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Zeno Marx

Capturing live recordings via the audience is very, very difficult.  It's a true craft.  Microphone placement is only the beginning of it.  Knowing the configuration of the microphones if using more than one.  Knowing the rest of the equipment.  Knowing the venue, it's gear,  and its acoustics.  I listen to a lot of live recordings, and it is not an easy thing to master.

If the goal is to capture the atmosphere, as well as the sound, it's sometimes best to create what is known as a Matrix.  It's a combination of a recording off the soundboard, or mixer, coupled with a microphone/audience recording (sometimes more than one, if more than one is available, because each microphone is better at collecting sound from particular ranges).  And it is not an easy task in itself.  Phasing, pitch matching, and all kinds of little technical nuances have to be aligned for it to not sound like a mess.  Sure, you can throw one over the other in Audacity, but you can usually tell that is exactly what happened.

And I'm not talking some lofty, studio-grade expectations.  There are a few hobbyists out there who are masters at this.  I mention these things because I would think it particularly difficult to get a high-quality live recording from a noise or power-electronics group.  A simple soundboard recording wouldn't be difficult at all, but to capture room atmosphere would be almost Herculean.

If you're interested in microphones, live recordings, and more technical babble than you can stand, check here:
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


Nick Cave- Tupelo


UpsideDownCross- can't believe i've ignored this all these years
Cough- ritual abuse
Mania- heralds of agony

Zeno Marx

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Cough- ritual abuse
I want this to be better.  Left me not interested.
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


After seeing Cough live I think they are much more powerful in the live setting than on CD.


I d/l'd "Ritual Abuse" & liked it so much I ordered the 2LP set. Need their other vinyl too but haven't gotten around to ordering.

andy vomit

RU-486 - Concealed Weaponry
CARNIVORE - Carnivore & Retaliation
THE KALI ENSEMBLE - The Kali Ensemble
BRETHREN - The Chosen
ALAN LAMB - Primal Image

and lots of old country music


Taint - Justmeat - I've reviewed this numerous times before. My favorite Taint release.

Civilian - Unclean (TF/PE 2009) -

Tortured Hooker - Tortured Hooker - An Offender's M.O. Can Change. Static And Rigid Remains The Signature. - (Hospital Productions 2010) - Great Noisecore with a very sharp and raw production. Probably the most one-dimensional Tortured Hooker release - a very acquired taste is needed more-so than with most Noisecore or any of his other releases under this name. And that's what is great about it, it is not a cliche. A satisfying blast of seemingly disjointed parts (exactly 102 of them spread through-out 3 tracks) that are actually very fitting it would be hard to picture it any other way.


Sharpwaist/Sewer Goddes - Blood Libel Cult (C30, Razors and Medicine): Death Industrial, mostly slow, but there are some more chaotic moments. Some parts of it struck me as almost melodious. Glad I still got it. One thing I don't like is how the last track just abruptly stops. Both Sharpwaist and Sewer Goddess have done that on other releases (with some tracks) as well and I don't really like it. I prefer a (short) fade out or something else that gives it a more finished feeling.


INDIAN "guiltless"- better than expected


Vehm - Time of violence


ELODIE "Echos pastoraux" LP (La Scie Dorée)

Collaboration project with Timo Van Luijk and Andrew Chalk. Mostly pretty short, fragmentaric interludes made from different flutes, horns and acoustic guitar, sometimes slightly manipulated electronically. Diverse and well made, not really "drone" as the tracks are short, but still with that occational otherworldly feel. While Andrew's recent solo works has been so-so, Timo Van Luijk (formerly Noise-Makers Fifes) is one of the few contemporary artists I actually care about.


Godflesh "pure" CD, always good, although not their best
V/A Dutch Fidelity 7", short tracks of all sorts of electronic and noise. Good stuff.

SWANS - live gig. Two and half hours of live stuff, intense. Heavy as fuck. I wish more venue would allow noise to be done like this. Maybe people could "get it", if noise show would be allowed to sound as heavy and crushing as it could be, instead of settling for micro sized PA and hus-hushing soundman complaining about feedback or distortion.
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shift vs sick seed split

got this yesterday from a horses mouth.
wheres the sample from in the second(?) ss song, was it deathmask or something. best sample ive heard in a loong time and a cool brooding song too.


Mother Savage Noise Prod V/A tape, nice rumbling chaos noise hell. Perfect soundtrack for cleaning apartment up.