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Self-righteous moral outrage and laid-back cynicism are two sides of the same coin.

Yes, i can see that coin spinning forever, and i Guess my cynicism grows when confronted With such People.
I grew up in the countryside, so seing animals killing each other was daily. Also People killing animals for use.
So even if this was at a setting that was unnormal for the slaughtering of an animal, i did not think anyone would be
outraged since it was already dead. My original point being; it was meant as a homage, a good sendaway ritual for his
pet, that animal rights People did not understand and jumped up before asking us did not occur to me. Lesson learned, that is all.

Yes, I too grew up in the countryside, on a farm (I'm a farmer still, in fact). I remember as a very young child - about six or seven - giving a school-friend a dead kitten's paw as a token of affection. He delighted with this, but he was from the town, and when his mother found out, she was horrified and forbade him from coming out here again! I suppose it all comes down to what one regards as culturally 'normal', and where these norms clash is where we get the trouble...


Quote from: Andrew McIntosh on June 19, 2013, 03:58:13 PMBy the way, ever hear the story of the old lady who was eaten by her cats when she dropped dead at home?

Should we drop dead right here in the apartment before refilling their bowls, I hope my two felines (one stray abandoned very young in a small town nearby, one inherited from my sister-in-law; there are way too many abandoned & unwanted cats around for anyone to have any reason bothering actually getting one from a cat breeder) feasts on our carcasses without regret, before we start to rot.

Would like to own a dog some day, preferably something like this:


i have a passion for bugs, everything with 6 or more legs, kept a lot of them as pet but quit the hobby when i started working fulltime...i just didn't have the time to spray & feed all the cages/boxes/vials with scorpions, tarantulas (only kept African & Asian species), beetles, whipspiders, centipedes, fruitbeetles, huntsman spiders, cockroaches, true bugs, mantids, i have nothing. I still like to read on it, maybe keep something again in the future but only something slow-growing (giant australian cockroaches?)...he fast species that produce multiple generations each year made it very crowded really fast lol


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That has to be a touched up photo. Right?

Nope, it's a Tibetan Mastiff in all its glory :)

Used to have reptiles / snakes but due to work hours / travel had to give them up, nowadays  it's just 4 rescue kittens, wife and baby I have to feed and look after :)


I have a snail and a cat though most of my life I had various dogs. Newfoundland, few of unknown mixes and now at my mother's there is dobberman mixed with german shepherd and straffordshire. A cat is ok, but it's slightly annoying. snail does not meow at 4am and you don't find vomit on your bed.


Quote from: bitewerksMTB on June 26, 2013, 12:08:09 AMI've thought about getting a scorpion but have never really looked into it.
never came across one of these? ;-) not a scorpion but related, from Texas.

one of the few species i would still want to keep (& are not difficult), & only recently people started breeding these in Europe...

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Of course, the arguments can apply to any cause, or any ruling authority.
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A few years ago on the now-dead noise forum, there was a thread about Vegan noise & some of them had their panties in a twist over why a dead human is a corpse but a dead animal is a carcass.

The other day after a trail ride, I pulled my helmet off & a big fucking red spider crawled out. I guess he hitched a ride somewhere along the way. I'm making sure I check the bandana I wear & the helmet before I put them on..

What a free-bee ride! Long-legged red spiders are way more disgusting than puny carcasses. Carcass!


Cats, foxes and wolves are my "favourite" four-legged friends, I don't mind dogs but they will love you out of obedience whereas felines and foxes will love you if they choose to.

I am also a big fan of bees and moths - I'd love to be a beekeeper some day soon and try to encourage them in my garden where possible. A colleague at work has a couple of hives so for the time being he can keep me informed of the day to day life with bees! There is a phenomenally good and exciting "moths and butterflies" section in the Derby (UK) museum, would only be better if it were a "living" museum though I guess it would suck like a zoo then. Some absolutely beautiful creatures in there, love it.

We have lived in our current house for nearly 5 years, there is a communal garden to the rear of our own fenced garden and above said communal area every year a single bat emerges and soars around every night. I have spent countless time just staring at it, trying to trace its movements - a challenge sometimes when the light drops but it's fun to lose the sight and for it to then suddenly reappear out of the corner of your eye.

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This could easily go under the This Week In PC Faggotry thread. For fuck's sake - going to gaol for organising chooks to kill each other while people watch?! 
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