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Joachim Nordwall "The Skull Transmitter" tape (Hästen & Korset)
Two side-long drone pieces. The A side is pretty good with quite a heavy and grating sound and some decent progression throughout the track. The B side isn't as good, and I felt the track didn't go anywhere and didn't do much for me. Decent tape, though, thanks to the A side.


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BLOD - Early Three Works
Boxset of 3 professional printed CDrs released by Denzatsu some years ago. Filth noise at maximun levels.

Anyone interested of getting BLOD Red Light Companion box cheap Metamkine have them on sale.


Bizarre Uproar - Mother 2 (my favorite of all 3)
Deathkey - Doctrine of Intolerant Hatred
Men Of The Iron Heel - First Pogrom


vehm - time of violence cs , P.E. done the right way, violence and force !

summum malum - lusitanian evilness cs , recommended for all black metal maniacs here, old tape but perhaps it still can be found (?), one of the best portuguese metal releases of all time

infirmary - corpselike tranquility cs , some of the best HN I´ve heard in a while

trepaneringsritualen - septentrional cs , truly haunted recordings, cursed and disturbing


#229 / Grunt  cassette....great pe stuff, something for IR ?

Hive Mind : a stagnant plague cassette great slow creeping synt, reminding me A LOT of Premature Ejaculation, nice one, pitty he also does loads of crap releases.....

Raksha Mancham : phyidar  cd  great ethnic amblient/experimental.....

two Satellite Clouds cassettes....great synth-in-space stuff, but not prog lol....nice & warm sound.

Belialist 3"cdr....somewhat overlooked collab between Sewer Goddess & Brutophilia....3 tracks ranging from Atrax Morgue pulsing synthstuff (not as hysterical) to deathindustrial to pounding pe with good vocals......little gem imho.

Kord-Monster Apparat-Adolf Filter cassette....concert give-away cassette, analog minimal wave/synthpop in the funny Börft/ufo Mongo etc style....


Grunt/ I have consider to re-issue. Material was very good. But only 100 was done. I still have masters, but it was just C-30 maybe too short to be cd.
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combine with other (related) material, live stuff?

pretty amazing how fresh it sounds


That tape is a killer. I love the two covers. I think I wrote a review of this on the Chondritic forums last year.

but my playlist
Loscil - Triple Point - (CD) relaxing, ambient techno with a touch of dub. More ambient than techno and perfect for reading which is what I've got to do for the next 8 hours...
Branikald - Blikk Av Kald - (CD)fuck tons of reverb, especially on the opener and closer, both being the best tracks in my opinion. Just make me imagine some giant stone citadel, with Brankald in the middle playing all alone. Something out of Tolkien
Narcosis - Best Served Cold: Discography (CD)
Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck Is Best When God Is Dead (cassette)
Nurture Abuse - Nurture Abuse (cassette) Best recorded material yet and more bass than ever which is always a plus in my book. Still I think this group is best live and their set in Brooklyn last week is evidence.


KRAFTWERK "Computer Liebe" on repeat. One of those tracks I can listen to endlessly without getting tired and one of the world's best love songs.


FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS - Fuck Is Beast When God Is Dead CS
VVAA - Nyrkki&Kyrpa CS


During a two hour drive for work. My girlfriend was trying to sleep....

Clinic of Torture - Whip and Pierce
Clinic of Torture - Perversion Bizar
Liver Mortis - 25 Minutes Over Holly
River Magic - Spring Thaw Brings the Fever

River Magic surprised the hell out of me. Besides Vegas Martyrs and the Prurient material on the Akitsa split I never really liked Dominick's stuff. I hope he releases more under this name, I don't really know how far he could take the subject matter though.


Coma Detox - "Volatile Debasement" (cassette)
Sewer Goddess - "The Dejection Veil"  (cassette)


Anenzephalia Tesco Disco: Heavy Electronics II -CD.
The only Anenzephalia disc you need, top of the pops!


Diesel Guitar - Maria tape
M.S.B.R. - Collapseland cd


Burzum Belus (2lp)