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Old Berlin group which appearently didn't record much. Nice mix between tape experiments and more straightforward monotone punk/wave with both male/female vocals. You don't hear tunes like this anymore, that's for sure...


super-basic listening needs arise when hung over...

bizarreSSmania LP
mauthausen orchestra "they never learn" LP
darkthrone "a blaze in the northern sky" CD
tortured hooker TAPE
flooded church of asmodeus TAPE
whitehouse "erector" LP
jandek "end of it all" CD
streicher, CDs on IR


got a lot of tapes in the mail this week that I've been listening to today:

BU - Lily the Flesh
XE - SS-Division Wiking/Tampere Skinheads 1983
Men of the Iron Heel - First Pogrom
Felony Sexual Assault - Power to Humiliate
Pleasure Fluids - Scenes of Consequence
Liver Mortis - Pleasure Ground / Master Coming B/W The Ideal Pain-Forms

Ride for Revenge - King of Snakes LP (finally got this after a long search)
Deicide - Legion


Quote from: RG on June 20, 2010, 05:26:46 AM
Deicide - Legion

Happened to get pile of Deicide CD's to my shop. I had always the attitude of demos & 1st album being good, and "legion" barely tolerably, and rest simply shit. During the years you start to realize such "only demo and 1st album are good", is such a stubborn attitude of some metalheads, that should give band opportunity to develop & become something else too.
Well, when I put the "In Torment In Hell" CD on player (2001 album) I could not believe my ears how SHITTY it was. Recorded at Morrisound,... in 4 days? Supposedly short time, but how come it can sound so weak? Crappy songs, lame vocal arrangements and ridiculous sound. Not to mention poor covers. When giving "Once upon a cross" playtime, I recall I was quite surpriced back in the day that it had TRevor Brown artwork. It is much better. But still seems like lightyears from power of the debute...  Legion I still keep, but hardly ever listen to. Deicide & Amon, essential in fast brutal dm.

Government Alpha & PBK CD
collaboration based on studio improvisations they did on 2004 tour. It is decent, but I think only last track strikes really as great. And it is perhaps more standard with massive metal junk sounds. There are too many moments where sound seems like purely digital. Like line-in chaos-pad or such. If this was amplified, and then recorded, it could get more feeling. Not bad cd, but from two such a masterminds, you'd hope much better!
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Azoikum "human maggot scum" tape

One of the kind noise/pe records I miss in nowadays scene..


luasa raelon- VAMPYR of the beast
-loved the cover and I thought id be all over this but it was a little boring being possibly only synth sounds. could have used more eerie melodies and other sounds. but it was ok.


BODY CARGO "Echoes" tape (Autarkeia)
I had the volume too low at first, which made the music sound very bland and uninteresting. But, after turning it up considerably I started liking this quite a bit. The music on "Echoes" is fairly muted and low profile. The sound is quite "loose" and spacious... but the murky, dirty qualities to the sounds make me want to use the word "cavernous", instead of "spacious", which I feel give the wrong idea about the atmosphere. Most of the sounds used are quite muted and subdued, as if heard through a wall or something. This gives a certain feeling to the music, which I like, but at the same time it makes the tracks a bit similar and they don't really grab hold of the listener. The presence of a throbbing pulse in some of the tracks helps somewhat in this matter, though. All in all, a quality release, but something I feel works better as background music, for me at least.

BODY CARGO "Posthum" tape (Autarkeia)
This tape is much more varied in sound than "Echoes" and also contains more in-your-face types of sounds. It made me listen more intently! The murky atmosphere is still here, but there are other sounds used as well, that give more focus to the tracks. The second track of the A side even has (recogniseable) vocals and a quite rough attitude throughout the track. The most obviously PE-oriented track of both tapes! The first track on the B side has a slow, heavy rhythm, that is too slow and too random to be called a beat. Overall, I think these tracks are more compact in sound, more intense and more diverse and interesting than those of "Echoes" and, at least after the first listening, I hold this tape higher than the other. Both tapes are good, but "Posthum" is great! If you ask me, that is...

Oh, and really nice packaging in both cases!


Brethren - The Chosen 10"
Ahlzagailzehguh - Music For Handi-Capped Ears Vol. 2 cassette
Whorebutcher - Libertine cassette


Xenophobic Ejaculation - SS-Division Wiking/Tampere Skinheads 83 (F&V 2010)
I hate giving good reviews all of the time but this shit earns it. Wiking is a fucking masterpiece, amazing and original vocal work and that unmatched piercing feedback XE has conquered. Tampere Skinheads is more subtle but nothing too unique that would seperate it from the rest of the XE library, track gets best after around 15 minutes.

Zeno Marx

Fleshrevels - Extreme Meat Eater CD (Swedish HC supergroup with members of Meanwhile, Disfear, and Uncurbed).
Crow - Neurotic Organization 7" (when they were still playing a style of HC that struck me as tepid).
Desolation - Rest in Panic 7"  (D-beat?  Since when?  big production, but with weak drum sound).
Bastard Noise - Mutant CD  (an album that likely came amongst many other BxNx releases, therefore being mostly forgotten - one of the best of their albums from the Wiese period).
Alltid Jaget - Hjelpelos 7"  (crushing Norwegian HC with very smart elements of melody, as one would expect).
Kieltolaki - Massahypnoosi 12"  (one of the top Finnish HC bands active today).
Kylma Sota - 10 Tracks 12"  (fuzzy, sizzling, one-dimensional, great Finnish HC).
BSBC+NAG - Planned Obsolescence LP+7"  (I didn't take to this one like some have, but I do enjoy it more and more with each new listen).
Haemorrhaging Fetus - Procreation:  A Disease/Tangled Desires LP  (possibly my favorite Wall artist, and losing him was a true loss to the genre - here's to hoping he finds his way back - this album (two tapes) is phenomenal).
Bloomer/Mania LP  (final 2-3 minutes of the collaborative side (A) start to roll and are good - both solo tracks (side B) are sharp industrial music).

The transition from fierce Finnish HC to crumbling, crusty, walls of goodness was seamless.  I wanted to fit in the BSBC - Untitled and/or The Endless Blockade LPs, but I ran out of time.
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I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


Don't remember where I was, but saw this 3"CD of Juha Valkeapää called "siberian summer".
It says its soundscapes composed for Helsinki Museum of cultures Siberia exhibition 2002-2003.
Well. I listened the cd, and googled for the man and found his website. Been active from 2002 onwards, sometimes getting funds from state to just focus on doing art. With more than 500 performances behind, not sure how the new material is. debute cd was documentary of human voice improvisations project that was going for whole 90's. This is minimalistic piece. For 10 minutes it goes with electronic drone, most likely created with extensive fast delay and delicate high pitched sounds. Annoying singing voice of "khanty bear song" by Semjon Pakin is mixed with sounds. After 10 mins, they fade in some brass instruments. Trumpet? In c. 12 minutes the piece seems to get more depth. More interesting backing sounds done with human voice. But the annoying mongol tribal singing or whatever always lurks just few moments away. And the red line of high pitched electro drones eventually seem going nowhere. It's ok'ish and worth of couple euros for Finns to hear examples of experimental music that is pretty close to what happens in "underground". I'm guessing similar material to be heard in Kiasma later this year. Check out gig announcements at some point...
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Violent Noise Atrocities

Black Leather Jesus - Machofucker
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Clandestine Blaze - Church of Atrocity
Marduk - Plague Angel
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Prurient - Golden Swastika
Prurient - History of Aids
Brethren - Within Death You Will Be Free
Sensible Nectar - split tracks
Circuit wound / Hostage Pageant - split
Overkill - Ironbound


leonard cohen "the songs of leonard cohen"
the new blockaders "first live performance"
robert johnson "the complete recordings"
giusto pio "motore immobile"


lots of Tzadik (Painkiller, Zorn, Death Ambient, Naked City...)


Violent Noise Atrocities

Pain - Cynic Paradise
King Crimson - Red
Aske - Saatan Legio / Goatfuck
Circuit Wound / Hostage Pageant - split
Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow
Pain Jerk - Damaged
Pain Jerk - Gallon Gravy
Pain Jerk - Live At No Fun 2007
Dark Funeral - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine
Dodheimsgard - 666 International
Khold - Hundre Ar Gammal
Churner - Dauerlärm
Churner - Whisper
Churner - The Pain Gallery
Rush - 2112