PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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Andrew McIntosh

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Would it be possible to write some kind of title or info to the posts with the links? It's kind of annoying to click all of them open.

It's just that usually there's nothing to say. Most of what I post here don't have any titles, and there's no real information to speak of. They are what they are. But I appreciate you taking the time to listen.
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I. Rex

Desgranges | Live in Moscow 23.07.22


Quote from: I. Rex on July 25, 2022, 06:04:11 PM
Desgranges | Live in Moscow 23.07.22

Thanks for this.  I really enjoyed the old video from the Forced Decomposition concert.


KERÄNEN live from last Sunday: Jättömaa Festival 2022, Kouvola / Sippola, 24.7.2022

I. Rex


UNCLEAN live 28.8.2022 in Apocalyptic Rites. Good show, best I have seen from Unclean!

This is just 8 minute clip from longer set
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Another show way out in god's country in Southwest Michigan. Middle of nowhere so noise ordinance isn't much of an issue and the neighbors keep to themselves. For a Monday night the turnout was really great. Strong noise scene here and luckily someone filmed all of the sets.

Sonic Abuse - It went alright. First time recording samples straight to the 404 in a live setting to be used on the fly, as opposed to showing up with a bank of pre-recorded loops ready to go.

Sensory Deprivation - Real fucked up sounding modular synth and classic contact mic harsh noise combo. Modular is beyond my caveman comprehension. He eventually brought his mic out into the crowd for others to fuck with, so a real interactive set.

Infectants - HNW duo Aspinwall (Death Dedication) + Block (Apostate). Blue collar noise. Noise for the workin' man. Aspinwall had this weird metal rod thing he found in a house he was working on and decided to mic it up and run it through a series of pedals.

Hideously Disfigured - Newish project between Nolan (Kakerlak) + C Mumma (Sissy Spacek, Unexamine) presents an orgy of harsh mic feedback, tape loops, junk metal and other kinds of static fuckery. At some points you can even hear the classic Kakerlak crackle sound amongst the rest of the chaos.

Paranoid Time - Headliner of the gig. People often talk about the showmanship that PT is known for and it was present in this performance. Really works the crowd. Almost like a pro wrestler or something. It's always interesting to see what kind of custom built rig he'll use.


Video report from 10.9.2022 Audible Wounds III

1-3 minutes per artists:

1. Mastur-bait
Was farewell gig of the Obscurex mastermind, who was one of they key noise activists of obscure live-noise era some years ago, of all things odd, bizarre and nasty! Bringing lots of artists over who would be unlikely to play otherwise. His own stuff, brings me feeling of Gerogerigegege in some ways. Material borders unlistenable, but also so funny and filled with reference that it is more like... ehm.. conceptual art. hah..

2. Atrophist
Set started nicely, almost psychedelic noise vibe, and eventually man seemed to lost a bit control of gear and set was long time very high pitched feedback, with lots of pushing buttons but not much happening. It was still very positive experience, as some parts of the set was probably best Atrophist material and for releases, if just getting good recording would be important.

You can never really guess what to expect from KSNK. There is new full length CD to come out this year on Freak Animal, and that stuff is almost like Finnish answer to Jeph Jerman field/situation recordings. None of that here, KSNK set was a lot of oscillations and feedback, but also odd vocals, like chanting, ranting, almost sound poetry -esque things as opposed to... lets say Power Electronis. Set had clearly like 2-3 neat moments, where he was in control of all things, and the transitions between those moments where a bit fishing good sounds, but not always succeeding. This is of course the gamble of noise show, that without relying too much on backing tapes, sometimes it takes a bit to adjust you gear for next thing.

4. Moozzhead
Everybody would have, but most certainly Moozzhead would have benefited from louder PA. Material clearly screams for some bassy heaviness and ear ripping volume levels. This evening, you didn't need earplugs, which is in a way good. You get the clarity and all that, but also the physical element is lacking a bit. Good set on lazer warfare, fast pedal cuts, harsh noise that isn't wall, nor the cut-up, but fast moving pedal harsh noise, where entire set works with this versatile, yet at the same time uniform sound palette. So, basically one song performed! 

5. Kovana
Unusual situation in Finland, almost like one would be at UK gig: Time restriction was tight. All noise must end 22:00. Show was happening in bar, where staff had lack of communication and there was another event happening and slightly overlapping with gig. So start of noise gig was already quite late, so last two bands had to compress their sets very short. In a way, it worked, in other hand... could have had more. Kovana was short and sweet, female vocals, metal junk clattering acoustically over moderate volume of PA. This was not as good gig as one I saw before, but good nevertheless. Visually more impressive too!

6. Unclean
I had just seen him play solo set some weeks ago, which was vastly different. Now you got duo line-up and almost like traditional Finn PE set. Masked men, feeedback, metal junk, synth oscillating. Yet Unclean had almost psychedelic vibe for most of set. On video link give in beginning of message, none of vocal parts and such can be heard. I liked that set was fairly compact and that Unclean displayed he can adjust into different situations and styles.

No idea how many people were here, but seemed like there was a lot!
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Here's my full set from the same event:

Listening to the recording now, yes, there's a lot of annoying screechy feedback. Probably caused by the contact mic on the floor. In my defense I don't remember it sounding that bad on stage.


Perfect video to find after a long day.

Cracksteel + MO*TE Live At Ekoda Flying Teapot 2014 11 30
Material Body Dysfunction & Flickering Coward. Cincinnati OH USA.


Not a live performance, but a music video for the track "38" of off the upcoming T.E.F. CD "Wrought".