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this days

BEREFT/WILT split tape

Awesome, hope your digging it.

for me recently it is:
Mondblut:Angsterfülltes Morgen
sector 304--soul cleansing


SKIN CRIME s/t LP (Hospital Productions / Force Of Nature)
Patrick at Self Abuse managed to find a copy for me after searching a while. I'm not really aware of either Skin Crime or the Black Dahlia murders but I think this work is not really representative of Patrick's ordinary work as Skin Crime? However, this is a very good release. Two long tracks which starts with slow echoing metal screeches to build in tension and atmosphere. There is quite little interference of electronic manipulation I guess. Neither side reaches pure noise territory (but b-side has more background monotonous loop sounds) - think more spooky and intense industrial without rhythmic structures. Damn good!

BAND OF PAIN "Argento" LP (Dirter Promotions)
For some reason I never got into hearing Band Of Pain until a few years back when Fin De Siecle Media released a compilation double CD. Mostly I thought is was pretty generic dark ambient with samples etc. but when seeing this LP for cheap I decided to try. Seems to be one of their first works, released in 1994? First side is dark synth "tone" through it all with samples and additional sounds, b-side three quite different tracks made with guitar, voice and even saxophone on last one. Not exactly ambient but more things happening but still pretty dark and cold feel overall, only last track breaks the atmosphere a bit. For repeated listenings.


About these two, I think Skin Crime is indeed great release. I have a vague recollection that there was some release with also similar less distorted aproach? Can't really remember which one. Also CD on Armed & Loaded - very good. Releases like Whorebutcher tape/cdr are masterworks in fierce violent noise.  I remember labels who put out the LP, were talking about re-issue already when it came out, since it sold out within... weeks? or at least couple months. And you'd hope highlights of some band to stay available little longer. But knowing how little SC has interest for re-issues, probably won't happen.

Band of Pain, I first heard on 7", which indeed has sax and all that. I lumped it immediately more into direction of bands like Splintered, Husk and whatever (even if those are VERY different), that the "cold spring dark ambient" what the later cd was. Not bad, though.

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Worship Black Twilight CD-r (Crepusculo Negro)
Good compilation of usbm, especially the Ashdautas and Arizmenda tracks stands out. Last unnamed project is great as well.

Pestdemon - Doppelgänger Tape (Unrest)
Fifth (right?) tape from Pestdemon and the best output so far. As many has mentioned, the B-side stands out the most, with piano samples and strange vocals. One of the most promising "new" Swedish acts i would say.

Yellow Swans - Going Places LP (Type)
Last YS release and the best stuff they ever did. Epic material, sounds like an whole orcherstra blowing big holes in the sky. I really like how they incorporate haunting melodies in the mix, a direction which was noticeable on that last Load album as well but here fully executed. Powerful.


Pogrom - Liberal Cunt
XE/ SS  adr split tape
Snuff - Live
Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck is best when god is dead


Sewer Goddess "with dirt you are one" CD on Black Plague
pretty good indeed. Was this a bit older recording what came out? No recording dates in cover. I like the kind of muddy and suffacting feeling that many tracks have, despite obvious sounds of modern "cheap" digital effects with amp modelling things etc. what make those effects very different than individual pedals. There are also plenty of subtle melodies played on keyboards and there are also sometimes used instruments like bass to deliver slow sludgy "riffs". Makes me think of sunn o))) influences perhaps? It is like Death Industrial done today. There is the instrument use and there is the distorted melody. But luckily their overall atmosphere is most of all dark in the raw way. Its everything else but clear & sharp, which is big advantage. You can always refer some classic names of death industrial, but good thing is SG is that they aren't into 1:1 copy, but there is some actual substance of their own and they also manage to create album with 9 tracks that aren't too alike.
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lambsbread "hollow growth"
dead machines "live frying"


Mania - Insidious And Alone (Freak Animal) tape
All the Mania material I've heard has been superb. This one takes a slightly different approach, more concise and fierce. I understood from Mikko that this is actually older stuff, sounds a bit more PE'ish than the other Mania releases. I'm not familiar at all with Taint but maybe this is from a transitional period? Be that as it may, I'm enjoying this a lot. Dubbing is very much "in-the-red" but it doesn't detract from the sounds in this case.

Kristian Olsson - Att vara där jag var innan jag var jag (Nattmaran) LP
This was described as industrial filth but that's not really how I hear it. A nice balance between almost academic soundscape (well, of the lo-fi and dirty sort), harmony and metal banging. Very atmospheric, thoroughly composed (sounds that way anyway...) and good, I will be listening this for many days to come.

Smell & Quim - The Christmas Album (Industrial Recollections) cd
I've been totally unfamiliar with these guys until now. Big mistake, it seems... Delicious racket they make! Amazingly coherent for what it is.


MANIA "Insidious & Alone" tape- sounds excellant; was suppose to be a LP on another label a couple of years ago. Recorded after "Isolation is Lonely Murder" whatever year that was recorded... Not sure why I did shorter tracks/mildly diff style. Artwork is 2010.

SAINT VITUS "Born Too Late" LP, "Mournful Cries" LP


SS/XE split tape
Coma Detox - Volatile Debasement tape
Hum of the Druid - Raising the New Wing/Braided Industry LP
Pain Nail - Eastern Frontiers 2006 2xtape


ULTRA "Lifestyle" CD (The Ajna Offensive)

Warm-up for the vinyl re-issue of "Roman Holiday" on the resurrected Dom America label. When it comes to Ultra it often seems like comments are always about the LPs - haven't heard much about either "Lifestyle" or "Stain" CDs. Could it be they always were more popular with people having their larger part history in the 80's? Anyway, seems strange it's been 10 years already since the release. This one is more about soundscaping, and the first track is stretched out guitar space outs with brooding industrial undertones. Further on the sounds evolves to more "traditional" Ultra. What i've always admired with Ultra is their sense of doing both darker and gloomier tracks and their more experimental side with cut-ups and a lot of samples. It lacks some of the mock-PE of earlier releases, just a short noisy outburst without vocals at the end of the disc. Well, there is a short track with ONLY vocals in German (in that hot, sexy style, sounds like he's taking a shit!) which could actually be considered power electronics but otherwise this CD is pretty subtle but nevertheless great.


Sacher-Pelz "L. E. Cherz Pas" CD-R (TIBProd.)
I have no idea if this is old, unreleased material or newly recorded material, but it sounds old. Minimal ambient pieces with a primitive industrial touch. Not mind-blowing, but pretty good. A very low price makes this good value for money, despite being a CD-R.

Konstruktivits "N.K.V.D. Compilation" CD-R (Klanggallerie)
Collection of tracks by Konstruktivits and the related N.K.V.D. Really good industrial-tinged abstract ambient pieces. Too bad it is not put on proper CD. If I remember correctly it was pretty expensive too.


Mania "Insidious and Alone" tape (Freak Animal)
Heavy and devastating! I like the "short" tracks, keeping everything focused. This release have everything I like... Crushing bass rumbling, shrieking feedback, metal junk abuse, intense vocals. And it's done with integrity and personality. Highly recommended!

Pogrom "Liberal Cunt" tape (Filth & Violence)
Filth and violence! That sums this tape up. Crude, filthy, misogynist PE with fierce, hateful vocals.


I brought three Ultra CDs with me in the car today after reading Loves post.... after I heard Ultra for the first time I always hunt down whatever I can lay my hands on with them. few groups manage to do such depraved and sleazy music in such perfect way, merging experimental / avantgarde and power electronics...

Roman Holiday - I even had to get an extra copy of this one after playing first one to death. good to hear it finally gets released on format worthy the music. I hope some day they re-issue Live 1986 tape on Dom...
Lifestyle - excellent illustrations and packaging. as bogskagg put it more experimental, still charged with unpleasant vibrations...
Stain - difficult listening I must say... when I first heard this I got disappointed but after some listens it grows like shit in the slaves mouth. more in text/sound tradition but way too explicit content to fall into art category. full of surprises but nothing I'd recommend to new listeners.

Wertham - Sleaze tape: together with tesco cd best works I heard from Depla. very informative booklet and as always from EST extraordinary packaging....


Ex.Order "law of heresy" CD... new master with the missing track here. 10 track in total. Possibly their finest release with nice raw edge to many of tracks, like wow of tapes, analogue fuzzy sounds etc. Heavily loop oriented (which works for me!), but kind of handmade feeling with a lot of effects etc. Will be sent to pressing on monday..

Pogrom "liberal cunt" tape. Indeed, just as described couple messages above. It's brutal. Often based on simple elements of bassy and heavy synthnoise(?) and then fierce feedback/noise and testosterone grunting male vocals. You can easily tell this is some of the good newcomers to the scene. All he got to do, is to find some personality & own elements into material. For lovers of violent PE, its pretty much guaranteed satisfying purchase.
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