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AURAL HOLOGRAMS vol. I CD [Aural Hypnox]

I haven't immersed myself into the whole Aural Hypnox catalog but after a short listening at a friends home I decided to try this. I wrongly thought it was perhaps a bit too clean sounding but all three tracks has a rougher background. Intricate packaging which peaks my interest further. First track is best with its claustrophobic atmosphere and swirling melodies - reminds me a bit of MB's later works with its manipulated tapeworkings.


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Currently awaiting confirmation of material to be present on Vinyl on Demand box. I can assume will be a mixture of studio and live material. With such a vast discography as well as unreleased live material it is possible that entire box could contain material that falls outside of the Club Moral Archive series on Trash Ritual. I would assume LP on Cthulhu Records is included for example. I would personally love to see some of the other "related" acts to be included such as Etat Brut, AR/TE, V-Side, etc.

QuoteV/A CLUB MORAL 5LP-Box ,,1981-1986 with DVD/Booklet (DDV/Danny Devos (CM02), Mit neuen Waffen (CM03), Etat Brut Geometrie d'un Assasinat (CM10), DDV A Sound Atlas of Venerology (CM18), The Parts Auschwitz war...(CM39), Club Moral Studio Versions and Compilation Tracks 81-86
from VOD


As mentioned by several others,

SHIFT - Morose cassette
Ke/Hil - Hellstation LP

Both of these of been getting many repeated listens.

Grunt - Seer of Decay 2xCD
Alchemy of the 20th Century - Beauty of Aesthetic Imperfection - I was listening to this a lot when I first got it but lately my nerves have been really, really shot and this does not help.


Richard Ramirez : tracking device cd .....has been collecting dust for years, finally played it, GREAT stuff....any recommendations in this RR-style are wellcome.



Ashley C - Timeless Reality CD
Namazu Dantai - Under Manchurian Soil 3"CDR
Disgust - Time Ruins Everything... 3"CDR
Vomir - Proanomie CD
Mystery Attacks: updates / sounds
Rouge Label: updates


BU - purification
sick seed - beast among men


Blood Ov Thee Christ "Behind Thee Bars"
Slogun "We Human Animal"


I recommend this. One side somehow brings to my mind old Inade 10". It has the ambient - but also the industrial edge to it. Other side more drone, but not only the pointless drone, but perhaps drone with aim - so to say!

Pacific 231 "1983-86" 2xCD
It's good. It is also strange. They keep mentioning so many times the 24 bit digital transfers from original loops, and then perhaps some things are made little abruptly. Like how songs are cut? Some goes perfect. Both discs ends like just all the sudden, full action still going and track is cut. Small fade or something could have been ok? Not that it ruins anything really, but underlines the nature of release being old unreleased archives being cut to relevant pieces and collected - one disc studio, another live. Majority of the studio stuff is as band mentions "full stereo". Well, one could say also: 2 track. So basically left and right channel has completely different things going on, and sound is not mixed together. Most of the stuff it works just fine, but I could imagine some tracks, with headphones, may sound bizarre with drum machine on one ear and droning noise in another...  I think best moments are among the live stuff, with vocals and all. I would recommend to those who look for old "imperfect" industrial-noise !

Blood:Circle "hyperpyron" CDR
demo cdr on new finnish noise/pe project... and does it hold the pretty high standard of bands that come from here? Well, no. In fact, most of the time, it sucks ass so bad, I wonder what exactly was the previous demo, what got KMY guys so exited?? More noisy? This sounds like lames computer done crap, with one of the weakest vocals heard lately. With bad effects on them.   "Behind the mask" is probably among the hit songs, so that's on the myspace too. Rest of the tracks are not on this cdr, but take a listen to elegance of "iron human" and I would say to mastermind behind this project that it would be better to realize quick that not ALL early experiments need to go to public. Some vocal style suggest that he might not be completely serious with this, though? 
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HAL HUTCHINSON tape on Freak ANimal
WITCHRIST beheading ourbourous (sp?) LP multiple spins
MORBID 12" with Slayer XX book on NWN


XE | SS Wiking CS | easily my favorite material so far. will be getting the LP regardless of owning the tape.


The New Blockaders-History Of Nothing
Macronympha-Naked Denunciation of Infrasonic Exchange
Geography Of Hell-Tchernobyl 1986
Gelsomina-Silver Screen


That build up at the end of the b-side of XE SS Wiking is AMAZING! Contender for "Highlight" thread.


freshly delivered from the van & checked it:

awesome box, 4 lp's, 1 card, 2 inserts....pitty the lp's hardly fit in their sleevs :-/

"at Stockholm" with White Stains....imho some of the best PTV out there, very Coil like, calm spoken Porridge, 3 sides of it....
"jarman themes" side, 2 >21minutes with a hypnotic Pan Sonic-like beat/throb, again, pretty awesome
"live danceteria" good live recording from 83, but i hate it when Porridge yells on his live recordigs....he allways yells live....
"unreleased/rarities" many versions of Unclean does one need??? 3 more?!?! 3 tracks on bside are very nice, early style Ptv

mixed bag, as expected, could have been a awesome 2xlp


waiting for that box.. I guess the late VOD shipment are just now being done..

Yesterday at the Laibach live gig, there was example copy of upcoming vinyl box set. Looked nice. It's delayed still more, but at least wheels in motion! I hope they'd really do good selection of the oldest works. Made me want to listen some Laibach stuff, but haven't done it yet. Scored couple books, and quite "recent" exhibition catalogue probably should be mentioned in art section later on..
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on the topic of VOD but a book question, is the book version of Shock Tilt still in the works?