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Funeral Mongoloids - Fuck Is Best When God Is Dead tape
Super great chaos! Works suprisingly well for a tape this long (c-40, I think). I'm not versed in the canon of noisecore, recommendations for more stuff like this would be appreciated. As chaotic as possible, please!

For a start, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting a hold of stuff by Nihilist Commando, Permanent Death, or Seven Minutes of Nausea right now. I've been listening to a lot of Exacerbacion, Cacasonica, Colico, Napalm Death is Dead, Atrofia Cerebral, and the above lately.

Choatic, messy, harsh Noisecore is the only type I like. Check these records/tapes out:

Endless Humiliation - My Wife is Willing
Trash Dog - Wasted Gift
Infarction - EP (this one is nearly impossible to buy now so here is a link to download it, and I have been given permission from the band to upload this: )
Deep Jew - Ugliest Man Dog
Deep Jew - War
Tortured Hooker - Sexual Homicide (more Grindy, features Dom Fernow. Heavy, fast and great)
Escalator - Demo

While I understand the similarities, I think we're talking about different things (Tortured Hooker being the only thing out of that list I would consider noisecore). I guess we shouldn't have a full-on discussion about noisecore in this thread, but check Mikko's definition here:

That's fine, everyone is open to their own opinions. I am just wondering how bands like Endless Humiliation (whose entire album is a stumbling Black Metal, ildjarn styled blastbeat with barely any riffs at all), Trash Dog (especially the album I suggested) and Deep Jew aren't Noisecore? They fit with Mikko's idea of Noisecore, which by the way doesn't mean that is the definition of Noisecore just cause Mikko wrote it. The only band there that does not have blastbeats is Infarction. All of the others do as well as "chaotic guitar/bass noise and vocals", hardly any discernible riffs which are usually sloppy and chaotic with lo-fi recording aesthetics.

The original poster was asking about bands that are similar to Funeral Mongoloids, who themselves don't really have that sound which is talked about on the link you posted. Most of the bands I listed (besides Tortured Hooker) all fit within the same general area as FM. I would also add Cryptic Salve Band to my list.

Maybe a mod can merge these into a Noisecore thread here.


Speaking of noisecore how about Deche-charge from Canada, are they still around? I did a mail interview with them some 12-13 years ago, really nice chap, but among the most "un-musical" i´ve heard (at least back then...). Actually it sounded like shit, haha! I was fascinated that someone would make music like this, Gerogerigegege i could comprehend, but not this...


I'm just going to create a separate noisecore thread.

Violent Noise Atrocities

Been on a Grunt kick today....been playing everything i have....

TRITE.....4 times today...along with a lot of Jagermeister while dubbing tapes.


BU - Purification CS   amazing extra unedited b side is essential as a fan of the CD


lasse marhaug - hell is empty

mutilator - immortal force

luigi nono - complete works for solo tape

VA kosmos - soundtracks of eastern germany´s adventures in space

bestial summoning - the dark war continues

alain goraguer - la planete sauvage soundtrack

jackson c. frank - blues run the game


Coma Detox - Volatile Debasement
Ride for Revenge - Wisdom of the Few
V/A - Audial Decimation Compilation Vol. 1
Clandestine Blaze - Fire Burns in Our Hearts
Kristallnacht - Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002
Bizarre Uproar / Gelsomina / The Cherry Point - Split
Swollen Korps - Better to Destroy a Child than Repair a Man


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Swollen Korps - Better to Destroy a Child than Repair a Man

How is this? In comparison to the other SK release?


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Swollen Korps - Better to Destroy a Child than Repair a Man

How is this? In comparison to the other SK release?

Don't have Erect in Blood so can't compare, but it's an excellent release nontheless - rumbling low-end, feedback, samples, loops... it's quickly becoming my favourite of the TF/PE tapes I own.


Brainbombs - Urge to Kill
Hitler's Inferno in words,in music 1932-1945 Marching Songs of Nazi Germany
Mania - Eros + Massacre
Caligula031 - Albanian Meat Market
Custodian - Destructive Resonance
Giacomo Puccini's Gianni Schicchi - dug this out because of the opera thread....O mio babbino caro sung by Cecilia Fusco is ace.
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von - satanic blood angel


SOFT OPTION KILLING + BRANDKOMMANDO tapes on Unrest. together with IRON FIST OF THE SUN, that label is on a roll 2010. heavy, clean, sharp, and HEAVY stuff.
MACRONYMPHA - Baroque, Pittsburg PA...

Ernest Thesiger

The Sodality, Beyond Unknown Pleasures
Dissolution, Plague of Violence (Kreator-type frash from New Zealand)
Crow, Anarchy Chaos Destruction comp
Come, I'm Jack + tracks from Anthology 1 (why was "The Prats" left off?)
Richard Ramirez, 4x3" CD-R set on Small Doses
Ben Reynolds, Music Is the Music Language
Fingernails, Dirty Wheels demo
Rosenfeld, Pigs of the Empire
Flatbacker, Senso (Accident) + Minagoroshi demo
Maurizio Bianchi, Menses
AZ [Azita], Music for Scattered Brains