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Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on September 16, 2010, 10:47:27 AM
SW 7" is part of the series of 3. All recorded with walkman at rehearsal. 2nd is already done and expected to be released later this year. Really good tracks on that.

Goes to show recording technology is irrelevant when the music is quality. Still I'm surprised by how good this sounds. Excited about the next two.


Quote from: RyanWreck on September 16, 2010, 01:24:00 PM
Am I simply over analyzing it?

IOPS doesn't have one method of presentation. Some of the releases are concept sounds. Your examples are clear, and list is expanded further in future.
For example BU tape, which b-side was simply audio of the spanking session presented in the cover (or better, the special edition card set, which showed the moment of spank, but also results days and week later when bruises developed) is example of artist who chose to do it (or actually was modified by IOPS). But BU itself is not always "concept sound".
In some cases, material operates just in level of good noise, which compliments & tributes the artwork & themes, but doesn't directly try to imitate it with sound itself. I would find it foolish if everything follows same routine, perhaps even leading eventually into uselessness of various project names by same group of people. There is a wide variety of sounds and approaches to be issued on IOPS sooner or later.
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BizarreSSMania - What's Your Pleasure, Sir? Very fine LP. Up to now I seem to discover new elements every time I listen to it, so that definately is a good case. Nice looking layout. The cover smells funny though, hehe...

Sewer Goddess - Verdigris 7" Good stuff, as expected from Sewer Goddess, yet no two releases sound the same. Nice layout as well.

Sewer Election - Bristning LP Definately a different approach to noise or something along these lines, but definately captivating.

Alfarmania - Bottenskrapet PicLP LP looks great, fine music as well.

Con-Dom/Militia - Scorched Earth Policy CD Don't like all tracks from Con-Dom, but some of them are definately very good. Militia is great stuff.

The Vomit Arsonist - Wretch CD Very good stuff as well, nothing really extreme, but great dark atmospheres. Interesting project to follow.

Asides from that a load of Metal stuff, such as
Blood Storm - Ancient Wraith of Ku
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze split
Grave Miasma - Exalted Emanations
Akitsa/Nocternity 7"
Imynvokad - Ad Ordines Descendens 7" (great Black Metal, recommended)


Hated Perversions:  Nice compilation. Not very familiar with most of the acts on it, but there's some quite nice stuff on it. Great layout, sick booklet!

Degerating Finland DVD: Friend asked to order it for him with my last order from FA, watched it myself first. Good overview of the Finnish noise/PE scene, I guess. Some great stuff, some less interesting, but overall I liked this DVD. My friend is a big fan of Nihilist Commando, but I guess he's up for some surprise, haha, guess he'll like the noise though.

Halthan - Corrupt tape: Ordered this because I like his tracks on the Manifestations on the Road to Death comp. Definately no disappointment, stuff reminds me quite a bit of The Grey Wolves, which isn't bad at all.


Necrophiliacs mLP, early 90's german grind/hc whatever. Infest cover hardly gives much indication of their own style. Was there WBI connection? Certainly the chaotic and clumsy touch so good in old grind vinyls.

BBC grinding madness 3xCD, fuck... essential! Peel Sessions collected from Napalm Death, Carcass, Unseen Terror, Godflesh, Bolt Thrower, etc.. extensive booklet with mr. Harris in memorylane to amusing details. Just listened 4 tracks of Godlesh and damn it is good! Fierce versions of tracks from albums. Way before the dull "dub" influence creeping in. Both Thrower with their over-speeding thrash, before they reached trademark sound. And obviously Napalm Death being possibly at their best in these recordings. Two first ones and split with SOB only ones that can compete. Unseen Terror is also clearly at their best. 100x better than album on Earache.

Der Sturmer "Iron Will & Discipline" 7". Got and heard all the rest, seen them live couple of times. This was the last missing piece of their discography and now void is filled. And I just dare to say that maybe, they happen to be at their best here. Simply due its a 7" with decent amount of RAC type midpaced crushing besides the high speed drum machine carnage.

Ronnie Sundin "sunspots" LP. Had not heard from Sundin's work for quite some time, but when got spam that there was this ltd to 50 pressed LP (no lathe cut), though this is probably the time to catch up. Quiet electo-acoustic sound. Bassy tones that sound like electronic cable just broke. Crispy nearly glicthy electronic cracles. And so on. Decent LP. I know years ago I would have hated it, but nowadays have learned to appreciate.
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The New Blockaders / Mama Baer split LP
TNB is their 2010 recordings, nice stuff. Noisy, yet more into crackling and scraping than smashing and distorting. It's Rupenus, Durgan and Huebner in line-up.  Mama Baer is pretty much plain horrible. Child-like electro acoustic making no sense to me, I guess its main thing in their work, though?

V/A Swedish Contemporary Music LP
I guess released sometime in early 80's? Found this for 100jpy (c. 1 euro) in Japanese shop last spring. Mats Persson, Jan Sandström and Lars Sandberg pieces are pretty much the contemporary piano chaos. Nothing very exciting. 15 minute piece of Tommy Zwedberg abusing tape manipulation, is suddenly much much better and makes the LP worth to keep. Piece comes from late 70's.
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JOE COLLEY "Disasters of self" 3LP BOX [Crippled Intellect Productions]

Just listened first LP and so far very good. Very varied between intense and laid back atmosphere. Also very good pressing quality!


been on ride of CURRENT 93! "Swastikas For Noddy" LP, and the new double LP. I was very supriced how good new album actually is! It's kind of preparation to get my hands into monstrous 8xLP box set on Vinyl Of Demand, which I have not yet dared to touch. Probably not necessary to really comment C93 material, but perhaps only that if you never heard it yet, should be one of those necessities in underground to check at least something. Total trip to bizarro music.
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Praying for oblivion " turm schweigen" cd
zola jesus  stridulum II
autechre movie of ten 2x 12"
A SYNTHETIC HISTORY OF E.M.A.K. 1982 - 88 2x12"
Monte Cazazza THE CYNIc 12"


Also a friend of mine has just bought 22.000 records ( 99.99 shit house 12" from mid 90's) i spent 5hrs crate digging and apart from the shocking amount of C & C music factory records and minny vanilly dance megamix's  i found a buntch of  cabaret voltaire and PTV 12". I think gen has had many a musical mid-life-crissis in his confused musical career ..but some of them PTV "acid" records are total dogshit.Not even covers tho (PTV crosses and skulls) and only a £1 each.


Order of Nine Angels - Possession (2008)
For the most part I can't stand HNW for that long, and I never go out looking for Wall releases. Order of Nine Angels is different to me and there is more style and evolution going on here than on any other Wall Noise release I have encountered (but that is a low number so don't put too much thought behind that). A layer starts, another gets added, simple enough. But instead of being boring and yawning off to sleep I find myself glazing over into catalepsy. The ritualistic and unhallowed atmosphere is fully present here and you can feel it, you nod off into the astral and become it. One strange release indeed and I hope to track down the other Order of Nine Angels material even though it is all so damn limited.


- VA vancouver 2x7"

- atrax morgue "her guts / sinfonia per un sadico" 7"

- sexdrome 7"

- noise "reh.22/sept/96" 7"

- NZZN "trip fixe" 7"

- anal cunt / psycho 7"

- no balls "problems that will solve themselves" 7"


My favourite war criminal Arkan's missus does for me in a big way today. Shunned by the rest of the world she's still a big hit in the Balkans and it's easy to understand why. She's the dream woman. I would love to work with her!
Först när du blottar strupen ska du få nåd, ditt as...


rumination / bestalizer cs...this is fuckin´evil..


Lots of d/l's:

Drunkdriver- s/t, born pregnant
This is Boston, not L.A.
John Duncan- blind date (not as interesting as i'd hoped but nice to finally hear)
Jacula- debut from '69
Hour of 13- ritualist
Pagan Altar, Tank, GISM, Warning, Siege, Birthday Party...