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Started by xdementia, November 21, 2018, 03:05:46 AM

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Possibly not the place to post this, but I run a bi-monthly noise/ pe/ martial industrial/ neofolk/ black metal night in Dublin, and because the pubs and clubs are closed down, I'm going to try my hand at doing an on-line version.
Here's the FB event page, if anyone's interested:


Just for fun, I'm putting up what was played on the Total War online broadcast last night.

1. Dome – Seven Year
2. Konstruktivists – Andropov 84
3. DDV – Pinta
4. Intersystems – Floating Room
5. CoH – Forty Six Things I Did Today
6. Coil – All The Pretty Little Horses
7. Von Thronsthal – Little Black Angel
8. Omnicore – Complices
9. In Slaughter Natives – Death Just Only Death
10. Zebaoth – Breathing Universe
11. Trepaneringsritualen – Untitled [TMLHBAC]
12. Theusz – Seppuku
13. Graustich – Es Geht Weiter
14. Ex. Order – Pain Amplifier
15. Genocide Organ – Comandos
16. Pain Nail – Hengellisiä Lauluja
17. League Of Youth – Take Your Arms
18. The Muskets – Ballad Of The Green Mountain Boys
19. Rome – Fliegen Wie Voegel
20. Primordial – Dark Song
21. From The Bogs Of Aughiska – The Devil Is An Irishman
22. :zoviet-france: - Fugitive


Here's a link for the Total War (Dublin) mixcloud page. Our previous Total War fortnightly broadcasts are all there. Featuring power electronics, noise, martial, industrial, neo-folk.

Last one featured such as Militia, Test Dept., FFH, Control Resistance, Stromstad, Black State, Smell & Quim, etc.


New episode of Harsh Truths:

Not familiar with the artists before, English bloke there, follows the sort of harsh truths style with hc background, lots of talk focuses on depression, but also plenty about live music, collage art etc.

Couple weeks ago I sent podcast some feedback. Roman replies to the feedback at the end of this podcast episode. Was certainly not expected, since I tend to send feedback to people fairly frequently. Just to clarify it was not like "defense letter to SI" nor being pissed off, but just couple lines before actual - what I considered fairly constructive criticism, long mostly due consisting cut & paste of all my former comments already written on this topic with few additional comments I preferred to say directly instead of public "analysis".

I have been rather avid listener of harsh truths episodes and meant to send email long ago, but so many things to do that it has been bending.

Friend forwarded message from instagram mentioning you get harassed due support to BLM movement and you requested incels rather to go bother "special interests forum or something".  haha!

Quite amusing, but appreciated the nod! Purpose of SI has always been to be open for all things noise, all things industrial, without any other guideline than vaguely "manners in dialogue". It is here and there moderator has to do bit of cleaning, but rarely. I always find it odd, that SI is considered to be somehow related to "incel" / "nazi" more than it would be for any other noise. Such element exists for sure, but is barely main focus of forum. Main focus is overall support of underground genre where anyone can promote their works or discuss about it, without being on mercy of multinational social media network guidelines and similar infra that is rendering underground into money milking machine and culturally sterilized.

Anyways, I suppose both reply, and even more so the podcast main topic tells well from what angle podcasts sometimes emerge. Harsh Truths remains certainly podcast to keep checking out.
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Thanks for posting that, it was quite hard to understand exactly what he was responding to. I enjoyed hearing it though.

My impression is that this place clearly welcomes racists and misogynists (or people who enjoy projects with that angle) and you can see why that might put some people off. It's not for everyone.

Obviously people who are anti-fascists and feminists aren't banned for their views. But there is less content of that nature I think and you can see why some would not feel welcome or prefer to spend their time elsewhere.


He shouldn't be afraid to call people out, I get why he doesn't necessarily want to name names but it would make it for a better explanation. Being open and friendly is good, but he's to afraid to step on someones toes sometimes. And yes, in a place where XE, F&V and Zyklon SS are being hailed for being the greatest there is little to gain for people that are more on the non-political or left leaning side of things.
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I doubt why would be so? Someone posts "best releases of year" topic and someone says XE, next can say Dave Philips? I see zero problem in this. If someone is depressed over other people liking wrong things, then of course - it is not mandatory to read forum. One can crawl to social media and cleanse friend lists etc. or just talk to good friends. There are many options.

My argument wasn't advocating more calling out culture or such. Only because often podcast revolves around some vague accusation directed to fairly vague dark corner of industrial-noise, without actually saying what exactly bugs him (you know, staying on level of something is not "thoughtful enough"). It felt one had to urge him just proudly stating his stand, what it is you do not like you keep hinting to but do not really say. I don't think anyone has to declare his political and sexual identities for the scene (haha), but if it clearly is bubbling under as one of the core ideas what defines character, for sake of communication it could clarify things so easily. Podcast is rarely about politics, so even most dullest noise meatheads can like it.

My position with SI has been expressed fairly clearly since the beginning of magazine and forum. I know hardcore leftists will claim its just disguise used to normalize discourse they oppose. It is not, but knowing what they stand for, I understand their disguised hunger for authoritarianism ;)

Why send someone feedback or questions. Why not. I recall many years ago at Troniks forum, when one of the many HWN discussions happened, and I continued expressing my dislike towards certain qualities of the subgenre. RRRon pops up and says something in lines of "guy who runs Special Interests magazine, is surprisingly critical on special interests". It was well deserved, and it's not like I absolutely need to start liking all qualities of HWN, but I know I don't have to be the guy who farts passive-aggressive remark into every topic dealing with HWN, and being even more cunt than should be. External feedback can be good. In right moment, in right time, it can also make one realize something that he did not really give second thought. That's why couple of those questions were sent to podcast's Q+A section which was featured on former episode. Very good addition.

But hell, so what is SI for?
SI is of course for all things noise. Sonically and culturally. That may include things one does not personally like, but can learn to live with.

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That's a very different Mikko than I expected to hear ha, you aren't getting soft are you? ;) Jokes aside, the nature of things discussed here will always attract certain people, and others are finding it hard to identify with subjects and projects here. Seeing topics like 'Tough Guy PE/Industrial ' and 'General butthurt & pc faggotry ' attracting so much attention says a lot.

I know few people that like to jump in with the wolves but are opposed to eating meat. It's not very productive, but even before that, why getting in the hassle and deal with it in the first place? But maybe I'm wrong looking at all the fruitless discussion looking at social media today, but that's another discussion.
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Quote from: W.K. on July 14, 2020, 02:21:16 PM
Seeing topics like 'Tough Guy PE/Industrial ' and 'General butthurt & pc faggotry ' attracting so much attention says a lot.

I think I mentioned it before, General butthurt & pc faggotry is actually not that popular topic. Illusion is created by format of forum, where topic with new message rises on top. If looking statistics, compared to amount of posts, amount of people who read the topic is small. I personally usually read it only if asked to moderate something. Or between few months check out if anything funny have appeared. I would prefer if people would post about notable and interesting culture. Things that one would be inspired to check out and investigate. To be amused by contemporary level of political correctness and "general butthurt" one barely needs advice where to look, hah...
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Zeno Marx

This is neither an industrial podcast nor a podcast, but I'd imagine some folks here would find interest in it nonetheless.  I'm not a BOC fan, but I love music conversations packed with a lot of good information.
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Fistfuck Masonanie

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but Roman said he is ending the Harsh Truth podcast. He has three more episodes he will release but then the project will be on "indefinite hiatus". Sad news, it's been nice have various podcasts to cover different artists. The Wiese and Dilloway episodes were great and I hope the final episodes are of the same caliber.


Quote from: Fistfuck Masonanie on September 17, 2020, 03:39:31 PM
Not sure if anyone else caught this, but Roman said he is ending the Harsh Truth podcast. He has three more episodes he will release but then the project will be on "indefinite hiatus". Sad news, it's been nice have various podcasts to cover different artists. The Wiese and Dilloway episodes were great and I hope the final episodes are of the same caliber.
Noticed that, but I'm under the impression that once covid ends and he can do interviews in person again, he might want to give it another go.


Here's a link to the upload of Sunday night's Total War broadcast - featured music from Pain Nail, Dagda Mor, Le Syndicat, Sturmovik, Dachau Lustknaben, Revolutionary Command, Rasthof Dachau, Sewer Goddess, Burial Hex, and many more.


Re: Harshtruths

I enjoy this podcast but sometimes I wish that Roman would just stop with the continued interjection of his personal feelings or experiences. It feels like every episode it's like loaded with 3 minute long interjections saying "I'm an anarchist, who values animal rights...I was raised in an overbearing Christian household, and was a radical anarchist...when I tour or my set up or the reason I perform..." as a listener it's gotten to the point of just skipping ahead 2 to 3 minutes every time he starts cause I just feel like, dude I get it, and usually I don't miss any content from the episode by skipping ahead. Maybe it just annoys me...

Re: Noisextra

Been loving the latest conversation episodes, actually more so than the episodes dedicated to the albums...especially all the 7hz related shit. Some very informative laid back style.


Quote from: accidental on December 15, 2020, 01:31:10 PM
These kind of ridiculous prices never happened up untill a couple of years ago. The developement these last 2-3 years is brutal. Supposedly driven at most by only a handful of rich men.

Discogs' history stats are pretty much responsible for this. Everyone tries to sell according to them -and i dont blame them- . That way prices increase, only. Ofcource Discogs knows that, that's why history is still there. But for a usual ordinary guy buyer is difficult to follow this increasing indeed. Seems the only sustainable way to buy old-rare-expensive releases is becoming to sell your now similar stuff on market prices and fund your new wants. Or trade ...

Example : . From 20. I dont doubt someone sooner or later will buy it at 80 if there are not new lower price listings for sometime. And then history will write, 80, and we continue around that.
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