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SCREWTAPE - "Day Of Hell" (cass., Solar Anus)


I was pretty impressed by some of the Screwtape stuff. In every other way than the poor presentation of inkjet print covers etc. But music was very good in some CDR's even. Reminding little of noisier days of CCCC. Brutal and harsh, but with some nice "psychedelic" texture in it.

Got to say about Pogrom that forgot to mention that b-side is different. It's like concept work of human moaning & throatfucking malformed into "bubbling" sonic wall with high pitched feedback sounds apprearing once in a while. Which is pretty nice for F&V, like Snuff tape, to have kind of theme/concept audioart on one side and songs on other.

This morning TILE 7" with raw and noisy sludgy noiserock. Kind of slow.. but not really. Kind of groovy way fast, but.. not really. 45rpm 7" just perfect for the two tracks. Gave it spin 4 times on a-side immediately. Material is kind of good reminder for folks of today that if you're doing feedback drenched guitars and sludgy doomish / rocking material you can actually compress your ideas in 3-4 minutes instead of boring the hell out with 20 minute funeral processions with barely 1 riff worth to remember.
Another Kult of Nihilow label release LOINEN tape. Their first release after Petu's suicide. No guitar anymore, but just basses. Loinen is totally unique. It sounds nasty, unpolished and just plain uncontrolled energy. Simple bass riffs, sludgy tempos what occasionally burst into faster hardcore. Home made recording style, lyrics on level of absurdity. A-side is more doomy, B-side is even better. Lyrics is something one can just wonder. "Sementtimylly! Mun ainoa rakkaus! Anna pillua huora!!!". Kind of love story of man with the cementmixer, where the choise of words is pretty much... well, 5-10 words for about 15 minutes. I may be wrong, but my association immediately was like Death Trip or/and Terveet Kädet gone noisy into trend-free sludgecore. While you'd think this is about as uncommercial and nasty as things can get in the genre, label sold all 100 tapes within week or so?? Lucky hunting...
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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on March 14, 2010, 11:43:49 AM
I was pretty impressed by some of the Screwtape stuff. In every other way than the poor presentation of inkjet print covers etc. But music was very good in some CDR's even. Reminding little of noisier days of CCCC. Brutal and harsh, but with some nice "psychedelic" texture in it.

This "Day Of Hell" tape is amazing, being my first exposure to a Screwtape full release makes me want more, listening to this tape repeatedly doesn't gets me tired and today I played 3 times a side plus 2 times the other, full of great elements, totally recommended!


I.B.F. Ideas Beyond Filth [Harbinger] LP
I never got anything with I.B.F. back in the eighties and that is my loss because I.B.F. is exactly the kind of stuff I love. Really good industrial music.
Now I'm going give Dieter Müh The Call a spin which really good musick and highly recommended for your afternoon ritual of te and cookies.

Sewer Goddess

Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on March 11, 2010, 12:25:15 PM
Sewer Goddess "with dirt you are one" CD on Black Plague
pretty good indeed. Was this a bit older recording what came out? No recording dates in cover. I like the kind of muddy and suffacting feeling that many tracks have, despite obvious sounds of modern "cheap" digital effects with amp modelling things etc. what make those effects very different than individual pedals. There are also plenty of subtle melodies played on keyboards and there are also sometimes used instruments like bass to deliver slow sludgy "riffs". Makes me think of sunn o))) influences perhaps? It is like Death Industrial done today. There is the instrument use and there is the distorted melody. But luckily their overall atmosphere is most of all dark in the raw way. Its everything else but clear & sharp, which is big advantage. You can always refer some classic names of death industrial, but good thing is SG is that they aren't into 1:1 copy, but there is some actual substance of their own and they also manage to create album with 9 tracks that aren't too alike.

The material was recorded throughout 09, and yes, there is a doom/sludge influence. The next split release will definitely demonstrate this too a much greater extent.


yesterday and this night

va-black banjo songsters of north carolina and virginia
Skrewdriver -Hail The New Dawn
coma detox-concussed & asphyxiated (popped my cherry with this one and got exited enough to even read an interview of him)
va terror campaign


The Rita / Bone Awl - Split cassette
Pogrom - Liberal Cunt cassette
XE / SS - Split cassette
Narcosis - Discography "Best Served Cold" CD
v/a - Grind Bastards 2


Missing Foundation, their entire catalog.


I have had a Nil By Mouth night and thought to share some thoughts on a label worth checking out. Gone through some new and some old:

Graniopagus: Lithuanian Acceptance - C10
Stylish cassette from Nil By Mouth with the Lithuanian flag colors wrapped in thin strips of tape around the cover. Public celebration of Lithuania, distorted voice on top of the national anthem, a little percussion, C10 - not a lot of candy here, unfortunately. I am most surprised that the lyrics and covers are available in English and not in Lithuanian - that would have been something!

An innocent young throat-cutter: Gliocchi Dentro - C30
Dedicated to the horror filmdirector Bruno Mattei, Remirez and Renzoni offers noise from Texas. Nice and brutal cover, I often find "dead bodies"-layout boring but this one works great to this yellow cassette. Although yellow plastic around so a bit pain for the collector in you to break its wrapping. Eyes Without Face part 1 and part 2 does not feel so innoavtivt as track titles. Part 1 starts quickly and then move into a more middle frequencies, bubbling, almost hypnotic like good ambient. Part 2 contains the film samples and then goes to a dark crackle. A primitive sense that Lille Roger, Z'wai Leumi Irgun etc. does better, this sounds somewhat amateurish. Will give it some more playtime.

Fear Constructor: Philosophy of a conflict - C60
Russian power electronics project, focusing on human history by conflict. Feels analog, synths through pedals, throbbing, chanting voice. One of my favourit releases from this label, well-done. Can unfortunately not say I have an eye on this country's noise project at large, unfortunately. Nice edition, as usual, from NBM! Green plastic bag, 9 gray postcards and spray-painted tape.

Mourmansk 150:Mourmansk 150: La guerre, l'Anarchie et le chaos - CD
Glad to get the booklet with lyrics, been nice to get an explanation also of the French texts and in more detail what is behind some of them ... The layout feels a bit standard now that we are spoiled by previous NBM-editions but looks great. Music-wise, it is industrially and in some quarters PE, aggressive. Vary in quality between the songs, but often reaches a high level. Like especially his voice being in long hours and not the classic PE "short phrases with delay" etc.


PERSONA - "Ruïnes" CD, Marbre Negre


SCREWTAPE - "You Scum" (3"CDr, Solar Anus)
SCREWTAPE - "Wormdung Execration" (4x 3"CDr, Solar Anus)
SCREWTAPE - "Crushing the Entrails Of The Planet" (CDr, Klaustrosignal)

Being all of them great HN I especially liked the PE approach in "You Scum"

Nil By Mouth

Thanks Barrikad for the short reviews :)

On air here: RAMLEH - Valediction
I'm impressed. It's an intense work, heavy and full of claustrophobic atmospheres. A very good come back to the early sound.


Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi box
Dachau Grammophon - Ton Des Todes tape
Dead Reptile Shrine - Burning Black Infinity, N.t.K., A Journey Through The Darkest Of Forests tapes
Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck Is Best When God Is Dead tape (Some of the best noisecore I've heard. Simply filthy and violent. Recommended!)
Golden Geissel - Die Herrin Und Ihr Sklave tape (Ultimately harsh and powerful guitar noise. Recommended!)

Violent Noise Atrocities

Raspberry Bulbs - Finally burst...With Fluid
Ash Pool - world Turned On It's Hinge
Craft - Fuck the Universe
Whitehouse - Asceticists
Pain Jerk - Damaged
Pain Jerk - Fore Skin
Pain Jerk - Gallon Gravy
Pain Jerk - Live At No Fun Fest 2007
Pain Jerk - Cacophony of a Thousand Pleasures


ORDER OF NINE ANGELS - "The Abyss Is The Gate" (C50, narco 006)
KLINIKAL SKUM - "Medicine Grin" (C60, narco 007)
BACHIR GEMAYEL - "Assassination" (one sided C80, narco 008)
FLESH COFFIN - "Demons In The Mist" (C40, narco 009)
WINCE - "Chaude-Pisse" (C20, narco011)
KNULLKRAFT - "Rannstensromantik" (one sided C40, narco012)