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I'd gladly take a Portion Control box off any unappreciative hands! The "I Staggered..." LP was always a favorite of mine.


Quote from: Tommy Carlsson on August 07, 2010, 07:11:06 PM
re: C93 boxes on VOD.
Just a thought. If there is anything Current 93-related that has remained unreleased to this day, then there is probably a very good reason for it.

haha, Tommy, just my thought of this set. I usually more or less by reflex buy any new C93 vinyl that gets in my way, but this one sounded like leftovers served on silver plates. (and "pale queens..." always was my least favorite record by them to start with) Just grabbed the "emblems" lp and even that somewhat confirmed this, some really good tracks on it but very uneven. Loved the latest proper C93 lp though and also the picture 12" released at the same time.

Tommy Carlsson

Personally I really wouldn't mind if VOD halted the whole OTT luxury-box thing they have been getting into lately. The NWW and C93 boxes are ridiculously "special". I think there is way too much focus on packaging, and perhaps not enough on content. This goes for a lot of labels, not just VOD, mind you.

Having listened to both of the C93 boxes, there were some pretty nifty moments on them. The Tokyo concerts in particular have some great tracks (terrible version of This ain't the summer of love not being one of them). I also quite dug some of the looped music tracks, although most of them are ruined by Tibet's yammering vocals. I hadn't heard the Christ + the pale queens 2LP before, and the side-long instrumental track of looped violins + percussion from that one was actually right up my alley.


very nice compilation


einsturzende neubauten - silence is sexy (2xCD)
einsturzende neubauten - 2x4
dark castle - flight of pegasus ep
zoroaster - voice of saturn
conspiracy of owls - s/t
jawbone - as unmarked graves (demo)
the killing years - 2010 demo
orient is his name - mea culpa ep
spiritualized - songs in A & E

+ backworld - "come sunday morn"
a cover of "goddamn the sun" by some guy
the national - "bloodbuzz ohio"
the beatles - "let it be"
pete fosco - live cover of "suicide" by spacemen 3


Hooked on Japanese psych lately...

White Heaven - Out CD (PSF)
The Stars - A Perfect Place To Hideaway CD (Pedal) - I cannot and will not stop listening to this. Subway (aka Nightwalker) is the song.
Boris - Smile LP (DIW Phalanx/Southern Lord) - mixing and matching the two different sets

and a bit of doomcore to mix it up
Manga Corps - War Dancer 12" (IST)


Mutant Ape - Black Dog'T North - Great release.  Solid PE/ noise. Production sounds awesome as well
Operation Miranda - Children Pornography Review - boring
Loren Mazzacane Connors - Airs - really powerful guitar work, never get tired of it


Quote from: pt on August 13, 2010, 05:32:32 PM

Operation Miranda - Children Pornography Review - boring

I agree. I paid far too much for what it was.


Hvide Sejl - Dignity - Definitely getting better with each release but still too minimal for my personal preferences. Very light maneuvering of drones and ambient noise. It needs something more dominating to spill out of the stagnation.

Slogun - Ever Mistake A Little Deeper - Slogun sticks to a very rigorous template of simple, low-end crunch and assertive, high in the mix, vocal stabs. Here, in this short 2 song CDr, we are exposed openly to strong vocal attacks that tower over the noise, which is fairly simplistic in its approach. Track 1 is pretty much just vocals over a long conversation with a girl, the second track "Gutter Lane" is also quite reserved when it comes to the noise and shows off the vocals without any interruption. I like this formula for Slogun and hope to hear more material from him that feels like it.


SEWER GODDESS-  "Verdigris" 7" on Baseborn lim to 73 copies;  Best I've heard from her which isn't alot, just comp trax & the 12" Baseborn rel'd a year or so back. Heavy death industrial, nice spoken/whispered vocals, percussive low-end, nice synth action. Def wanted more after a couple of repeated listens. Packaging is a little lackluster though....


BIG SITI OOKESTRA "New beat for baby" CD-R [Negative Foundation]

Not the most prolific label, Juri of Mnem's Negative Foundation... 4 releases in the last 11 years! More labels should have that pace. First six tracks is comprised of their trademark strange sound of loopings, both from toys and other more concrete sources and machinery - pretty dark and gloomy. Rest of tracks up to 47 is just very short sound collages, mainly samples. Any other recommendations of their work is appreciated. Always hard to pin down but everything has been more or less enjoyable.

Violent Noise Atrocities

Tied To An Abuse - Compilation      (one of the best releases i have gotten this year)
Black Leather Jesus - Machofucker
Mutant Gender Relationship - demo
Black Chapel - demo
Marduk - Rom 5:12
Painful Vigil - Bad Memories
Aaron Dilloway - Recycled


Ethnic Acid - Power Works -- Haven't heard much mention of this, but this is really great noise/pe


Been on a bit of a Swiss trip today.

OP Recths - Murder Report LP. Yeah I like this. Classic style power electronics from the late eighties. Looooong Ed Gein tribute.
Tappava Günder 7" "File under psychedelic power electronics" I can't say my collection of psychedelic power electronics is anywhere as big as it should have been. Weird stuff this. Somewhere between performance art and power electronics.
NJD 10" More weirdness from Switzerland. Titles in Swedish although Mun i håla sounds very strange in Swedish. I think the backbone is guitar drones mixed up with some concrete sounds. More psychedelic to my ears than Tappava Günder. Good. I need to listen to this more often.