artists - "Feedback Solidarity - Finnish Noise Artists In Solidarity For Ukraine" tape

Kind of lost who is who while listening to the tape, but the same notion as people above me, each track was really good. There was no dull moments, where you start to think when the track is gonna be over. Tight tracks with little loose ends, to the point. I wouldn't mind a CD press later, even when deattached  from the cause, this is a strong compilation that should be circulated more. A good showcase, once again, to show what's happening in Finlands noise field. Maybe even give it a bit more "accesssible" entry point to Finnish scene, no intimidating provocateurs, focus more on pure noise.

AKTI Records

Having a semi chill morning and going through some recent stuff:

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Andy Heck Boyd - Ideas On Tape CS  (Radical Documents)

All in all a nice and spaceous recording of spoken word tape fuckery and some acoustic guitar played in a Jandek tune. Listening to this while going through Siggy's zine. Tape and the zine go well with each other. Good stuff!

Testicle Hazard - Kiki & Kastor CD (Helicopter/Troniks)

Rough swirls & harsh ripping by these two. Really digging this from the CD! Bit on the long side, although the final part is the shit.

J. Koho - Aurinkovuosi CS (Ikuisuus)

Aurinkovuosi gathers Koho`s short drone singles released on various ltd. edition tapes by label Vuosi to a one proper release. Well crafted and stereoscopically interesting. Good for both passive and active listening.

Jukka Siikala - Spanielit (Sarvikustannus)

Short outsider novel from Mr. Siikala. Finnish version of this book is a bit stiff, but it adds something inexplicable to the overall atmosphere. Somewhat nihlistic undertone, but I'm sure that will not surprise those familiar with Siikala's visual art.


Emil Beaulieau - Moonlight in Vermont
Excellent harsh noise with ear for detail and building tension. Can this all be made on turntables? At his best, EB certainly was America's greatest living noise artist.

Mania - Armed to the Teeth
Here's another of America's greatest noise artists, albeit a dead one. Field recordings from a shooting range combined with high quality crude MANIAK noise. Less metal junk than on his later recordings I think, but superb nonetheless. Love the finale where they're shooting at a car. That's some proper noise there buddy.

Zeno Marx

The Rita - Szamanka

Listening to a clip of this reminds me of a more active Sukora and the world of 2673 (where is he now?).  I realize this isn't new territory for The Rita in the minimalist, theoretical period, so 2673 comparisons have been there for a while now.
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.

AKTI Records

Peenemunde - II (FA)

Cold, "circular saw" -type of drones, low end buzzing and high end screeches. Lot`s of stuff happening, but all the elements seem to chat pretty well with each other so the release does not give a hasty feel. The atmosphere is more like isolated & violent... Both PD and PPT are pretty marinated in this field of sound and you can hear it from II. I guess I need to listen to this more than once to form a proper opinion, but after first round of listening this feels like a real solid release!


Quote from: MHK on May 29, 2022, 01:02:57 PM
Mania - Armed to the Teeth
Here's another of America's greatest noise artists, albeit a dead one. Field recordings from a shooting range combined with high quality crude MANIAK noise. Less metal junk than on his later recordings I think, but superb nonetheless. Love the finale where they're shooting at a car. That's some proper noise there buddy.

I'd have so say that this is probably my favorite Mania material. Just total ripping metal samples and you can almost feel the heat of the pavement at that texas shooting range. Wouldn't mind a vinyl reissue of this!


Scum F.C. - Proper Dogging

More kitchen sink scumnoise from the master! Great samples and a thick zine as well. B side has almost Whitehouse-style screeching "this is proper dogginngggg!". Always surprised this theme of UK lower classes isn't used by more people. Off the top of my head can think of Wertham, STAB Electronics, Natural Orthodoxy, surely there's others... so many topics to exploit there.


Aprapat - s/t 2CD compilation

Excellent and varied noise, ranging from weirdo sound collage to full-on harsh blast and metal junk party. A bit of New Blockaders here, a bit of Haters there, but still original and unique, and always a handmade or even "rustic" feel.


Eccitazione Cadaverica: Contro Le Vostre Viscere Malate.
Great 80s italian death power electronics.
One of my favourite output of mr. Cazzodio/Naxal Protocol
North Central
Mademoiselle Bistouri
Daddy's Entertainment.


Day of obscure Finnish noise / experimental stuff..
HAUDAT debut tape, 2022, broken simple but very good noise. I have no idea if this guy did noise before, but could be his very first time. For fans of Capers, Amek-Maj, H.Ö.H. kind of raw and rugged, but not the obscene/filthy..
AUGEMENTED ATROCITY "dejadent intent" tape, guy from Kovana with his solo works. I know they were exposed to noise with things like certain era of Prurient... and I would say that Prurient, Loke Rahbek earlier solo (LR) stuff and a bit more to euro power electronics additions and we are pretty near..
LIMINAL ARCHEOLOGY series 3 tape, sounds a bit more clean and "atmospheric" than previous sauna primitivism? Ruralist wasteland approach always been there, now waving and dysfunctioning analogue tapes, almost tribal prescussions and all sorts of experimental sounds.
VÄKIPYÖRÄ "Great Songs of Väkipyörä" tape, more experimental music tape. At best it is drone, guitar feedback or gloomy synthetic sounds with spoken samples, but you'll have psych"rock", almost bluesy guitar experiments etc. too
HAARE "Dimension ripper" tape, well, this is more in category of bands people know of! After bunch of so great CD albums, it feels a bit like Haare taking it easy with small run tape being filled with less amazing stuff? Its decent, it is good, but kind of feels like for albums was best things, and this... ain't among them.
KYLMÄKOVAMAA "pimeyteen" tape, I know bunch of people have said you can't keep up with Finnish bands when you don't often remember their odd names. I would assume Kylmäkovamaa goes into that category. I would suspect it doesn't really matter as where you'd even buy this? I have couple in my physical store, but seems almost too good tape to sell to "whoever", eh eh.. Think of guy who is not formerly known from any noise projects, but comes up with tape that blends in like monolithic gloomy Haare'ish, Pain Nail'ish droning manual industrial-waste soundscape, but soon drags it into Biz-Up of even Clinic of T. filth chambers. It has lots of elements what Finn noise is known for, but still has its own identity here.
Hopefully some of these will eventually be on Terässinfonia CD series so wider world can hear their works...

Hal Hutchinson self titled tape ain't Finnish noise, but man has been visiting here many times when it was possible. This tape is filled with lots of tapeloops of massive metal-factory type of atmosphere. No shaker-boxes, no contact mic close-ups, but very interesting different size and shape sounds, and loops always are clearly selected with taste that each loop has almost musical feel to it how structure goes.
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Can those Finnish tapes be bought somewhere?


Kommando RJF - Sweet Slow Suicide

Kids! This is how you take very simple elements - synth pulse'n'buzz, a layer or two of noise and feedback and vocals - and make a stunningly brilliant power electronics album. A bit like early SPK with added vodka/drugs and filth.


Vetrophonia - Dadacacophonia Dao tape on Zhelezobeton
Tasty industrial, sometimes noisy, sometimes quiet. Plenty of parts with samples from what sounds like movies and records, arranged in a way that often sounds very DADA and CACOPHONIA.

The Rita/Kakerlak - Delta Bayou Whore-House tape
Ripping harsh noise from both! Crunchy turbulent storm from The Rita and screechy ass-kicking full of action from Kakerlak. Excellent release.


Some really good stuff:

SSRI - Ritual Workings CD
Compilation of two tapes but you get the feeling that you're listening to a thought out album whole. Harsh, dynamic, weird and at times painful. The best I've heard from them.

Mo*Te - Taste Die Mad CD
Love this combination of harsh attack and psychedelic touch.

Aaron Dilloway & John Wiese - Sniper Counter Sniper CD
I was expecting something with more "artistic" bent, but this was goddamn noise, plain and simple. Good combination of both guys' styles here.