PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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All day yesterday this channel was streaming documented noise sets

today they are just playing tracks though.



Xiphoid Dementia live in-studio set for Northeast Noise Fest 2021


Way before my time unfortunately. The 14 year old version of myself would've been into this (most likely ha).
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Here's a selection of videos from the past couple of months, live stuff from various established and emerging underground acts performing in Brisbane / South East Queensland.

TILES / Brackish @ The Cave Inn 23.12.21

7echnoS1ave @ The Cave Inn 7.12.21

Lincoln Park @ The Cave Inn 7.12.21

Unique Oil Free Air @ The Cave Inn 7.12.21

TILES @ The Cave Inn 7.12.21

Bas Hayes @ The Cave Inn 2.12.21

Ross Manning @ The Cave Inn 2.12.21

Raquel @ The Cave Inn 2.12.21

Cock Safari @ The Cave Inn 2.12.21

Gypsobelum @ The Station Brisbane 22.12.21

Enjoy Our Last Century on Earth @ The Old Lock Up 22.1.22


I was reading the first collected Noise Receptor volume a couple of days ago and ended up watching this after reading the Aschiolatreia interview. I think there's another live video too.


Pretty trippy Controlled Death VHS rip via Deathbed. I have yet to watch the whole thing but caught the first few minutes.