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Quote from: XE on April 08, 2011, 03:32:34 PM
DÄMONENBLUT"Das Tor Zur Hölle" CD  Great ABSURD-ish stuff! VENOM cover in German.Sweet!

I'd also recommend both Dämonenblut 7"'s, good stuff, especially the newer one called Inquistion.

On my current playlist:

FILTH splitLP: Everyone delivers the goods in this one, especially BU, I hope that BU tracks from this, BU/WOM and BU/DK splits will be released on CD too. Only negative thing I can come up about this release is the looks, I would've prefered it to have one inlay per artist, now it's maybe too minimal.

Also before getting the worst influensa of my life I got in mail both Clandestine Blaze-Delivers of Faith LP and CB-Fist of the Northern Destroyer tape that I'll be adding on my playlist too, already knowing that both are great albums.


Quote from: P-K on April 06, 2011, 05:02:38 PM
digging up the Self Abuse Rec "murder case"  7" series .....good memories :-)

Taint and Skin Crime had the best 7''s in that series. Macronympha had the best overall packaging though. Slogun had one of the best and most sadistic of all but didn't deliver in my opinion.


Blod - Primordial (cassette)
no frills sex-noise blasting. I like it raw

Entombed - Left Hand Path (CD)
what can I possibly say that hasn't been said?

Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness (CD)
The vocals are my favorite part. Is that wrong?


Thirdorgan/Crack Fierce - Untitled - C46
Grunt - Princess Illusions aka Bruises Of Cash/Live USA - CDr
Slogun - We Human Animal - CD
Slogun - I Travel - CDr
Final Solution - All New Power - k7
Deathpile/Whorebutcher - Deathpile And Whorebutcher - CDr
NTT - The Church Of Dead Girls - 2xCD
Snuff - II - LP
V/A Private Reprisal C30
Con-Dom - All In Good Faith - CD
Incapacitants - Operorue - CD


Control - Deadly Sins (CD, Malignant Records): the only other stuff I've got from Control is the The Cleansing CD (comp.). Compared to the material on The Cleansing, Deadly Sins sounds cleaner. Also, I've got the feeling there's an Ambient feeling to the music. Vocals seem few and mostly buried deep in the mix. Definately not bad at all, think I still should check out more Control stuff.

Sharpwaist - The Night Of And The Morning After (C20, Nil By Mouth Recordings): To start: nice packaging! Musicwise this is quite suffocating. It seems it's got a lot of vocals and the music itself also feels very 'busy', seems like quite a lot is happening at the same time, withouth being very chaotic though. The last track is calmer and maybe the best one. Think this might need some more listens to sink.


The Leather Nun - Prime Mover/F.F.A. 7" single
Skinny Puppy - Worlock 12" single
Adaptive Reaction - Terminal Hate 7" EP


iron fist of the sun-danny la rue died in his sleep
great tape!


Revisiting the earlier BDN records - "Great Death" LP and parts II and III on CD, "Pain In Progress" ("limited" to 400 copies - I wonder who does those amounts of tapes now?) and "Slaughterhouse Invitation" tapes. Still very engaging material overall and a reminder to why I started listening to this type of music around 1993.


I have done 200 tapes, that will be still re-pressed more. 400... That's pretty brutal, but I guess under certain conditions could be done.
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Was just listening Armon Kuilu 12"... I put out this thing some years ago. Still very fresh to me. And I guess I haven't really "promoted" it within noise, since it isn't exactly "noise", but I'd recommend to check out for those into obscure experimental music. Someone has uploaded whole thing online, so free of charge:

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Ah yes, Armon Kuilu - I procured the CD version from FA a while back solely because of the reference to bands like Art Zoyd and Univers Zero. It's slower and doomier, more ritualistic than mentioned bands - they lack the jazz-exuberance, which I guess can be both positive and negative... The tracks never really lift the way UZ and AZ managed, but still a very nice little minialbum. Was the CD version also your release? Is there any information available about this band - other releases, musicians active elsewhere...?

np: TEUFELSDRÖCKH - raw material from the first session


Deathkey side of BU split tape


Quote from: STREETMEAT on April 14, 2011, 10:11:25 PM
Deathkey side of BU split tape

for all the shit that got flung around troniks, i rather enjoyed Doctrine Of Intolerant Hatred and wish i had grabbed the lmtd 12" when i had a chance. always loved that side best anyways.


Was listening to that cassette today too. I like the BU side better, the build up is great, but as far as Deathkey is concerned it is some of their best material to date. The second track by Deathkey on that tape is haunting shit. My mesh came right off of the bubble wrap envelope, anyone else have this problem? I just glued it back on there, no big deal.

fin de siècle

Cult Of Youth - Cult Of Youth (2011)
Art Abscon(s) - Am Himmel mit Feuer
Art Abscon(s) - Der Verborgene Gott
Blood Axis - Der gefallene Engel
Les Joyaux de la Princesse - Exposition Internationale Paris
Anenzephalia - Ephemeral Dawn
Xeno & Oaklander - Sentinelle
Consumer Electronics - Crowd Pleaser