PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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I have been  rather pleaded with Grunt's recent efforts to incorporate VIDEO into the music.
I am excited to see where Mikko takes this new endeavor as the video content becomes more complex.

The videography is by all means stellar. His years of photography discipline shines through here.
He certainly knows his way around a camera.
Content will likely develop into something more, with more intricate plot lines and content.

It is definitely a step in the right direction.
Grunt has always been the most inspiring music project / band for me, personally.
It has had the biggest impact on my desire to venture down a similar road.
So, I am rather stoked.
I eagerly await what he has in store.


here's a playlist for five performances I did last year in a row. I made all the videos for these shows and played different things each night.
Cognitive Gridlock is the "basic" set I had at the time. Junk, tapes, guitar noise, etc.
How To Be A Body Without A Thought was some guitar/drum noise.
Landscapes of Nothing was less noise and more my usual experimental "industrial gagaku".
Different Mechanics was made using my body, amplified typewriter, junk, saxophone.
No Mind was more of a meditation, but clearly I chose the wrong time and place to do this one.

All of these are live recordings from the space they were done.

Andrew McIntosh

Shikata ga nai.


Here's couple videos from two really fun nights.

This is full gig from last years Kammottava ääni, sähköinen ääni II

And these two are older ones from Vantaa. That was a rather weird and interesting evening.