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FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS/ANAL BARBARA TAPE (track title as "HNW is a peak of gayness" cant go wrong)

Have been homeless for few months. Havent properly had a change to listen stuff. Consumed ytube clips:
DEATHKEY"Behead The Semite"
FINAL WAR"Aryan Pride" & "Tales Of Honour"
TANJALOTTA RÄIKKÄ"Huominen Eurooppa"
SAGA"Triumph Of The Will","Valkyrien","Snow Fell" etc.etc.
XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION"Oath" - Actually this is "USA For USA" CARNIVORE cover. Disinfo on ytube. Did try to inform the poster who seems to be retarded cunt.
PUHELINKOPPI"Kloonatut Idiootit"
GOATMOON "Hammer Live 2010"
RIDE FOR REVENGE"Nidrosian Black Mass pt. III Live"
WHITEHOUSE - Live Action 39 Reseda 6-21-84 "SHITFUN!!!"
ATRAX MORGUE - Beautiful Razor
PAINAJAINEN - Todistusaineistoa... EP
etc.etc. youtube is quite handy/fun


CLUB MORAL "mit neuen waffen" CD, nice document, but I don't think it lives up to the best of CM stuff? With CM its often same feeling as listening some of the VOD minimal synth re-issues. It seems pretty nice for what it is, but it all doesn't age as nicely as does the noise and raw power electronics. Lots of simple synth pulsations and awkward vocals.

LAXATIVE SOULS 2xCD, I dare to say much better than above mentioned. With it's weaknesses and strengths, still material not many dare to do these days.

VAPAUSSOTA "totaalinen vitun ep" tape. Have they done some sort of Hässäkkä tribute with doing ep with the same name?? It advertizes itself as noise/doomstep/industrial/black metal whatever. Very synthetic sound with long wet reverb, distant metal junk and upfront vocals. Well, there isn't really noise here. Neither any black metal. Doomstep? Who knows what that should be. To me this sounds like humor project of some grind/hc people, where they take the topics as Pekka Siitoin, finnish civil war, bible, etc. and scream with kind of grindcore screamo voice over relatively clean rhythmic electronics. It's relatively well made, but sounds utmost joke. And unfortunately, the joke doesn't really work, unless one would present it to be serious?

Bennett / Tsunoda 12", damn! I wondered if Bennett has actually wanted to make nice profile lift among electro labels, and made some split. Didn't even bother to check out description of the LP before buying it. Well, this is actyally JUSTIN Bennett.... but hell, if dense wall of racket made out of 2003 Barcelona demonstration against war in Iraq sounds almost like... ehm, war in Iraq, then can't really complain! Just massive amount of people banging drums and yelling and whatnot, and it's basically just dense detailed noise. Tsunoda has manipulated field recordings and sine waves. Not bad.
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Molluskground, Inc.

Kata To Chreon - The Eternal Silence Of Those Infinite Spaces 3" CDr
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park CD
FFH - Anything Is Possible C10
Satanismo Calibro 9 - White Sea Of Gods' Sperm C60
Satanismo Calibro 9 - Misery Is A Shemale Lover C58
Jason Crumer - Ottoman Black CD
Fire In The Head - Confessions Of A Narcissist CD


Male Rape Group - On To 83
Atrax Morgue - Paranoia (Cold and demented, and Marco's vocals certainly portray paranoia throughout each track...I love the whispers)


Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on February 06, 2011, 02:14:03 PM
CLUB MORAL "mit neuen waffen" CD, nice document, but I don't think it lives up to the best of CM stuff? With CM its often same feeling as listening some of the VOD minimal synth re-issues. It seems pretty nice for what it is, but it all doesn't age as nicely as does the noise and raw power electronics. Lots of simple synth pulsations and awkward vocals.

listened to it 1x and filed it away, i don't understand reissues like is full of lowfi live recordings that just don't matter imho....


has been collecting dust for years, never listened to it, now is the time :

Mattias G

Quote from: P-K on February 08, 2011, 08:29:57 AM
has been collecting dust for years, never listened to it, now is the time :

What is that? Looks awesome.

Jaakko V.

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Quote from: P-K on February 08, 2011, 08:29:57 AM
has been collecting dust for years, never listened to it, now is the time :

What is that? Looks awesome.

Russian ANS-synthesizer. Isn't that the cover of the Coil album? Never heard that one. But one album that's been in my player a lot recently is the Electroshock Presents: "Electroacoustic Music. Vol. IV: Archive Tapes. Synthesiser ANS (1964-1971)" compilation. Wonderful stuff.

1. Oleg Buloshkin: "Sacrament"
2. Sofia Gubaidulina: "Vivente Non-Vivente"
3-4. Edward Artemiev: "Mosaic" & "12 Looks at the World of Sound"
5. Edison Denisov: "Birds' Singing"
6. Alfred Schnittke: "Steam"
7-8. Alexander Nemtin: "Tears" & "I. S. Bach: Choral Prelude C-dur"
9. Schandor Kallosh: "Northern Tale"
10. Stanislav Kreitchi: "Voices of the West"
11. Edward Artemiev & Stanislav Kreitchi: "Music from the Motion picture "Cosmos"
12. Stanislav Kreitchi: "Intermezzo"

Got any info about Oleg Buloshkin? Don't know anything about him. I enquiried the label about him, asking about the possible existence of other electronic works, and the response I got was: "As for Oleg Buloshkin's activity then I can say that it's the one and only composition created by this blind composer for ANS synth, and I don't have any other compositions by this artist." The track is absolutely stunning, mysterious dream music. Would love to know more...

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Golden Rain - Praise The Whore C20
Prurient / Nico Vascellari - Jesus C15 + C20
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye (Searching For Satori E.P.) 7"
Pain Nail - Hengellisiä Lauluja 7"
Skinny Puppy - Chainsaw C30
Skinny Puppy - Addiction CD
Skinny Puppy - Censor CD
Skinny Puppy - Testure CD
Skinny Puppy - Worlock CD
Phantom Heron Seas - The Unkindness Of Ravens 3" CDr
Sky Burial - Kiehtan CD
RYKE - Resuscitation CD
Ash Pool - World Turns On Its Hinge CD


françoise barrière / christian clozier - cordes-ci, cordes-ça / la discordatura LP


Quote from: RG on February 04, 2011, 04:13:42 AM
Burzum - Fallen

It's leaked. Been listening to it quite a bit the last few days. Didn't like it at all the first listen, but this one is a grower. Varg is still a master at weaving guitar tracks together. Lots of clean vocals on this one too, which can take some getting used to. Overall though...I'm pleased with the direction Burzum is taking.

I didn't like Belus, only grew on me slightly but feel no urgency to bother with it again, not like Hvis or Det Som. I did read Fallen is more akin to Det Som though(?) so will give it a chance at least, although that was a quote from Varg which I take with a pinch of salt.

Recent listening has mostly been BU - Filthy Communions, BLJ - Skuff and Sick Seed - Beasts Among Men.


Laibach - Anthems
Laibach - Volk

Trying to remember how they sound before the live show.


LR "rosenmunde" 2xtape, good harsh and lo-fi noise electronics. It's hard to say what exactly it is. Two short tapes, where perhaps again some of the grimmest and lo-fi Prurient a'la split tape with Grunt comes to my mind occasionally, yet there is personality to what LR does. It's rough and dirty.

Haare "death happening" 7", hahahah!!!! English guys have the good taste to treat our Finnish drone shaman! First At War With False noise put out cd with front cover saying HAAPE and now Turgid Animal unleashes the amazing beast of suomi-leijona into back cover!! Total classic!!! Red-neck drone? I think that is something what really needs to be there. I'm pretty impressed. What comes to the music, Haare is surprisingly chaotic and disharmonic here! Layers of reversed sounds creates demonic roaring noise. Which isn't harsh, but very far from relaxing. I'd like to congratulate band for being able to bring some nice new things to its approach! Other side is much more conventional Haare with eerie guitar drones and lots of layers of things happening. Could it be that reversed side is the other side.. just reversed? Nevetheless, Good 7"!

Liimanarina "first I look at the tits" tape
Huh! If one has to vote for best song title for recent weeks, it must be: "Laulu Liiallisuuksiin menevästä gay-ystävällisyydestä (maailma homojen panttivankina)"!! Finnish obscurity cult band, which supposedly has ton of unreleased shit laying around, and perhaps these days isn't that "cool" that labels would invest money for doing 7"s etc. But fuck, This opening ballad alone would be perfect single. Sound of the tape is actually cleaner than most of old Bad Vugum stuff, but the bizarro levels are still there.
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Geography of Hell - Tchernobyl 1986 (cassette) - In the past year I've been less and less excited about Hospital tapes but it's tapes like this that restore faith. Another Fernow project, Geography of Hell is lo-fi but more exciting than some of Fernow's other side projects. There's lots of flange and shitty electronic sounds, almost retro (?) in a way. But effective crude, violent and decayed. The vocals have very little effects on them sometimes which is a plus. Just two 20 minute tracks of shit industrial and hint of power electronics. Recommended.


GIALLO - LP. Compliation of four artists doing "walls" with relation, more or less, to the giallo genre. I like the attempt to link it together in the insert, not sure i buy it, but a nice try. One can argue that this is pointless music where nothing happens, well maybe, but i happen to really enjoy it! Not much variation between the artists but all solid. Must give credit to last one, Naked Girl Killed in the Park with track Mysterié, both artist and track-title taken from films with very few redeming values, specially Mysterié, what a piece of crap... but track is good!
HUM OF THE DRUID - Norse Fumigation - LP. Titles and artwork creates feeling of mystique, but on first listen i though it sounded only like a running engine, maybe a harvester, and not much else. Something made me go back to it and upon second and third listening i got sucked in and now find something more. It actually does have an aura of mystery, of mist and marshes, maybe i get this from reading Lovecraft last night... A record that grows, how nice, i´ll look for more stuff by this guy!
WEREWOLF JERUSALEM - The beast before christ - cdr. Another good one from the werewolf, typical sound, static but abruptly changing low pitched noise. Second track is called "extreme waves of terror" so i was prepared for a headache, but it was same as usual.
THE RITA - Womanhood - tape. Celebrating the ladies of eurotrash cinema, Monica Swinn, Pamela Stanford etc. The more restrained style of The Rita, i prefer the all-out noise, but this is good as well, maybe not as effective, more like mood/background music.
EVIL MOISTURE - if you want to fuck the sky, teach your cock to fly - lp. Like being taken back to the noise of the 90s.... I guess E.M. was active even back than, maybe i´ve even had a tape or two from them/him. This has that goofing around style with sounds coming and going, random screams, quirks etc. (and yes, the word "cock" in the title) that was popular then, no real flow to it. There are some decent enough ideas/sounds in there, but mostly i find this an annoying listen...