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Quote from: ConcreteMascara on March 25, 2011, 09:13:32 PMListening - V/A - FILTH LP - Beastly. Too good to be so limited I think. I guess you had to quick, lucky or fanatic to get a copy...? Not generally a fan of Ramirez related projects but the Priest in Shit track is punishing. BU material is similar to the WOM Split and the Deathkey Split. And N12 does not disappoint, even harsher than I expected. Hopefully new full length will have tracks like this!

Agreed. I'm not too familiar with Ramirez's projects but on this very release, Priest in Shit delivers great, fierce noise.

What I don't get is having entire silk screened back cover filled just with the label logo. BU/Deathkey split had such too. Minor detail but still...
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Quote from: niko penttinen on March 25, 2011, 08:43:02 PM
Quote from: ConcreteMascara on March 25, 2011, 08:06:41 PM
I'd say another mail-collab worth mentioning is the BizarreSSmania LP.

aint heard it, ive hold it in my hands and smelled it

haha, yes. That one has a unique smell indeed. Probably a special kind of ink they used to print on that heavy board?

But yes, that collab is fucking great. It never gets old.


Bereft - Chlanna Nan Con Thigibh Aso's Gheibh Sibh Feoil (C20, Destructive Industries): Yeah, I copied that title, haha... After the first listen, I felt like: is this all? Why? Because it's a minimal recording, monotonous tracks as well. But after every listen it seems to get better. Cool vocals in the covers as well (I don't like you!!!). Funny thing, think I know more pe covers of Skrewdriver by now, than I know Skrewdriver material itself.
I heard that Malignant (if I'm not mistaken) is going to re-release the split with Sewer Goddess on CD, that's definately something to look forward to.

V/A - Tied To An Abuse (C48+C50, Nil By Mouth Recordings): Great packaging, I really like the booklet! Bought this because it has some artists I wanted to hear more from and others which I wanted to check out (always the best reason for me to get a comp.). After a first listen, I certainly was not disappointed. Different styles are represented, some noise, some power electronics, some death industrial. Worthy purchase!

Abnegate - Vassalage (C20, Danvers State Records): Good PE, good gritty filthy stuff with some nice feedback. Female vocals that remind me a bit from some of the Sewer Goddess vocals. Anybody knows whether this act is working on other releases?

Anal Barbara/Funeral Mongoloids (C20, Untergeschoss): Got this for a friend, but since the people involved are known for their other acts, I gave it a listen. Conclusion from listening to this (and other stuff) is that noisecore isn't my cup of tea really...

Just for the record, on the Metal side, stuff like:
Grave Miasma - Realm of Evoked Doom, Apocalypse Command - demo 2006, Absu - In the Eyes of Ioldanach, Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer, Vasaeleth - Adorned & Irridescent, Motörhead - Motörizer, Proclamation - Execration of Cruel Bestiality. All great stuff of course.

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CORPUSCLE - Loam Drape C30
NEGRU VODA - Vald De Luxe 3xCD
LUSTRATION - Goetic Invokator


Aaron Dilloway - Second Foul
Regression - The End of the Day
Terry Riley - Les Yeux Fermés & Lifespan
Heinz Hopf - II
Eric Lunde - How close one is to the center, if I took the earth, without changing its mass, and compressed it smaller
Naked City - Absinthe
Intrinsic Action - II
Josh Lay - Rotted Afterlife
Cranioclast - Lost in Karak
Klaus Schulze - Picture Music
Burzum - Burzum
Skullflower - This Is...
Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever
Aidan Baker - Book Of Nods
Nadja - Touched
Coil - The Ape of Naples
Tangerine Dream - Green Desert
Cluster & Eno - s/t
Sky Burial - Dream Decimator (test pressing - approved!)


Quote from: andy vomit on March 27, 2011, 01:47:58 AMDEFILER - V.III CD-R
How is this? Got his tape on Death Posture Ritualis from a couple of years ago, that was some good dark ambient stuff...


Eric Lunde - Colorado Terrain Investigation
Lo-fi noise and racket and lots of topography(?!) field recordings, samples and images.
Weird album in a good way.

+ Lots of: Alchemy of 21st century, Haare, Ashley C, Dissecting Table and Brandkommando Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial & Experimental Label.

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Quote from: Ashmonger on March 27, 2011, 01:52:33 PM
Quote from: andy vomit on March 27, 2011, 01:47:58 AMDEFILER - V.III CD-R
How is this? Got his tape on Death Posture Ritualis from a couple of years ago, that was some good dark ambient stuff...

it's very, very good.  murky and fuckin dark ambient/industrial.  three tracks feature john from STEELHOOK PROSTHESES, and there's collaborations with CAMISOLE and T.O.M.B.  recommended.

Violent Noise Atrocities

Marduk - World Funeral
The Vomit Arsonist - Reciprocation
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Merzbow - Pulse Demon
Merzbow - 1930
Merzbow - Merzbeat
Kiss - Alive
Fuck Patrol - Contact
Sick Seed - The Great Corrupter
Custodian - I
Aske - Saatan Legio / Goatfuck
Khold - Hundre Ar Gammal
Pain - Dancing With the Dead
Bizarre Uproar - Musta Rotta
Endstille - Hundre Ar Gammal
Gelsomina - Disease With A Purpose
Grain Belt / Wince - Live In the Twin Cities

Mattias G

Catherine Christer Hennix-The electronic Harpsichord CD (Die Schachtel)
Ryan Bloomer-In Response To A Threat CS (Harsh Head Rituals)
Lionel Marchetti & Seljiro Murayama-Hatali Atsalei (Intransitive)
Moniek Darge-Soundies (selected work 1980-2001) CD & Crete Soundies CD (Kye)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescallet-Air Supply CD (Erstwhile)
SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE-AKTION 961123/970223 LP (Tochnit Aleph)
FORERUNNERS-Swedish electronic and concrete music 1955-65 CD (FYLKINGEN)
G*Park-Reuters LP (Tochnit Aleph)
Sten Hanson-Text Sound Compositions LP (FYLKINGEN)
Dan Fröberg/Joachim Nordwall-Plays Rönnells Antikvariat LP (Håll Tjäften/Rönnells)
Dylan Nyoukis-Carrion Hut LP (Singing Knifes)
Kevin Drumm-Impish Tyrant CD (DAGDA)


Control "deadly sins" CD - Good, yet very much in tradition of what he has done for long time. Maybe little new things could be included. Not perhaps progression, but slight changes in the sounds and how songs are build? It appears to be STRONGLY compressed. It has thing exploding quality where every layer of sound is competing which can be on the top. It's still unique, but in moment of thinking which album to listen to, it doesn't make so much difference what choice is made. All are good, but I'd hope something slightly different for change. Even if it would be.. less good?

GRIM "5eyes" tape
I'm sorry to say but Japanese grim may have experienced the same faith as for example Mauthausen Orchestra. This comeback material is lightyears behind what they used to be in 80's. Shame. Only couple good moments of percussive industrial beats with their trademark throaty vocals. Rest of material, not good at all.

Jeph Jermann/ dough theriault CD
2010 release on russian label. Celebration of pretty quiet and microscopic electro-acoustic. Not bad, but quite immemorable.  

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DIE KREUZEN "Big Bad Days" 7"
With members of Boy Dirt Car, found this locally and I thought 5,- for the 7", I'll give it a shot! One side is kind of... ehmm grunge related rock? Other side acoustic tune. I'm no expert on this field, yet I did like it. Old 7"s do have charm in them whatever the style..

NIHILISTICS "bad...dirty...hate" LP
Scummy punk rock from '89. Used to play cover song of this with one of my old bands c. 15 years ago? With songs about hate, killing, black leather, etc.. how can you go wrong!

VMTK "sikahuora" 7"
Year 1990 in Finnish HC and this has members known (before or after) Rytmihäiriö, Uutuus, Wind of Pain, Anal Intruder, Forca Macabra etc. But this set some standards on the asshole attitudes in punk. Towards "scene" itself. Title track itself is such macho manifest and follows anti-vegetarian, anti-straight edge songs and general lyrics about killing and waving middle finger to all directions. Vegetaristi - paskaa päässä!  So when just about every turd of finnish hc/punk has been re-issued, where is re-issue of this?!?

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Shift - Bulk Could be my favorite one from Shift. The tittle and the cover descibes the sound very well: like a big, concrete made building. Really beautiful.

BT.HN - Her Serpent I got to know this project by the 12" released by Dogma Chase. Vitiated was indeed something very different from this (and all other previous?) releases, Her Serpent being much more pure harsh noise. Thick layer of noise covers everything while quite a lot is happening lower in the mix.

Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on March 28, 2011, 10:27:24 AMVMTK "sikahuora" 7"
So when just about every turd of finnish hc/punk has been re-issued, where is re-issue of this?!?

Just about everything from the 80s, much less from early 90s. Also some members of the band may object doing reissues or the master tapes may be lost - both of these apply eg. to Uutuus material (same era, some same members).
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Halthan/Brandkommando (C40, R.O.N.F. Records): Halthan side: first track is quite noisy and intense, for Halthan, best track on this side. The others are more in the style of the Corrupt tape, but a bit less good than that tape. Last track, don't really know what to think of it. Brandkommando side: hadn't heard Brandkommando prior to this tape. Rather calm stuff indeed, but with a dark, rather ominous vibe to it. Might be worthwile to check some of his other stuff out.

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Kaaos - Ismit LP - glad to have the extra tracks, but I don't like how they dropped them onto each side end - should have listened to the 10".
Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades
Wolfpack - Lycanthro Punk - how difficult is it to find the LP, and how much can I expect it to be?
Meanwhile - Remaining Right
Meanwhile - The Road to Hell
Meanwhile - Reality or Nothing
Slaughter Strike - At Life's End
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