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Nil By Mouth

Really awesome work


The new tapes on UNREST PROD:
SHIFT - Morose - as heavy, nocturnal and defeating as always; the distinct lawnmower-like scrape that showered the listener on Bulk is now a bit more hidden, but still present, woven together with some underlying ambient almost melodic synth drones. B-side is built upon a pulsating rhythm of some kind. Harking slightly back to the dynamic harmony of the very first 7", but retaining the pitch darkness of the albums.

HUMAN LARVAE - What Lies Ahead - Another PE/industrial release from Unrest in the line with IFOTS, exploring different depths and layers of sound and dynamics; very pleasurable, highly recommended. First I've heard from this project so I can't relate to previous efforts. Will need to listen more attentively, the tapes arrived yesterday so only once so far.

And something else: LANDVARELSER - Strålning B - synthesizer harsh noise attack from member of Time Deleters, Sphynx etc. 4 or 5 tracks, distinct songs, which is positive - not just improvised barrage of noises, but structured and versatile. Quite a ride. Nice cover also. Released on the new Malmö label Sprachlos Verlag. Would also recommend the AMPH tape. Andrew McIntosh's reviews made them justice.


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Deterge - Intellect - Pummelling and brutal. Two 9 minute slabs of grinding Power Electronics with up-front vocal attacks and damaged crackling rumbles. This is just swelling with activity and movement. I need to hear more from this artist. Does anyone know who is behind this?

It is Jim who runs Fusty Cunt and does his older project PTM.



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Quote from: RyanWreck on February 21, 2011, 03:12:28 AM
Deterge - Intellect - Pummelling and brutal. Two 9 minute slabs of grinding Power Electronics with up-front vocal attacks and damaged crackling rumbles. This is just swelling with activity and movement. I need to hear more from this artist. Does anyone know who is behind this?

It is Jim who runs Fusty Cunt and does his older project PTM.

Yea, just found this out from talking with him. What a surprise. He's been on my forums since the day one and I didn't even know it was his project.

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Fleshpress - Pillars CD
Human Larvae - What Lies Ahead C40
Shift - Morose C30

Tommy Carlsson

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freshly delivered from the van & checked it:

awesome box, 4 lp's, 1 card, 2 inserts....pitty the lp's hardly fit in their sleevs :-/

"at Stockholm" with White Stains....imho some of the best PTV out there, very Coil like, calm spoken Porridge, 3 sides of it....

(Not that I really care that much, but...)

Just got this in the mail. Not surprised to see that GPO is as much of a historical revisionist as ever. His then-darling Paula (Alaura) was also a part of the recording, and was credited on the original release of At Stockholm. Now, for the LP box, her name is gone from all credits. Classy, Gen.


Altar Of Flies - Cenotaphs, 7" Really like the A-side with the creepy screaming sound (some sort of voice?) and also the new cover designs for Hästen & korset, looks good.
The Bear Quartet - Monty Python, cd Brilliant.
Vatican Shadow / Contrepoison - The Serpent Carries Him Back Into Paradise, CS Best Contrepoison song I've heard so far, the demo tape was good but this is so much better.


RICHARD RAMIREZ - hard trainer - tape. pretty standrad Ramirez-noise with samples from some gay-porno set in a gym, solid stuff. but it´s the packing that sets this apart, comes in a jewelry-box, sweet.
DILLOWAY / GIFFONI - live at the no fun fest 2007 - LP. i know i can count on Dilloway to deliver the goods, but always thought Giffonis stuff would be boring, only took seconds to reconsider... his side on this is brilliant, swirling noise with a touch of Esplendor Geometrico. first class lp!
BOTTOMS OF BLACK LAKES - the gatekeepers of ecstacy - tape. synth/drone type of thing, not really ambient, similar to early Tangerine Dream or a more pulsating Ora, really like this tape.
CALL BACK THE GIANTS- s/t - LP. experimental droneing pieces and some catchy songs, very brittish, like something from Snatch tapes or a lo-fi Coil. gets quite a few spins here.
ALAN SILVA - luna surface - LP. fantastic free jazz from dream-team line up. it is like acoustic wall noise, brain melting!


For reason or another, been too busy with other music than noise for last few days.
BURZUM "fallen" LP - good, but not great. More balanced as album than belus, but also without the darker "hit" tracks.. Listened over and over again, but still not totally convinced. This is not the stuff how cult reputation was build, but neither the album to lose it.

Shitter Limited "nyt ammutaan ministeri pertti salolainen" 12"... I skipped this when it came out, and for a good reason. Majority of songs are pretty lame "pop-rock", with just totally obscure lyrics. Vittu Mä Tapan Sut Iiro Viinanen is still good punk track,
Shitter Limited "Anna Pillua Helena Pesola" 12", used to be too expensive back in the day, but now scored it for reasonable price. And how much better is this than release above? A LOT! They were always skilled musicians, yet here it's still leashed to serve relatively aggressive metallic punkrock. Saatanan Ryssät! Helena Pesola on  h u o r a! Pasifisti!

Liimanarina 7"s... classics!
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Since it arrived I've spun it few times a night, really really good three way split. All artists deliver the goods! I like the end of the BU song how the sample arises from the chaos and gives a great kick to the end of the song!

Hateful as always, maybe a bit more Whitehouse moments than on the 7". But very enjoyable, simple layout, killer content.


christ i love this, and what a sleeve!!!!

Zeno Marx

Kluster - Eruption 1971 - truly, early electronic experimentalism - when Schnitzler was still with the group, before becoming Cluster - no cosmic krautrock - manipulations and treachery.

Kluster - Klopfzeichen 1971 - same as Eruption - first track is over a female German orator - not menacing - just avant-garde - this and Zwei-Osterei each include 1/2 of a 1980 piece as bonus tracks that are good experimental/instrumental noodling; not great, but competent; Zwei-Osterei has the better of the two halves, I think.

Kluster - Zwei-Osterei 1971 - first track continues where Eruption and Klopfzeichen left off, but the 2nd track is more of a freak out, percussive sounds/rhythms and warped sounds odyssey with a less difficult energy; good stuff and the most enjoyable of the three albums from '71.

I'd forgotten, thus really surprised, by the level of experimentalism involved with these three albums.  difficult, without a moment's rest.
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Wasn't there some sort of plan to re-issue Noise War... and Americanoise? I wonder what is status of these?
Anyways, Undergound USA, is year after Americanoise, less bands, longer playing time. Woe Is Me, Strict, Orifice Training, Bacillus, Armenia, A.S.M., Depress/Regress, Bob Marinelli and more! Not everything delivers the most memorable material, yet the sheer mass of the punishment makes is great. Laying down on sofa, 90 minutes, with nothing else but choices made by Mother Savage Noise captains, it is good. And I don't know what exactly it is, but listening "average" 1996 noise comp, sounds somehow so much better than noise of 2010. I'm just about 95% sure, it has mostly to do with compression and digital distortion plugins? Anyways, bands like Woe Is Me, to ultra ugly noise of A.S.M. crudely chopped into this comp. Armenia's distracting pause-button stop&go, heavy duty noise drone of Persn...... I mean, one could ask someone to make perfect "average noise comp 2011"? If it can't be done, I guess this as uncompressed, un-edited re-issue, would be as good reminder as Tension State Of Collapsing CD set.... simply perfection found from imperfection.

Alio Die "the way of fire" 7"
If early AD was pretty clumsy ritual music, some of later works is pretty cheesy keyboard muzak. For a drone 7", this is good. I wonder if there has been extensive report of Drone label's 7"s, but that is some fine series of music. And despite many small editions and nice covers, majority of titles are available for decent prices. What I paid for this.. 5,- ? Maybe. I don't have complete series.. yet. But I guess it would be just about time to see what exactly is still missing and start hunting!
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Nil By Mouth

Americanoise will be re-released as double CD by Audio Dissection this year. I think that the news is official, I read it on the blogspot page of the label

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Pestdemon - Doppelgänger C30
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