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The Body - I've Seen All I Need To See
There is much to like about this, guitars sounding like sandpaper, blown out production to the point of absurdity, slow drumming with lots of reverb, heavy usage of effects, it crawls and slugs forward like a fat snail during a dark and rainy night.....yet I will never be able to appreciate this guys vocals...does he use copious amounts of nitrous oxide before each recording session? Does he eat crows in the morning? Anyway, it sounds like a joke to me and totally kills the vibe of the record, although the guest vocalist is much better. I don't get it. But for those liking ultra lo-fi sludge, recommended!

Blessed Sacrifist - Loss of Innocence
Listening to this after hearing the Harsh Truths episode about this project. So hearing it this album is a monumental project with 7 years in making (on and off) and is therefore a major milestone in the discography of this artist. However I know very little about previous works, you can tell there is gone much time and effort into carving and sculpting this piece into a holistic album, despite it being recorded over the course of many recording sessions. But can there be something as too much sculpting?

It's a great album for sure. There are really strong tracks and moments throughout, I like the variety and all the different ideas put into this, the emotional heaviness and how beautiful the album actually is. But I also think most of the tracks are a bit on the long side and sometimes it flows and flows, but the tension or a kind of dread is missing. Something like a crescendo to an outburst or climax, and yes it's there, but very sporadic. Ambient flow has the overtone. Maybe it is also not the point of the album to hit you in the stomach, but it would be nice! Too nice, I think this album is too nice for me. Still, great listen!
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Eigen Bast

Gauntlet Ring - As Far as the Light Will Die CS (Self Released)
Mysterious and somewhat hyped up black metal from NYC. 5 demos in 1 year and the 2 I have heard are excellent. This release is a full length of black metal in the vein of Abyssic Hate/90's No Colours records. Mid-tempo, well produced, well placed synths, shrieked vocals. The tracks are well composed, with shorter than average runtimes that keep good ideas from becoming boring. If you told me this came out in 97 I'd believe it. Hopefully a full length is in order with wider availability. Clearly the product of someone with vision and taste. Tastefully packaged with a loose razor blade.

Tweaker 229 - Tweaker 229 CD (Pain Records Hardcore)
New hardcore techno label out of NYC's 2nd release. Hard hitting industrial trance. It's a style I dig so there's a few amateurish moves bugged me a bit (don't fuck with your tempo a bunch early on in the song/some awkward introduction of new elements/transitions) but it gets points for trying to be true to the burned CD and PLUR era of hardstepping techno. Goes hard and doesn't outlast it's welcome. I will keep an eye on these dudes as there is a clear love for something that hasn't been "cool" since the mid-90s.


Volks Musik Kapelle 10"
Too good to stay in obscurity. Ikazuchi members short lived studio project? Anyway, this is hard hitting, brutal Japanese RAC with German lyrics, almost artistic level in some way.

Zeno Marx

Lefthandeddecision - Without Life 1997 - Mr.Blankenship was high quality from the start - all his early work deserves a re-release, but it would have to be a box set or on bandcamp.  1997-1999 era.
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Concrete Mascara – Bilharzia

Finally listening to this short EP, sorry for the wait Frank!

A very different offering from CM with them being much more constraint and experimental with sound. Of course, this does not mean them being subtle, but it's a much calmer experience than the much more direct and louder Perennial Disappointment ‎or the more extreme and painful Repression. For the first two tracks this works really well, we begin with a synth-driven opener and then we have a track that build tension upon it's release in the end. Third and fourth track are more experimental with CM trying different sounds and dynamics, but it doesn't work for me, it lacks direction and sound to much like unworked demo tracks that should be left at that, demo tracks. Probably it's also because the harsh and direct sound profile of CM doesn't really work for more experimental offerings. Not for me at least.

Afterthoughts? It's really short, but it lacks the sweet.
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Hum Of The Druid - Trials

Haven't listened to this album for more then a decade, but I immediately remembered why I bought it. Great choice of sounds, interesting arrangements and beautiful, crunchy textures. This is not an overly harsh album (though it can be at times), but there is strength and force buried in the sound. Beautifully executed, simple packaging.


Deutsch Nepal - Deflagration Of Hell
Prelest - Brought Low
Nigredo - Carmina Defunctorum
Lampir - Awaiting The Predatory Dreamscape


Quote from: -NRRRRK- on February 09, 2021, 02:23:48 PM
Hum Of The Druid - Trials

Haven't listened to this album for more then a decade, but I immediately remembered why I bought it. Great choice of sounds, interesting arrangements and beautiful, crunchy textures. This is not an overly harsh album (though it can be at times), but there is strength and force buried in the sound. Beautifully executed, simple packaging.

Browsing the artist Bandcamp after seeing it mentioned here and elsewhere. Pretty good stuff, raw and dirty metal junk sounds combined with interesting and somehow eerie melodic parts. (Industrial / ambient)


Seekness ‎– Devious Destiny CD - Re-Load Ambient, 1995 - it is mind-boggling to me that this album is 26 years old now. It first came to my attention about 10 years ago by a previous forum user and I've been enjoying it ever since. A very effective mixture of sample heavy dark ambient with a smattering of 303 acid. The samples are obscure enough to keep it out of corny territory the entire time and the acid is reserved enough to keep from scaring away anyone here. It feels like a soundtrack to a '90s sci-fi/post apocalyptic film that's better than the film itself. I recently review Xenonics K-30 and it feels like the much cooler and relaxed older brother to that album. Not nearly so brash and unrefined. Reminds me of first (?) album "Neuroscan Organization" too, as in, not your average dark ambient. I also imagine that most if not all of it was created without a DAW and it makes the compositions that much more impressive. Highly recommended for those who like dark ambient that doesn't sound like just computer generated bass swells.

Soloman Tump

I am currently enjoying the various artists compilation "19 Beläten — En Sommar Av Plåga" which was released last summer.
The tape is sold out but you can find the digital here:-

A good blend of industrial, post-punk, ritual repetition and German industrial electronics.  I often enjoy V/A compilations to this effect, they expose me to new artists and styles I would not normally listen to.


C.C.C.C. - Amplified Crystal II 2CD (New Forces, 2020)
Very very grateful to finally hear this thing. I still want the old tape, but I can definitely live with this classy edition. This re-treatment of the LP material sounds bigger, sharper, louder. Not prepared to say better than Amplified Crystal, but given that it's new to my ears, I'm beyond excited. It's alot to digest, and it's too early for me to spew more words on it. The old LP suffers a bit from low volume though, and I've always felt it could be so much more. As if the picture was slightly cropped by a reckless frame maker. A CD reissue of the LP in the same fashion as this (remastered, beautifully designed) would be quite something...
Also excited to hear the expanded Test Tube Fantasy, whenever it comes out. What an amazing 7" that is! A single that somehow almost feels like an entire album.

Major Carew

MOOZHEAD - 'Sinematic Pleasures' Tape (Satatuhatta)

Six tracks of what on the surface is rather minimal, but turn the volume up and there's loads going on underneath. Crumbling and overdriven sound. Each track is just the right length to keep your attention given the approach. Love the cover art with all the eyes giving different expressions.

MOOZHEAD - 'Beyond Faith' tape (Freak Animal)

Similar to the above, a shorter tape, with more dynamics, details & changes. More metal junk sound (or similar?) mixed in but heavily driven into 4-track oblivion (?) Vocals / Voices (?)

Both tapes keep you guessing as to what's going on, and require multiple listens. Just the right length given the approach. Highly recommended.

Virgin Entrails tape

Bloody great.Well presented. Very harsh. Sounds like something very powerful but contained, slow moving but somehow extremely high energy at the same time. Perfectly restrained. Tactile & modulating electronic sounds mixed in to contrast with the harsh feedback and overdriving parts. Not sure if Concrete Mascara plans to go more in this direction but very much enjoyed this approach. I'll have to pick up the other two releases from the project at some point.

Other listening:

Re listening to a tape of source sounds sent from a metal fabrication worker in the US which among other things has recordings of gas forges, hammers on an anvils (with different weighted anvils) and a very pleasant sounding bench grinder.


THE RITA - Linked Arms And Touching Torsos (Obsessive Fundamental Realism)

Got this CD through a trade recently. Pro pressed in jewelcase with full-color cover, backcover and inlay.
One 45+ minute track of his ballet-inspired noise. Starting with some seconds of a classical piece without effects or distortion, then suddenly switching to the sound THE RITA is known for. Thick, low-end heavy layers in the background, sounding like white-noise through a Big Muff with crunchy, mid-heavy layers on top. Source material is not recognisable any more. Since I like the usual THE RITA sound I really enjoyed this CD as well.

Fistfuck Masonanie

Scald Hymn - Instance of Home (TRONIKS)

I'm liking this, there is personality here. Overblown smashing of junk and mangling of metal that is well paced and not peeling your face just because he can, but there is a unique timing and restraint in the destruction. In certain tracks there is an improvised stringed instrument layered in with the noise. Not academic in any sense but feels punk in energy and attitude somehow. Really enjoyed the first listen and excited to see what else is revealed on the next few spins.

I'm also feeling a little nostalgic as it seems the artist lives in Western Massachusetts and I lived there as well for a number of years. There has always been a unique space carved out for artistic expression in the surrounding communities. There used to be some good shows in the area and I saw Bastard Noise and Sickness play out there years ago.