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JIM HAYNES - Electrical Injuries LP (aussenraum)
Released in 2017, this has quickly grown to become one of my all time favorite albums in this field of music. There's nothing in here that I'd like to change or skip, it's just perfect all the way through. Cold and eerie soundscapes with one foot in industrial music and the other in more highbrow territories. Put selected works by Bianchi, MNEM and G*Park in a rusty pot, stir gently and this might just be the resulting full course meal. It has the radioactive warmth of Bianchi, the alien feel of MNEM, and the sounds themselves are used and placed in a careful yet alerting way that has me thinking of G*Park. Still, it doesn't sound like an aping of any of the three. The mind wanders both to deserted nuclear plants and moon craters. This LP is a world of its own, and I wish there were more like it but I can't think of any.

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JIM HAYNES - Electrical Injuries LP (aussenraum)
I haven't heard that one, but Haynes is pretty great in general.  You have my interest piqued.  If I'm remembering album order accurately, I believe he's gotten more industrial and electric as of late.  That whole Helen Scarsdale Agency and Elevator Bath picture disc series roster is impressive.  I loosely associate them with Nehil, Grzinich, Northam, Dauby, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting right now.  Folks based in field recordings, who clearly have a great sense of acoustics and atmosphere, but who are also a tad more aggressive in their sensibilities, so they can really throw some power and fierceness at their recordings here and there.

*had to come back and include Tarab and James Hamilton's various projects.
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Ritual Chair - Brock Turner and Ashamed releases. Heard this project through a link on Facebook, Brock Turner is all the news on the case added to noise and Ashamed is two vocal, spoken recordings. Like the project as it's new, raw and odd.

The Grey Wolves - Exit Strategy. I only have a few GW split releases andwanted to start getting bits, this one is different and leads into...

Salford Electronics - Communique No. 2 - like the cold electronic 3AM thing the project has going.


Been listening tons of small, fairly unknown tapes for long time and decided to go for some classics. Macronympha "Intensive Care". Tasty sounds, excellent album. "Compositionally" I don't rate is as high as Baroque or Amplified Humans, but it is damn good CD due simply having such as fleshy sounds.

Whitehouse birthdeath, erector, buchenwald, new britain,...   CD's.  Too bad Susan Lawly doesn't keep items in print. I guess some of the content is nowdays even more touchy than they used to be. Same could be said about the sound. Every time I listen to these early works, it reminds of fierce and challenging are the early Whitehouse works. Clearly not designed to sound pleasing and easy. Often most of all irritating and painful sounds.
One thing I rarely thought about, although I'm fully aware, is how short most WH albums are. Most of mentioned ones are roughly 25 minutes. New Britain only clockin 30 mins. Thinking contemporary power electronics or noise albums, can't think any right now what would be significantly less than 40 mins.
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This tape is the one included in the recent/upcoming MR SM-box, but since my interest in Swedish gay culture (redundancy, eikö? - har har) is comparatively limited, I chose to go the minimalist route. For people with the cash and the inclination, I should add that the artbook and box seem to be extremely ambitious, and that the few available copies will be beyond status symbols. They will pay for the stupid Amsterdam vacation of at least a couple of discogs scalpers, and (more importantly) make great additions to a number of actual fans' and collectors' shelves.

If we move on to the music at hand. While we have been somewhat spoiled with TRR material lately, there is little doubt in my mind that this is the best one since *insert classic Treriksröset recording here*. Fluent, rumbling waves and walls of noise, oscillating between all out hissy fits and choked back, bass dominated crunches. The highs sometimes acquire an almost tonal quality, but "almost" is the key word. Things build up, break down, build up, break down again, build up and hold for a while, only to once more be mangled into oblivion. Pure harsh noise that this time very rarely deviates from the established Treriksröset formula, but becomes powerful, convincing and beautiful simply by skillfully applying the limitless possibilities contained within that formula. A chess miniature in noise form, if you will. There are some novelties - extremely choppy hysterics towards the end of the A-side, for instance, but you'll never mistake this for SPK or Ulf Lundell. In short, another must-have.
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This tape is the one included in the recent/upcoming MR SM-box...

Can you say more about this box set?


Culled - Reverse Time Prison (Uninvited Records)

"Expertly crafted psychedelic noise" is the description the label gave for this digital release and it is exactly that! Very dynamic with lots of spastic harsh analog sounds. At times it's full on harsh mode but there's lots of rough psychedelic sound design that builds up and breaks down constantly over the near 10 minute play time. Hope this gets physical treatment.

Coagulative Necrosis - 2018 Discography (Uninvited Records)

The perfect marriage between gorenoise and harsh noise wall. Uncompromising negative sound. Love the minimal drums and the totally blown out bass noise. Constantly jamming this one and really appreciate the Trailer Park Boys samples throughout songs 6-12.

Cloning - Lapses (Fusty Cunt)

Absolutely some of the best modular synth noise i've heard in a while. The sound design is really abstract and original throughout the whole tape. Lots of variety ranging from more minimal and strange synth explorations to full on harsh noise assault. there's a collab track with Deterge on the B-side which just fucking rules. Cloning is also a member of the noise rock band White Suns for those familiar, who also just dropped a short tape of feedback driven noise earlier today (which is also pretty great)

Lurid Panacea - The Insidious Poisons (Self-Released)

Deranged and insane brutal death metal / grindcore hybrid from the drummer of Sulfuric Cautery and Australian artist Adrian Cappelletti. 47 songs, hundreds of sick riffs and constant blast beats. Fucking love this shit and can't get enough. Highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of this stuff.


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Can you say more about this box set?

It's an artbook/zine based on a Swedish gay mag, and it comes with the aforementioned tape as well as a box of excellent quality. For any culture warriors eager to speculate, to the best of my understanding it is not to be interpreted as any type of statement. Other than that I haven't much to say about it, since I don't own it.
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I do have some old Lille Roger stuff. Like CD put out by CMI long ago. This had been waiting in my shelves for months, but once I finally opened it from plastics, and was impressed by all the collages etc. and put first LP to turntable... damn! It is killer stuff. Didn't remember it was this good. There are great BDN stuff, obviously, but I may conclude that in it's less formulated style, Lille Roger is even better. It may not be as stylish and as morbid as BDN, but in many other ways there is sheer sick energy and... more chaotic feeling to it. Flipping sides  until 6th LP was done and thought... is there more Lille Roger? Probably have to listen this again sometime soon.
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AM NOT - Incursions cs

i talk this project up to anyone who will listen because this shit is absolutely monstrous, and despite releases on unrest and tesco i don't hear anyone (at least stateside) talking about it. this tape in particular is fucking spastic, each track is thick with sideways vocals, blown out scrap and strange electronics. sampled snippets of familiar political memories and tamon's usual conceptual bent tie it all together. much much better than a lot of other, better hyped contemporary stuff.


Dave Gilden - Texas Chainsaw Dopefiend. Bought this cassette off the back of the last Special Interests mag, I had that feeling and I was right. It's really full on, nasty stuff with lots going off at the same time. I get the feeling it's hours of material pulled together to make one release. It stays interesting throughout.

Fistfuck - Fresh Sex/Slave Meat. This is a new New Jersey project that collaborates with Dani from Testing Vault, long intro and the other track has more bite to it, low level nastiness going on. Noise, big drones and infected vocals.


Autoerotichrist - Cabin Fever- crushing release. one of my favorites for 2019

Controlled Death - Symphony For The Black Murder probably in the minority here, but I enjoy CD a lot more than I enjoy Masonna.
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Rips of rarities I found on a blog recently:

"Sinn & Form" comp.- Espl. Geo. doing what they do best; Nocturnal Emissons with a live excerpt featuring some excellent yelling (best thing here) plus MB, P16.D4 and a bunch of synth-pop acts I had mostly never heard of. There is a Chris & Cosey track that is pretty good.

Iphar Clinic "Torture Music"- this sounds like SJ. Same type of screaming & synth-feedback abuse. Maybe a collab with Best?

Proiekt Hat "Make Believe" or maybe it was "Make Do"- can't remember which release I listened to. First couple tracks were okay then it gets much, much better. It'd be nice to see early work (Hatband tapes) get some sort of proper release so more than 4 people could hear them.

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Macronympha - 'The Spectacle of Ravishing Our Maidens'

This one seems like it updates itself every time I listen to it, I notice something new every time. Great tape.Fast becoming my favourite Macronympha release alongside 'Intensive Care'.

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Grizelda - A War Drenched in Fantasy (CW Productions)
Formerly performing and releasing under the moniker Nefaria, Grizelda's debut tape represents a refinement and maturation of his ornate style of black metal. Three lengthy tracks weave dozens of brilliant riffs and buried vocals with a powerful rhythm section,the production lending an authentic sheen of grime. There is a distinctly Temple of the Full Moon vibe to the project, bringing to mind some of the more obscure releases on No Colours Records. Tasteful synth leads thread these tracks together, before taking prominence on the final track; a mournful, minimal piece of medieval ambient. Another supremely confident release from the most interesting circle in American black metal.